real estate transaction services in austria and cee n.
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Real Estate Transaction Services in Austria and CEE PowerPoint Presentation
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Real Estate Transaction Services in Austria and CEE

Real Estate Transaction Services in Austria and CEE

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Real Estate Transaction Services in Austria and CEE

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  1. Real Estate Transaction Services in Austria and CEE

  2. TOPICS • Why use Wolf Theiss Transaction Services? • What Wolf Theiss can do for you…. • as a seller • as a buyer • Who will handle your matter?

  3. WHY USE WOLF THEISS TRANSACTION SERVICES? The current market conditions place both sellers and buyers of real estate under almost unprecedented pressure. For sellers, the challenge is not only to find a suitable buyer within a very short period of time, but also to efficiently conduct a sale process that maximizes the sale proceeds. For buyers, the standards that lenders set for providing real estate transaction financing have increased dramatically. This means that due diligence has to accurately summarise the legal, technical, financial and tax risks and opportunities of the property, while cost constraints require that the transaction be carried out professionally, efficiently and economically.

  4. WHY USE WOLF THEISS TRANSACTION SERVICES? Wolf Theiss has nearly unrivalled experience … … in providing comprehensive transaction assistance to sellers as well as to buyers of real estate. As one of the leading regional international law firms, Wolf Theiss has advised clients in countless successful sales and acquisitions of all kinds of real estate. Reference lists are available upon request.

  5. WHAT WOLF THEISS CAN DO FOR YOU For Sellers: Wolf Theiss can structure and orchestrate the entire real estate sale process, from the initial decision to sell through to the successful closing of a transaction, and from the sale of a single asset to the sale of an entire portfolio of real estate. For Buyers: Wolf Theiss can optimize the process and the result of your real estate acquisition while minimizing your legal risk.

  6. WHAT WOLF THEISS CAN DO FOR YOU Contacting interested parties & investors Bankableacquisitiondocumentation Preparing asset for sale Financing Due diligence Legal documentation Post-transactionservices Post-transactionservices Transactionassistance Assetmanagement

  7. WHO WILL HANDLE YOUR MATTER? Wolf Theiss’ real estate transaction team is one of the largest and most experienced in Central and Eastern Europe. A team of lawyers, led by top experts, and geared towards the unique and specific needs of your transaction will assist you. For further information regarding Wolf Theiss Real Estate Transaction Services, please contact: Peter Oberlechner, Head of Real Estate Schubertring 6, A-1010 Vienna Tel. + 43 1 51510 5170 e-mail: