variants with be as script n.
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Variants with script

Variants with script

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Variants with script

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  1. Variants with script

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  3. Variants with scriptAdvantages • Works with simple variantsas well aswiththeproductconfigurator • Based on scripts, very easy to use in complex calculations • Does not require maximum BOMs or a maximum-routing to filter from

  4. Variants with scriptApplication range Is used when: • Complex variants are to be defined • Conditions must be handled • If maximum BOMs or a maximum-routings are inappropriate

  5. Variants with scriptAdvantages to the formula based variant generator • Scripts are deposited in the work sequence, item or BOM • BOM positions and work sequences can be created from the script • Easy use when you have some knowledge of script • Conditions can be represented easier • Better handling of complex tasks

  6. Variants with script BOM Extension Job: into an emptyassemblyfor variant A material test003 andfor variant B material test004 istobeinsertedas material position. For this, click in the empty assembly on the yellow C in front the item number. (If a script has been deposited, the C turns to S )

  7. Variants with script BOM Extension The script editor opens. On the right side all available functions and variables (variant domain) are displayed.First the variant should be queried: Double click on "Variant ID (A… Z.)". An IF statement is inserted. Next remove the 3 points and double-click on "add bom position". Now the Add command is inserted.

  8. Variants with script Insert BOM Now remove all properties that are not needed and fill thenecessary properties with correct values. The IF statement is now copied for the variant B. Then a work sequence is added.

  9. Variants with script Test Totestthe variant, changeto „calculation“ tabandstartthecalculationwith variant A. Youseethatthe material hasbeeninserted.

  10. Variants with script Extension of work sequence In the same way can work sequences are inserted. You can insert positions, if the position number is already in use, it is replaced by a higher number.In this example, positions are defined in reverse order and then a work order is created.

  11. Variants with script Alternative: enter field name As an alternative you can enter the field name.Important: At this the content must be stated according to the database content, eg. clockmandatory=1/0 corresponds bde=J/N. It is also possible to address all the fields which are not listed in the object.

  12. Variants with script Change BOM Existing BOM can also be changed. The script is entered at the yellow C (S) before the position number of the BOM item. In the editor, access is available to all variant variables as well as to the properties of the BOM.Example: Variant A requires a set of 2 pieces.

  13. Variants with script Routing and parallel resources Routing positions can be changed in the same way. Again, the script is entered at the yellow C (S) before the position number.All relevant properties can be accessed. Furthermore, a parallel resource can be entered. For this purpose "addparallelresource" is available.

  14. Variants with script Notes • Scripts are taken into account in calculation and at the creation of work orders • They are not considered in the order proposal list (forecasts, customer orders) and batch pre-calculation. • As variants usually are used for make-to-order, consideration in order proposal list is usually not necessary. Alternatively, you can work with planned orders.

  15. Thank you for your cooperation!