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Menswear- What To Wear and What Not To PowerPoint Presentation
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Menswear- What To Wear and What Not To

Menswear- What To Wear and What Not To

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Menswear- What To Wear and What Not To

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  1. Menswear- What To Wear and What Not To Men have always been behind women when it comes to dressing and shopping one’s clothing. Though, men try their best to keep up with the trend and follow the ongoing changes; sometimes they over do style by including some really disastrous articles that make them infamous. This article talks about the various suggestions to skip certain style or men’s clothing articles and what should be replaced by them. 1. Skip extremely short shorts The summer months are on the way and it calls for various styles including shorts. Shorts are perfect for athletics and sports but do not cut short the length of the shorts too short. While sweatshirts, sweatpants and trainers may junk-exposing 1980s gym shorts most definitely aren’t. Make sure you do not expose your thighs and show off your mens cotton brief be tolerable, nay stylish,

  2. underwear. Try to go for longer shorts that cover your thighs and still allow ample air to pass through to the privates in order to prevent sweat accumulation. A mid-thigh chino or tailored pair looks neater than a longer, baggier style but still stops short of baring all. 2. Skip all floral patterns It is all about being followers that one brand introduced floral patterns; all the brands would follow and go a step further to improvise the style. However, it would be wise for you to avoid going flora from head to toe. Floral shirt and matching floral trousers are way out of fashion and are supposed to be skipped this season. Rather than going all flora and fauna, make sure you focus on a specific article that shows floral patterns. It is the shirt, jacket or the trouser with the print and not all of them together. 3. Skip lace shirts Well, lace definitely makes you feel less masculine or you can say gets you in touch with your feminism, but lace shirts are not the right article to be sported this summer. Lace is a subtle soft fabric with partially see through capability but, it is definitely not what you want this season. Go for Polos with strong, knitted version in order to wick away sweat, for a sporty appeal as well as it will be a lot more masculine than the normal lace. However, if you still want to go for lace, men’s underwear is a great option for that. In a great way, you’ll be in touch with your female side and keep it breathable and comfortable down there. 4. Skip tacky bags It is widely known that everything that glitters is not gold and

  3. every bag that come down the runway is not worth the money. Last year, there were many bags that were introduced in the fashion industry but failed to do well when bought for high prices. Go for bags that are fashionable and functional as well. There are viable options to choose from the styles available in the market including totes, backpacks, barrel bags, satchels and many more. Make sure you check them and test whether they can carry things (that you need) or not. If they can, buy them that instant. These are things and men’s clothing article that need to be skipped and replaced with something much better.