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Documents That Think ™

Documents That Think ™. Power Point Presentation of Concepts. e Legal Solutions to the World. Mission. Rapidocs by Epoq ® delivers Internet based electronic document-centric solutions for consumer legal web sites that are: Easy to use by authors & users Manageable in production & growth

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Documents That Think ™

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  1. Documents That Think™ Power Point Presentation of Concepts e Legal Solutions to the World

  2. Mission Rapidocs by Epoq® delivers Internet based electronic document-centric solutions for consumer legal web sites that are: • Easy to use by authors & users • Manageable in production & growth • Secure & encrypted at many levels • High value features & functions • Built in workflow • Ecominically priced.

  3. Presentation OutlineConcepts and Demo • eDocument Solutions, Inc.® • Mission • Demo Overview • Graphical review of product concepts • Does it All • Philosophy • Authoring a Form-Document • Moving Data • RPDO • System Components • Web Environments • Configuration Options • DEMO

  4. Presentation OutlineSystem Details & Support Service Offerings • After the DEMO • Document-Centric Technologies • eDocument FOUNDATION • eDocument PRODUCER • eDocument IMPLEMENTOR • Rapidocs® Technology • Enterprise solutions • Features • Ease of Use • RPDO • Logical - Physical • Services and Support • Project Objectives • Action Plans • Planning Issues • Implementation Issues • Questions & Answers

  5. Does it all – Documents-Forms, Small to Large

  6. Philosophy - Fast and Complete

  7. Authoring a Form-Document

  8. Moving Data

  9. RPDO – securely all together

  10. System Components

  11. Web environments

  12. Rapidocs Configurations – OptionsRapidocs PRO Server and Clients

  13. Rapidocs Configurations – OptionsWEB environments

  14. Rapidocs® Demo – Overview • Document and form automation systemfrom Rapidocs makes it easy … • For authors (form originators) to create complex automated forms • For end users (form assemblers) to fill them out

  15. Document-Centric Solutions • Three mutually supporting document-centric programs: • Epoq-Foundation – Methodologies to strategize, scope, and plan for the use of document-centric technologies. • Epoq-Producer – Solutions that build electronic documents and their user interactions. • Epoq-Implementor– Services to deploy electronic documents in an operational web environment.

  16. Document-Centric Solutions • Enable utilization of electronic documents-forms with electronic transactions • Examples: form or document submission for grant, contract creation or electronic publishing • Support all aspects of making electronic business processes work • Use Commercial Off-The-Shelf products to maximize functionality, minimize cost and time to implement • Operate in an open-systems layered architecture in order to work with virtually any other technology/product

  17. eDoc-Foundation • eDoc-StrategyFacilitated planning session to identify, focus, and document business objectives for a planned document-centric solution. • eDoc-PlannerFacilitated, intensive, two-day workshop to guide the development of an implementation plan for a document-centric solution. • eDoc-ScopeStudy to evaluate a defined document-centric solution, producing a specific implementation plan with time/cost estimates.

  18. Rapidocs Professional • Rapidocs ProfessionalCreates electronic documents using Rapidocs, Adobe, word processors, or other document/form packages. • LanguageProvides multi-lingual access and support for electronic documents. • 508Provides Section 508 mandated alternative communications capabilities for systems delivering electronic documents. • SecurityEnables electronic document solutions to operate securely, protecting the system, the document, and communications, and preventing un-authorized access. • Wireless Enables electronic document solutions to operate with wireless hand-held devices.

  19. eDoc-Implementor • wwwSurvey™Independent evaluation of the effectiveness of a website. • wwwUsability™Evaluates website navigation and capabilities to address the needs of the audience. • wwwRebuilder™Redesigns and rebuilds websites to use electronic documents. • wwwChangeManager™Provides a controlled process to manage and maintain website content. • wwwCare™A complete program management approach for monitoring, tuning, supporting and maintaining electronic document-centric websites. • wwwLearning™ - This solution provides a set of web based services that launches learning content, keeps track of learner progress, figures out in what order (sequence) learning objects are to be delivered, and reports student mastery. It provides an economical education and management control environment. This system provides the needed understand of your e-document process, and how to effectively utilize the electronic document solutions you have implemented. .

  20. Document-Centric Technologiesmany options to do the job • Rapidocs® • Rapidocs Portable Document Object (RPDO) • Separate physical and logical view of documents • Adobe • Ubiquitous electronic forms • Authentidate • Validates integrity of an electronic document

  21. Rapidocs® • Document automation software developed by Epoch Software Group, based in UK. • Introduced in 1998, ongoing enhancements, updates and releases since then. • Powers major legal information websites in US and UK such as: http://www.mylawyer.com and http://www.desktoplawyer.co.uk • Focus on other major markets, Government and Insurance

  22. Rapidocs®Enterprise-Wide SOLUTIONS • Designed for large organizations: corporations, government agencies and non-profits. • Comprehensive and complete document automation solution when repetitive documents or forms must be generated by inexperienced and non-expert users. • Document-centric architecture and operations • RPDO – unique document / record architecture • Separate logical and physical views of a document • Configuration flexibility – website browser, web form/document and software download, CD/ROM distribution • Open systems approach and API’s facilitate integration with legacy and new systems. • Unique features and benefits

  23. Rapidocs®Enterprise-Wide FEATURES • A document management system is included, or use our API tool kits to interface with your document management system, or other application systems • User Manager for controlling access, version control, work flow management and business rules, for both authoring, publication and distribution of finished documents and forms • Word processor independent, and can export into Word, RTF or PDF formats • Import and retain Word style sheets within Rapidocs • Import and preserve PDF forms, and regenerate PDFs with imbedded data on demand.

