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San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo School Tours Committee

San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo School Tours Committee. School Tour Guide Orientation. Why was the School Tours Program created?. The primary reason for the school tours program is to provide a safe and educational tour of the Stock Show grounds to the young students and their teachers.

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San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo School Tours Committee

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  1. San AntonioStock Show & RodeoSchool Tours Committee School Tour Guide Orientation

  2. Why was the School Tours Program created? The primary reason for the school tours program is to provide a safe and educational tour of the Stock Show grounds to the young students and their teachers.

  3. Students Involved in School Tours Program Touring students: Kindergarten through 3rd graders (ages 5-9) Tour Guides: FFA, FCCLA, & 4-H members Ages 14-18

  4. Safety is #1

  5. Tour Guide Badges • Each guide issued numbered badge – for that guide only – do not share with other people • Worn at all times on right chest • Free grounds entry for duration of show

  6. Tour Guide Dress Code • Guides are to dress neatly • Representing the best of their organization. • Organization identifying attire recommended • NO shorts or crop tops, caps, hats, or sunglasses. • Best bet: follow school dress codes!

  7. Tour Guide Guidelines • No chewing gum on tours. • Smoking, dipping, or any other use of tobacco products is strictly prohibited. • Guides will not use cell telephones or pagers during the tour. • During the tour day, there is no place to store hats, caps, purses, phones, backpacks, or other valuables.

  8. Car Passes / Parking • Passes distributed at a ratio of 1 to 5 guides. • Tour Guides in cars enter the SBC Center grounds through Gate G (North Gate) off of SBC Center Parkway, and proceed to Lot G. • Tour Guides arriving by bus enter through Gate A (West Gate) and unload at the back of the School Tours tent. The bus is then to enter Gate G & park in Lot 7.

  9. Starting the Tour Day • Tour Guides will meet at 7:30 a.m. in the School Tours Tent for: • preliminary tour guide registration • short orientation • daily schedules • maps • special instructions for the day

  10. The Tour • Approximately 2 to 2½ hours • Committee members and representatives are stationed throughout tour route to assist and answer questions • Guides should taketheirtime, talktotheir school groups, and answerquestions in a courteous manner. • Tour Guides should not rush through the tour.

  11. Educational Centers in Livestock Area • Educational Classroom Centers are located in the • Animal Adventures barn • Dairy Center • Horse Center • These Centers offer exhibits, pictures, demonstrations, and some hands-on displays. Volunteers will guide classes through centers. Guides are not to enter the barns, only the educational centers. • Visit centers in any order --- if one center is too crowded, go on to the next and come back later.

  12. Family Fair Exhibits World of Agriculture Texas Trails Hall of Fame School Tours Tent Bud City Clydesdales Chuck Wagons Shows Family Fair & Bud City Area

  13. Ending the Tour When the tour is completed..... -take classes to a restroom facility -return to School Tours Tent for lunch -guides wait with their class in the roped-off lunch line outside the tent -guides give school and teacher name to the individuals manning lunch trailer -assist teachers in seating students and distributing lunches -guides are then free for lunch

  14. Tour Guide Meeting & Daily Door Prizes • At 2:00 p.m., Tour Guides report back to the School Tours Tent. • Brief meeting to discuss that day’s tours • Door prizes are awarded to Guides for the day! • Guides must be present to win! • All guides that register in the morning and complete a tour or other tour duties are eligible to win!

  15. Tour Guide Scholarships • 24 $1,000 scholarships awarded to 4-H, FFA, and FCCLA graduating seniors • To be eligible to apply: • must have served as a tour guide at least one year • must serve as a tour guide senior year

  16. Apply for Tour Guide Scholarships • 4-H Members: http://texas4h.tamu.edu • FCCLA Members: http://www.texasfccla.org • FFA Members http://www.texasffa.org

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