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Getting Your Life Back PowerPoint Presentation
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Getting Your Life Back

Getting Your Life Back

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Getting Your Life Back

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  1. Synopsis I. II. White Widow: Living Life After Cocaine Addiction III. Five Benefits of Cocaine Rehab IV. Six Reasons You Should Visit a Detox Center Today V. DETOX CENTERS CAN HELP YOU VI. Why You Need a Detox Center: The Hard Road of a Recovering Addict VII. Treatment Programs For Drug Addiction The Long Road to Rehab: How to Get Your Life Back

  2. The Long Road to Rehab: How to Get Your Life Back  Inpatient Centers  Drug rehab services at inpatient centers are around the clock. There is constant attention to the mental, emotional, and physical state of everyone admitted.  The range of a patient’s stay at these centers varies greatly. It depends on how long someone needs constant supervision, organization, and on-call support. The bare minimum for each program is usually around a month. Some patients will stay as long as a year if the problem is severe. These centers focus on making the environment as relaxing and soothing as possible. These centers allow a person to work on living sober. There is no room for distractions, and professionals are always ready to help.

  3. The Long Road to Rehab: How to Get Your Life Back  Outpatient Centers  A light version of outpatient care would be a simple club or group that involves sponsors and members to support each other in getting sober. Certain outpatient care focuses on therapy and generally involves weekly meetings.  As you can imagine, this setup is much more ideal for many. It is not nearly as expensive, and it allows a person to work, care for their family and perform other responsibilities the patient may have. However, many need more comprehensive care and do not fully recover in outpatient centers. The meetings provide a positive incentive for recovering addicts to remain clean, but they do not account for the overall environment of the recovering addict.

  4. White Widow: Living Life After Cocaine Addiction  Resorts/Rehab Centers  This is the most comprehensive and structured method of rehab. If you are not confident about your ability to avoid relapse or binging, this is a good option.  A resort provides a completely closed-off environment where a person can commit 110% to getting clean. There is no option for a patient to revisit triggering environments or to associate with enabling family or friends.  Cocaine rehab goes beyond the time a patient stays at a resort, but this is often a necessary first step.  Support Group/Centers  These support groups are a much more informal method of providing support to a recovering addict. A recovering addict does not restrain themselves to a specific environment. Instead, they go for weekly or biweekly meetings to share stories and tips and to seek out support from other recovering addicts.

  5. White Widow: Living Life After Cocaine Addiction  This is a good method for someone who feels confident in controlling their environment day to day.  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  Cognitive behavioural therapy involves finding a qualified therapist and undergoing structured psychotherapy.  A therapist gently guides you through thought patterns which are negative and tend to result in relapsing and binging. He or she will teach you how to work through urges and cravings and how to make better, more positive decisions.  They will also show you how to avoid triggering or tempting situations and people. This is typically a short-lived process. They give you the mental framework to work through your own problems.

  6. Five Benefits of Cocaine Rehab 1. Structure is something that you will not be able to find if you are or have tried to quit cold turkey. Usually, when you have a lot of free time on your hands, you will find your mind thinking about ways to get high. At inpatient rehab, you will have many structured events throughout your day that can keep your mind off these things. You will be so busy with new activities and hobbies that you will not even think about cocaine. Inpatient care offers support around the clock. There is someone to listen to you 24 hours a day. This can also help you from being triggered to use again. Inpatient rehab makes it very difficult for drugs and alcohol to get to you. The outings are structured and during the day. You are under supervision so it will be hard for you to get away from the group to find cocaine. The outings are positive and helpful so that you will never feel the need to use. Your inpatient rehab gives you the chance to focus completely on yourself. With yoga, meditation, and other ways to focus on yourself, you will begin to love yourself without cocaine. Part of taking care of yourself is building new relationships. Everyone in rehab has one thing in common: getting sober. By connecting with those in your groups, you will develop friendships that will last forever. 2. 3. 4. 5.