  24. Rapidocs® Powerful Featuresfor Form/Document AUTHORS (Originators) • Designed for easy use by form authors • Provides Document automation of the full range of documents/forms from simple forms to complex textual documents • Enhances Adobe PDF forms with validation and the capacity to store data within the form itself without exporting to a database • Combines all information about a document/form into a small single integrated eDocument (instructions, information booklet, logic, questions and answers, formatting, history of changes, etc.) • Capacity to pre-populate fields in a form from a database and to export data to a database automatically

  25. Rapidocs® Powerful Featuresfor END USERS (Assemblers) • Designed for easy use by end users • Separation of physical graphical document/form structure, from the logical input guide provided for users • Unique interview interface aids in data input, showing only small sections of form-document complexity • Cross-platform – Users can fill in the form on the desktop or within browser • Multi-lingual functionality • 508 compliance and more • Unique pricing approach, can provide documents and forms at No cost to public users

  26. Rapidocs®Delivers Ease of Use • Create:Rapidocs creates interactive PDF forms on the fly. • Ask:Rapidocs interviews users by asking a series of questions. • Answer:Rapidocs provides an intuitive interface with customizable help and data verification. • Publish:Rapidocs automatically generates a document tailored to the user’s needs. The documents can be distributed over the Internet, internally, on the desktop, or via your Intranet.

  27. Rapidocs®Portable Document Object (RPDO) The unique Rapidocs® Object architecture (RPDO) enables user organizations maximum flexibility in configuring their eDocument and eForm solutions for: • Integration with legacy systems & applications • Expanding website effectiveness, capture & exchange of data • Real ease of use is extended by integrated context sensitive helps & guides • Provides for the multi-platform distribution of published eDocuments and eForms

  28. Graphical view of a RPDO

  29. Rapidocs®Portable Document Object (RPDO) • The unique Rapidocs® file architecture enables the processing of thousands of documents simultaneously without the need to maintain a costly server farm. • Published Rapidocs® files contain all of the information related to a document/form, including the capacity to store user data within the file, utilizing the Rapidocs® RPDO (patent pending). • RPDO is utilized by all product configurations

  30. Rapidocs® - INSIDE the Portable Document Object (RPDO) • Security (128 bit) • Compression apx. 20/1 • Audit trail • Collaboration • Workflow process • Multi-level security and control in both the authoring & production environments • Scalability and multi-platform publication • Flexibility and intelligence • Document management

  31. Rapidocs®Separate LOGICAL and PHYSICAL views • Does not force the user to understand the data input requirements and the submission process based on the layout of the form • Provides a full set of integrated user instructions, in a context sensitive manner, that combines short directions, user example instructions, and handbook - reference notes. • Provides interactive user interface that can be processed, manipulated, and enhanced independently of the form. • Provides direct view of the form-document being created, with the user provided data inserted, for visual inspection. • Provides ability to selectively join related forms and processes based upon user responses. Dynamic form packages and sets.

  32. W-4PDFThis is where you can start

  33. Importing of a PDF form/file

  34. User Instructions integration with the form/document

  35. Rapidocs® InterfaceLooking at documents available to you Documents That Think – ©2002 eDocument Matters LLC™ and eDocument Solutions, Inc.® Slide 35 of 48

  36. Services and Support • We can provide a wide range of services and support to make the implementation of your eDocuments and eForms successful. • To begin the process, we most often address: • Establishing the OBJECTIVES • Building an ACTION plan • Determine PLANNING issues • IMPLEMENTATION issues

  37. Project Objectives typically address HOW to • Deliver higher productivity • Easier for users to transact business • Increased accuracy of information collection, document handling and work flow • Faster response to users • Provide new services to current and potential users • Increase productivity and volume with current staffing • Approximate return on investment (ROI)

  38. Action Plans typically address HOW to • Use electronic documents to speed user responses • Provide electronic interactive capabilities • Use electronic documents to improve services • Provide multi-lingual capabilities without imposing multi-lingual processing requirements • Provide Section 508 access • Provide secure document processing and system operations • Provide Hand-Held wireless access

  39. Action Plans typically address HOW to • Implement quickly • Implement as a stand-alone solution, without disruption of existing systems • Determine feasibility prior to execution • Develop measurable results • Have firm cost of implementation

  40. Planning Issues typically FOCUS on • Number and complexity of documents and forms • Prioritize which forms / documents to do first • Identify workflow issues, business rules • Web browser and/or desktop usage

  41. Planning Issues typically FOCUS on • Number of internal users, public users • Who authors documents or forms, how many? • Cost of maintenance • Establish metrics for ROI and productivity improvements

  42. Implementation Issues most often begin with a FOCUS on • How to present complex user instructions through the field based image view of the form? • How to present user instructions in multiple languages? • How to create, store, maintain, and publish foreign language forms and captured information, i.e. multiple images, multiple data records, multiple databases? What about synchronization?

  43. Implementation Issues most often begin with a FOCUS on • How to transfer/translate answers between languages and forms? • How to deliver 508 compliant access from graphic image-based form (e.g. how does a blind user navigate on an image based form)? • How to deliver a form-image process through a hand-held device with a limited screen size?

  44. Implementation Issuesmost often begin with a FOCUS on • How to assure that only authorized users are allowed to conduct business online? • How to assure that the transactions themselves are authentic and unchanged? • What does it cost for public end users to complete this form online?

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