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Macau PolyTech Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Macau PolyTech Meeting

Macau PolyTech Meeting

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Macau PolyTech Meeting

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  1. Macau PolyTech Meeting November 19, 2007

  2. Platinum Members

  3. Agenda • Welcome • GSA Orientation • Industry Update • Technology Overview • Next Steps • Closing Remarks

  4. Who Are We? • GSA is a non-profit organization established in May 1998 • GSA is affiliated with: • UNLV • Australian Gaming Machine Manufacturers Association • Macau Polytechnic Institute • GSA is an international organization of gaming manufacturers, suppliers, operators, vendors • Currently a total of 72 members • GSA is funded through corporate membership dues

  5. Vision and Mission Statement • Vision • To be the leading standards forum that creates value by facilitating innovation and efficiencies for the gaming community • Mission • The gaming Standards Association (GSA) is an international trade association that creates benefits for gaming manufacturers, suppliers, operators and regulators. We facilitate the identification, definition, development, promotion and implementation of open standards to enable innovation, education, and communication for the benefit of the entire industry. • Value • We will operate with integrity, fairness and transparency • We believe that open standards benefit our industry because they provide speed to market, innovation, value and extended useful life

  6. Global Membership

  7. Membership Composition

  8. Membership Growth

  9. 2007 Board Of Directors Chair Lyle Bell Seminole Tribe of Florida Vice Chair Randy Hedrick IGT Secretary Don Karrer Penn National Gaming Treasurer Bob Sobczyk Ameristar Casinos Jim Morrow Aristocrat Technologies Ken Bossingham Atronic Americas Ramesh Srinivasan Bally Technologies Derrik Khoo Sin Huat E-Genting Holdings Tim Stanley Harrah’s Entertainment Steve Sutherland Konami Gaming Jon Berkley Las Vegas Gaming Tom Peck MGM Mirage Brendan O’Connor Multimedia Games Tom Galanty Progressive Gaming Rob Siemasko WMS Gaming John Hilbert Future Logic Bob McKenzie MEI

  10. Organizational Structure

  11. Membership • Voting members • Platinum annual dues $80,250 • Gold annual dues $32,100 • Non-voting members • Silver annual dues $21,400 • Board • 15 voting seats: 11 reserved for platinum and 4 at large (platinum & gold) • The 11 seats reserved for Platinum members are elected for a 2 year term • The remaining 4 seats are elected for a 1 year term • Any Platinum member can attend board meetings • Committee participation • All members can participate in committee meetings • Only voting members can chair a committee • Only voting members can vote on standards

  12. Expenditure Breakdown 2007

  13. Education & Certification • GSA sponsored G2S Certified Engineer program with UNLV • GSA provided a $1.1M grant to UNLV • Program was developed • First two classes completed 16 G2E certificates issued • Started development of the S2S Certified Engineer Program • GSA has enhanced its certification program to be International by adopting an ISO 17025 requirement for recognized Testing Laboratories

  14. Program Schedule 2008

  15. Industry Recognition • Jan 05, 2007 – Global Gaming Business • G2S: Top honors as Best Productivity- Enhancement Technology • Jan 22, 2007 - IGWB • G2S: one of the top 3 gaming products of the year • Apr 25, 2007 – Casino Enterprise Management • G2S: Slot Floor Technology Award • May 3, 2007 - UNLV • The UNLV foundation honors Gaming Standards Association with membership in The Benefactor Society of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. • May 24, 2007 – Casino Journal • G2S: Silver award in top 20 most innovative gaming products of the year 2006

  16. 2007 Achievements • Developed a Sunset strategy for SAS • Demonstrated GSA Standards Interoperability at G2E • Developed UNLV GSA Certified Engineer Program • Established liaisons with regulator communities – US, South Africa, Australia • Continued to improve standards to support business needs - organized operator forums and established Operators Advisory Committee • Established board subcommittees (certification, marketing) • Continuing development of a world-class certification process • GSA has enhanced its certification program to be International by adopting an ISO 17025 requirement for recognized Testing Laboratories • International committee meetings Europe / Asia

  17. Key 2008 Goals • S2S Standard Update • Hire an S2S Technical Director • Ensure a Single Toolkit for G2S Standard • Provide a subsidized toolkit to regulators • Drive international adoption of standards • Partner with MPI: knowledge transfer, adoption of standards • Australia, South Africa – adoption of standards • Continue to support key GSA programs • Certification • Education (UNLV) • Provide Toolkit Subsidy for Governmental agencies

