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GrooveNet Vehicle-to-Vehicle Wireless Networks

Vehicle Operations Director (VOD). Map Database (ASCII). 2. 4. Cellular Link. Cellular Link. Trip Model. 3. Simulated Vehicles. Other Models. Network Model. Car Model. Simulated Vehicles. Mobility Model. GrooveNet Topology Graph (binary). Log Files. Real Vehicles. Simulator

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GrooveNet Vehicle-to-Vehicle Wireless Networks

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  1. Vehicle Operations Director (VOD) Map Database (ASCII) 2 4 Cellular Link Cellular Link Trip Model 3 Simulated Vehicles Other Models Network Model Car Model Simulated Vehicles Mobility Model GrooveNet Topology Graph (binary) Log Files Real Vehicles Simulator Test File Real Vehicle 1 Real Vehicle DSRC Link Virtual Vehicles (Simulated on VOD) V0 V1 V2 V3 V4 …. Vn-1 Vn Event Queue Real Vehicles in vicinity Network Visualization GrooveNet Simulator Core Vehicle-to-Vehicle Network Interfaces On-board Diagnosis OBD-II Event Trigger Network Connections with Real Vehicles Real Network Connectivity DGPS Positioning Trip Model Map Database Mobility Model GrooveNet Simulator Physical Layer User Interface DSRC 1xRTT EVDO 802.11 Message Diffusion Network Link Layer 1 2 3 GrooveNet Vehicle-to-Vehicle Wireless Networks Prof. Rahul Mangharam rahulm@seas.upenn.edu University of Pennsylvania What is a Vehicle-to-Vehicle Network? GrooveNet::Modular System Design • Event-driven Simulator: • Simulates vehicles on any city street map • Supports multiple traffic incidents in real-time • Peer-to-peer network for vehicles on the road • Multi-hop wireless communication between vehicles • Real-Time Safety Alerts can save lives • Online Traffic Probing can shorten commutes & conserve gas • Simulation Models: • Includes more than 10 traffic and communication models • Easily develop and integrate new models On-Road Vehicular Network Testbed • GrooveNet supports >5,000 simulated vehicles • Scalable topography-accurate simulations of V2V networks • Shortens time-to-market for V2V communication systems • Vehicles drive and communicate on any US street map • Easy To Use • Creating large, complex simulations was never easier! • Connects real and simulated vehicles for robust and large-scale testing of V2V network protocols • On-Road Test Setup • Deployed across 5 GM vehicles • Connected to GPS, wireless interface, voice and video for real-world tests • One platform for both real-world tests and simulations Geographic Routing for Safety Alerts How close are we to V2V? • Messages broadcast within well-defined geographic regions • Safety Alerts travel 3-5 miles within seconds • Message delay is a key performance metric V2V Market Share

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