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Detox Center - When You Are Dying To Be Free PowerPoint Presentation
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Detox Center - When You Are Dying To Be Free

Detox Center - When You Are Dying To Be Free

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Detox Center - When You Are Dying To Be Free

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  1. Detox Center - When You Are Dying To Be Free

  2. Synopsis • What Are Some Ways to Find Just the Right Detox Center? • Key Differences Between Outpatient And Inpatient Detox Centers • When Is It Time to Visit a Detox Center? • Rethinking Drug Clinic and Rehab Centre designs • Drug Clinics

  3. What Are Some Ways to Find Just the Right Detox Center? • Make Sure It Is State-Licensed and Highly Rated - You want to find a detox center that is both state-licensed, and that is highly rated. It is because these detox centers are assured of having the finest of treatment programs. They also employ counselors and staff that are professional, experienced, and caring for patients. • Visit A Detox Center Before You Go for Treatment There - It goes without being said, a person should make sure to pay a visit to a detox center location, before actually going there to begin a regimen of treatment for themselves or a loved one. By doing this, you can decide first-hand if the detox center is right, and if it is clean and hospitable in every way. • Think About Choosing a Detox Center That Isn’t Close By - The reason for doing this is clear. If you decide to go and get treatment at a detox center, that is in another part of the country; you are helping to distance yourself away from the situation that did help support your addiction in the first place. Plus, a change of scenery is excellent as well, for mapping out a whole new beginning and making up your mind to be clean and not addicted.

  4. What Are Some Ways to Find Just the Right Detox Center? • Find Out If There Is a Waiting List and How Long Should You Wait - The detox center that you may choose for treatment may have a waiting list for new patients. If it does have a waiting list, find out how long you would have to wait for treatment, and if you can wait that long. If you are in an emergency, and cannot wait, you may just have to seek out another detox center as your one choice more quickly. • Make Sure Your Insurance Covers the Program and That It’s Budget-Friendly - You want to pick a detox center that will be in coverage under your insurance, and that isn’t too costly should you have to pay for some of the costs. The detox center should meet your needs for it.

  5. Key Differences Between Outpatient And Inpatient Detox Centers • Outpatient Detox Centers • Provide daytime treatment • Allow patients to go home each evening • Appeal to patients with less severe withdrawal symptoms • Allow patients to keep their day jobs • Cause fewer disruptions in a person’s schedule • Inpatient Detox Centers • Involve full-time supervision • Include more extensive treatment • Remove “temptations” from a patient’s immediate surroundings • Appeal to patients who may suffer from withdrawal • Need constant stay at detox center

  6. When Is It Time to Visit a Detox Center? • If the patient experiences moderate to extreme withdrawal symptoms the time he decided to stop the drug he is currently addicted to. The withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the drug previously used. It could be: • Nausea • Constipation • Muscle pain • Diarrhea • Uncontrollable shaking • Intense sweating • Serious headaches • Hot and cold flashes

  7. When Is It Time to Visit a Detox Center? • If the body is craving for drug or alcohol, he is addicted to all the time. If he is not able to do anything than being high, or if he selects activities he does based on whether he can be under the influence of alcohol or drug while doing them, seeking medical assistance should be done if this is the case. • If he just lost his job because of drug or alcohol abuse. When someone loses his job, it is not just the paycheck he lost but also the opportunities and his reputation. It would be harder for someone who got fired out because of drug or alcohol addiction to find a new job if he does not complete sessions with a specialist in a detox center. • If he is already facing legal and/or financial issues because of his alcohol or drug addiction. Any addiction can put your passbook down to zero, and to those who cannot stop the urge of the drug or alcohol they are addicted to, may end up drowning with debts and has no way paying them off.

  8. Rethinking Drug Clinic and Rehab Centre designs • Interiors- Some recently designed clinics boast of comfortable interiors which include but are not limited to a clubhouse with designated social spaces, VIP Villas with elegant furnishings, well-manicured gardens that display unique water features and reading libraries for the live-in patients. Other drug clinics that offer outpatient services have also raised the ante by breaking away from the stigma of cold white walls which intimidate the patients and still offer the serenity, medical and psychological attention that is needed and therefore giving the entire process the dignity it deserves. • Spiritual retreat- Other clinics are designed to offer ‘12 steps to serenity’ with emphasis on prayer and meditation. Some even go as far as adding a chapel or mosque making it a functional space that pulls double duty as a spiritual retreat as well as a health resort. This only increases the destination to be relaxing for the mind, body, and soul.

  9. Rethinking Drug Clinic and Rehab Centre designs • Family friendly environment- Some drug clinics have created a program that is a comprehensive treatment which involves the patient’s close family and relatives as part of the treatment as opposed to segregating the patient in a secluded environment. Space will, therefore, include group and family activities to aid in the rehabilitation of the patient as part of the normalization process. • Balanced staff to patient ratio- Clinics have become aware of the need to balance patients and staff to monitor the progress of each patient. As a result, the number of patient deaths because of negligence or general mismanagement has dramatically reduced because patients are closely monitored, and the general staff isn’t overworked.

  10. Drug Clinics • Drug clinics offer medical and therapeutic approaches for drug-dependent patients. Clinics tackle addiction by discussing physical and psychological dependence in many ways. Treatment is usually multi-faceted and comes in the form of medications combined with therapy techniques. Therapy may be individualized or group and can be family therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, motivational interviews, and incentives or a mix of treatments tailored to the individual patient. Many facilities base or include the 12-Step Model in their programs. Medications can be paired with therapy techniques to accomplish long-term remission. Some clinics offer in-patient service, but more often services are out-patient.

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