  7. Six Reasons You Should Visit a Detox Center Today  Detox Centers Take You Away from Triggering Environments  This is one of the most underrated benefits of detox centers. There is no price tag you can put on avoiding the old bars, rooms, and towns where you developed an addiction.  Detox Centers Take You Away from Unsupportive Family Members and Friends  Detox centers can be your supportive family when family and friends are not always willing to do so. In a perfect world, your family and friends would always be supportive of you getting clean. This is not always the case. Sometimes, your family does not like the clean person you are turning into. They may have their own demons. At a detox center, you will not have to worry about unsupportive people.  Detox Centers Help You Wean Off Hard Drugs  Addictions to drugs like heroin are dangerous to break. There is a physical dependency that is not safe to break all at once because your body needs certain chemicals to function. A detox center can provide you with drugs that wean you off something like heroin and help you break the addiction safely.

  8. Six Reasons You Should Visit a Detox Center Today  Detox Centers Keep You Focused  When you have an expert staff committed to keeping you clean, there is nothing to worry about. There are no surprises or unexpected scenarios. It is a safe place where you can put 100% effort into kicking the habit.  You Receive Physical, Emotional and Environmental Support  Detox centers provide a three-pronged attack to help you overcome your addiction. You are in a clean environment that removes all triggers. You are around supportive staff that give you the mentality necessary to succeed. Finally, you have access to supportive medicine that helps you safely taper down off very hard drugs such as heroin.  There is an End Goal That is Inspiring  You must continue your path of sobriety, but having a detox period gives you something to look forward to. It feels like you have taken the big first step toward lifelong sobriety.

  9. DETOX CENTERS CAN HELP YOU  Customized Individual Care Plan  Everyone's addiction path is unique to their own struggles. That is why a customized care plan is so beneficial to help you get on a sober path. Everything that you individually need for the challenges you may face, detox centers will help you gain the strength and courage and the right tools to overcome your addiction.  Tools and Methods to Help  Detox centers have all of the tools you need to help you on your road to sobriety. Nutrition is key to getting your body back on track and healthy. You may have neglected your body during those dark times, and proper nutrition will help you feel better than ever. Physical activity is also another main factor in getting your body back in shape and feeling better again. Regaining strength that you may have lost is very important on your road to recovery. Therapy is extremely beneficial to this new track of life; including individual and group therapy. Listening to other people's struggles and triumphs can help you put your mind at ease and perhaps even convince you that you are able to kick your addiction too.

  10. DETOX CENTERS CAN HELP YOU  Detox Centers Treat ALL of You  These centers help you on your road to sobriety, but they also help you take care of everything else in place that may have been neglected on your rough journey. Detox centers want to ensure that all areas of yourself are in a better place mentally, emotionally, and physically.  The Experience You Need  At detox centers, they have all of the experience, tools, and methods it takes to help you overcome your dark inner demons and get on a better path of life. Overcoming addiction is hard, and that is why experienced professionals are there to help you in every aspect of overcoming addiction. Detox centers are there to help you with any problem areas that may arise. These centers want to be able to be there to help you become a healthier you.  Don’t Hesitate Any Longer  Please do not wait until you have hit your lowest of low points to reach out and find a detox center. Please call today or look online and get more information on your next steps to something great - sobriety. A detox center can help you in your time of desperate need. You deserve it!

  11. Why You Need a Detox Center: The Hard Road of a Recovering Addict  Home Away from Home  Detox centers provide a safe haven for those who are unable to beat their addiction in their everyday environments. For example, some addictions cannot be broken all at once. Going “cold turkey” can kill a person who is physically dependent on a substance.  Mind, Body, and Spirit  Detox centers also specialize in psychological support for the process of recovery itself. It is extremely stressful to detox from any drug addiction.  Toughing It Out  There is a temptation to try and quit alone. Whether it is a “man up” mentality or a person’s personal pride, people feel guilty about seeking help.

  12. Treatment Programs For Drug Addiction  The Right Methods That Work  In drug rehabilitation, there are many steps to take when working with someone with drug addiction. These steps can help take the addiction out of the picture and work on helping you be a better, sober you. There are many ways this can be a success such as therapy, group therapy, nutritional help, and physical activities along this journey of rehabilitation.  Individualized Care  For every single one of the patients at an addiction healing center, these centers offer a unique and personalized drug rehabilitation care plan. Each person has a special journey that brought them on this dark path and a special care plan to help get them into the light is what is needed. Individualized care is the most important part of drug rehabilitation as no two people are the same when it comes to achieving sobriety.

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