utilizing teacher resources on the fit kids web site n.
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Utilizing Teacher Resources on the Fit Kids Web Site PowerPoint Presentation
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Utilizing Teacher Resources on the Fit Kids Web Site

Utilizing Teacher Resources on the Fit Kids Web Site

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Utilizing Teacher Resources on the Fit Kids Web Site

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  1. Utilizing Teacher Resources on the Fit Kids Web Site

  2. Main Page • From the main page of there are several ways to access the resources in the At School section

  3. At School • Create your own Fit Kids account by creating a username and password.

  4. Read important tips for classroom management and for teaching students with disabilities.

  5. Search activities by clicking on the magnifying glass.

  6. Search by Grade Level, Subject or both. • For example Subject: math • Grade level: first grade

  7. If you searched 7th grade and science, you would have been able to access this activity plan and see this streaming video

  8. Personalized Page • From your personalized page you can link to the following: • Recently viewed activities • Your favorites • The top 3 activities • Any activities that you have created

  9. From your personalized page you can also link to the CEU Credit Program

  10. CEU Credit Program • You can earn 1 CEU credit by participating in the activities outlined on this page. • Click on the hyperlinks within the table to complete each component • (If your district is not participating in this program you will not have access to this page. You can, however, submit activity plans from your personalized page)

  11. HAC Training Date • By clicking on the Healthy Active Policy Training link you will be able to list the date that you were trained. • (Those who have not yet been trained can access future training dates here as well.)

  12. Submit Activity Reviews • Submit activity reviews for three activity plans that you have used in your classroom

  13. Activity Reviews • Activity review questions are located at the bottom of each activity page. • Access activity pages through the search feature on the At School page

  14. Create a Fit Kids Activity • Create an original or modified activity plan integrating physical activity. • Prior to submitting the activity to the Fit Kids Web Site, the activity plan must be piloted in your classroom.

  15. Step 1: Activity Details • To submit an activity you must insert the activity information into the appropriate fields of the template. • Click on the field name for helpful tips for completing template fields

  16. Step 2: SCOS Coding • Use the drop down arrow to add North Carolina Standard Course of Study goals and objectives

  17. Step 3: Adding Attachments • Add all necessary attachments so that all required materials are included in your activity plan