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Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel. A Biography Learning How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation Created by Miss Berndl January 2010 For Demonstration Purposes. TITLE PAGE. Alfred Nobel October 21, 1833 ~ November 23, 1896. Basic BIOGRAPHICAL Information. The Life & Times of …. born in Stockholm, Sweden

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Alfred Nobel

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  1. Alfred Nobel A BiographyLearning How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation Created by Miss Berndl January 2010 For Demonstration Purposes TITLE PAGE

  2. Alfred NobelOctober 21, 1833 ~ November 23, 1896 Basic BIOGRAPHICAL Information

  3. The Life & Times of …. • born in Stockholm, Sweden • when he was 9 he moved to St. Petersburg, Russia • he was educated at home • travelled the world when he was 16 • Alfred joined his father’s business making war materials in Russia • He was rich & famous but lonely SETTING - when & whereWhere did the person grow up? What was society like then?Where did the person go later in life? What places were visited?

  4. Timeline: The Life & Times of …. PLOT

  5. Personal Information • He was smart and learned well at home • His father had money and a business that Alfred could join • Alfred worked with his brother • Oscar Emil, his younger brother, died when he was 20 working with nitroglycerin CHARACTERWhat events, training and education led to the person doing what they did? Who were the important people in this person’s life? How did the person change as they got older?

  6. Accomplishments • Invented dynamite - a safer way to blast • Gave money to charities • Left his fortune to create prizes in: • Science • Literature • Peace • Swedish government inspired by him & set up an Economics prize CONFLICT & RESOLUTIONWhat did the person do that made them worthy of being remembered & having a book written about them? What obstacles did the person encounter along the way? How were they overcome? How did the person feel about their life’s work?

  7. How I feel about …. • I admire his work ethic - he continued to work at doing things even after he was rich enough to not want for more • I like that he had a sense of curiosity • I respect that he was concerned about the people around him and those who would live after him • I value family & family was important to Albert • I think it is sad that although Albert was rich, he did not find personal happiness PERSONAL CONNECTION & REFLECTION What did I find interesting about this person? Do I admire this person? Does their life inspire me to do anything?

  8. More Interesting Facts … • He became very rich but was still lonely • People did not see him the way he saw himself • Despite his riches he died alone among people who did not speak his native language. • He was able leave a worthwhile legacy and his money continues to benefit many TEXT TO SELF CONNECTIONOf the information that I read, these are the things that I found to be interesting that were not part of the assigned “learning” presented in the previous slides.

  9. Print Source Used Simplified BIBLIOGRAPHY

  10. On-line Sources • Google Images http://images.google.ca/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi

  11. A Snapshot of …. SUMMARY

  12. Biography PowerPoint Project Objectives Topic of Research: Non-Fiction ~ Biography Skills: Creating a PowerPoint Presentation Created for: Grade 4 Language Arts class Teacher: Ms. Butch & Miss Berndl Date: January 2010 Created by: E2B2

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