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Beowulf s Burial PowerPoint Presentation
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Beowulf s Burial

Beowulf s Burial

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Beowulf s Burial

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    1. Beowulfs Burial

    2. Goal You and your partner are members of an archaeological team trying to establish links between the Sutton Hoo burial site and the burial of our fabled king, Beowulf. Via PowerPoint, you will reconstruct the Sutton Hoo barrow with links to the text of Beowulf.

    3. Audience Your audience for this task is a group of investors and archaeologists interested in creating a monument to the king entombed at Sutton Hoo if he is, in fact, Beowulf. You are trying to convince them that the Sutton Hoo barrow is actually Beowulfs.

    4. Standards for Success Eulogy offers a summary of Beowulfs life and is written in the style of Anglo-Saxon poetry (Ten points possible) Grave layout includes interesting visual representation, placement of artifacts surrounding the remains, and hyperlinks to specific artifact slides. (Ten Points possible)

    5. Standards for Success Artifact slides contain photos or illustrations and descriptions of the objects. Also include how they were used in Anglo-Saxon culture, how they might have been used by Beowulf in the story and how they came to be in his possession. (5 points for each slide) The final slide contains a written statement explaining why you believe this to be the true Beowulf and how you account for the differences between the poem and what you have found. (10 points possible)

    6. Procedures Read from this list of sources about Sutton Hoo and Beowulf. Cut and paste the address into your web browser. Encyclopedias (online and printed)

    7. Eulogy It should summarize and celebrate the heros life, but also be written in the Anglo-Saxon style. Add a background and use a font appropriate to the setting.

    9. Grave Layout/Map Build a layout of the burial site Use a background. Include a visual representation of how things were found (you can lift a picture from a website or use clip art). Add arrows and word boxes that indicate the placement of at least four artifacts in the tomb

    11. Artifact Slides Create artifact slides to place the four artifacts that you referred to in your grave layout. Be sure to include: A picture of the artifact A a paragraph that describes it, its use, its connection to the poem, and how it came to be in Beowulfs possession At the bottom of each slide, type the words Back to the Grave

    13. How to create hyperlinks Create hyperlinks from the grave layout to the artifact slides Highlight your text on the slide Right click over it Choose insert hyperlink

    14. Hyperlinking contd Select place in this document from the dialogue box and select the appropriate slide Go to each artifact slide and create hyperlinks back to the grave

    15. Conclusion Finally, write the conclusion paragraph and type in your names. Your conclusion should summarize your findings: highlight the artifacts you found and how theyre connected to Beowulf. Write persuasively so to convince the investors interested in giving you money if this is indeed Beowulfs tomb.

    16. Conclusion My partner and I firmly believe that the Sutton Hoo burial site is in fact the burial site and barrow of Beowulf. We base our conclusion on the following facts.

    17. Final Procedures Save the presentation to your i-drive or to a flash drive or floppy (preferably both) Print out your slides and turn them in. Due Wednesday, May 23rd by the end of the period.