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Unique Mobile App Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Unique Mobile App Development

Unique Mobile App Development

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Unique Mobile App Development

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  1. ABOUT MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT: • Mobile app development is a term that describe the process by which application software is used for mobile devices. • It is one kind of platform that use for creating development, deployment and manage the mobile apps using lots of development tools, technology & components.

  2. About the Most popular Tools of 2016 that used in mobile app development: • Xamarin: It is most powerful platform for cross platform development. The main advantage of this tool is that it is allow code sharing in multiple platforms. • Knivey:It provide back end service that helps for developers while developing apps. It is useful for secure mobile data and identify. • Mag+:It allows to developer to build effective core components for mobile apps. It is one kind of platform that helps to creating content optimized for mobile devices without have any programming knowledge.

  3. Top Programming Language for mobile app development: Which Is Better  Well Best answer for this question is” It Depends”. Well as per your app requirement select language, Like if you want to develop a native iOS app then choose language according your app requirements as well as knowing the targeting audience mind set. • HTML5 • Java • C++ • Objective-C • Swift • C#

  4. Importance to have a mobile app: • It provide best user interaction for apps, so it helpful for easily engage with your customer. • Now a days mobile apps is one of most popular platform to find relevant business company for all clients/customer for their requirements. • Ubiquity of mobile devices • Proximity to customers.


  6. Five Phases to develop a successful mobile app: • Strategy: It helps to determine your app looks like for your organization and also create a roadmap of the process to reach out of the goals. • Design: In this phase most important thing is give better user experience (UI) to users. • Development: In this phase define your platforms in which you want to develop your app and also decide which set of tools that you want to use while developing. • Marketing: There are so many apps in market. For reach to your targeted audience as well as gain popularity for your app, you create a roadmap for marketing strategy for your app.

  7. Maintenance & Management: In this phase, it helps to keep engage with your customer and delivering a seamless experience for your app.

  8. Mobile app development trends in 2016: • Mobile banking, Payments, and M-Commerce will be a necessity. • User Experience through app analytics will be in the spotlight. • Enterprise apps will take the centre storage. • Rapid mobile development will ramp up. • Cloud-Driven app will steal the show. • App security must come first. • Mobile gaming to hit it high.

  9. Easy steps to develop your mobile apps: • Define your goal • Do Research & paper work regarding for reaching your goal • Create Storyboard & Wireframe • Define Your back-end for your mobile app • Check your mobile app prototype • Build back-end for your mobile app • Design your individual screens that needed in your app • Test your mobile app