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PharmaSim COMPETITIVE STRATEGY PowerPoint Presentation
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    1. PharmaSim COMPETITIVE STRATEGY Consumer Products & BrandManagement Marketing 6215

    3. Competitive Strategy Approaches Deliberate Realized actions match intended course Emergent Strategy is identified from patterns or consistencies in past behavior Intended course may be changed

    4. Competitive Strategy Situation Analysis Demand-How/why do consumers buy? Population and segment Channels Usage rates Environment Health issues and symptoms Economic-e.g. inflation

    5. Competitive Strategy Situation Analysis Performance Market share Costs, resource allocation Margins Products How do consumers view them? New products? Marketing programs Price Promotion Distribution

    6. Competitive Strategy Situation Analysis SWOT Internal Strengths Weaknesses External Opportunities Threats Focus on trends How are things changing?

    7. Competitive Strategy Problems and Opportunities Problems Financial performance Competitor actions Product usage and perceptions Marketing Mix Opportunities Fragmenting market Submarket/segment growth Financial resources

    8. Competitive Strategy Problems and Opportunities Segmentation Identify subgroups in the market that act the same Develop profiles of the segments Targeting Determine segment attractiveness Consider fit with products and its benefits Select segment to target Positioning Develop marketing mix to appeal to each target segment

    9. Competitive Strategy Evaluate Alternatives Does the alternative support your performance objectives? e.g. Build market share, dominate new segments, increase profits, increase distribution in a particular channel Develop marketing mix for the alternative Product decisions Sales force Channels of Distribution Advertising Pricing Promotions Can the alternative be implemented within your budget constraints?

    10. Competitive Strategy Evaluate Alternatives Competitive Response What should they be expected to do in response to our alternatives? Match Cut price Exploit their strengths Be mindful of competitors capabilities and

    11. Competitive Strategy MONITOR RESULTS Financial and market performance

    12. Competitive Strategy MONITOR RESULTS Try to learn consumer response

    13. Competitive Strategy MONITOR RESULTS The longer you go, the more you know Signal vs. noise Dont fight the last war

    14. Competitive Strategy ISSUES New product development a long term key Match the marketing mix to the target customer Dont forget about price sensitivity To stay ahead, you must continue to get better