  18. Expenditure breakdown 2008

  19. Industry Update

  20. GSA Technology A Quick Overview

  21. Standard Development Process

  22. GSA Technology • S2S – System to System • G2S – Game to System • GDS – Gaming Device Standards (8 standards) • Transport Standard - Point to Point • Transport Standard - Multi - Cast

  23. Standards Drive Business Value

  24. Gaming Today

  25. Gaming with GSA Standards

  26. Break

  27. GSA Technology More Details Russ Ristine Radical Blue Gaming

  28. GSA’s 3 Protocols S2S Configuration Kiosks GDS G2S CoinAcceptor S2S CoinHopper Player Tracking Point ofSale GameControl S2S NoteAcceptor Advanced Slot Accounting Coin/BillCounters Printer S2S TouchScreen Class IIServers Progressive S2S EGM Host Systems and other S2S devices

  29. Agenda • GDS – GSA’s Gaming Device Standard • G2S – GSA’s Game To System Protocol • Changes to the slot floor network • S2S – GSA’s System To System Protocol

  30. Gaming Device Standard (GDS) Protocol CoinAcceptor GDS CoinHopper GameControl NoteAcceptor Printer TouchScreen EGM to Peripherals protocol

  31. Benefits of GDS • Standardizes communications between EGM and its peripheral devices • Easily change between peripherals from different vendors • Plug and Play USB communication • Peripheral device provides detailed information to EGM • This info can then be forwarded to host systems (via G2S) • Device commands (and code) can be sent from host systems through the EGM to peripheral devices

  32. Agenda • GDS – GSA’s Gaming Device Standard • G2S – GSA’s Game To System Protocol • Changes to the slot floor network • S2S – GSA’s System To System Protocol

  33. Game To System (G2S) Protocol Code Download G2S CoinAcceptor Player Tracking CoinHopper GameControl Slot Accounting NoteAcceptor Printer Progressives TouchScreen Configuration EGM Host Systems

  34. What is G2S? Current Status • Protocol definition complete • Manufacturers are demonstrating interoperability • 3rd Party development and test tools are available • Certification program in development • UNLV Certified Engineer Program GSA develops BOB Agree to merge protocols G2S is born… The best of both! IGT develops SuperSAS

  35. What Is G2S? • The gaming industry’s protocol for networked casino floors (Games to Servers) • Based on current, proven technology standards: XML, SOAP, Web Services, etc. • Expandable from low-speed (EGM and SMIB over a serial link) to very high-speed communications (EGM to multiple back-end servers over Ethernet) • Consists of three independent components: • G2S Message Standards (The contents of the messages) • Standards for Transport (XML over TCP/IP using SOAP) • Standards for Security (SSL - just like the Internet)

  36. Here is what is on the gaming floor today... [Looks like hex to me…]

  37. A G2S Meter Request Host Request <getMeterInfo> <getDeviceMeters deviceClass = "G2S_noteAcceptor" deviceId = "1” /> </getMeterInfo> EGM Response <meterInfo meterSubType = "G2S_onDemand" meterDateTime = "2004-03-07T15:20:27” > <deviceMeters deviceClass = "G2S_noteAcceptor" deviceId = "1" /> <simpleMeter meterName = "G2S_currencyInAmt" meterValue = ”14000000" /> <simpleMeter meterName = "G2S_currencyInCnt" meterValue = "14" /> <simpleMeter meterName = "G2S_currencyToDropAmt" meterValue = ”14000000" /> <simpleMeter meterName = "G2S_currencyToDropCnt" meterValue = "14" /> <simpleMeter meterName = "G2S_dropDoorOpenCnt" meterValue = "2" /> </meterInfo> [A little easier to understand]

  38. Why do we need a new protocol? • Current protocols are fine for EGM to SMIB communications • Challenge is expanding beyond current model • EGM Configuration and Code download are coming • Can expand by adding additional wiring to your floor • New features must work with your existing system • It would be nice if all games and systems spoke the same language in this new world

  39. G2S Promotes Innovation • Each EGM has a list of legitimate hosts and can talk to multiple servers • Event and Meter subscriptions allow any host to subscribe to the specific information they need • Operators can “try out” new products to see if they like them • All communications use web services – same as on the Internet (XML, SOAP, TCP/IP, SSL)

  40. Slot Analysis Benefit • Which themes / paytables are most popular? • Which denominations are most popular when? • Make changes remotely, then use this data for impact analysis • gamePlay device meters include all performance meters by theme/paytable combination • Class meters accumulate the totals for the EGM

  41. Marketing benefits • Direct access to slot performance data • Direct messaging to players • Interval ratings by time and game change • Complete countdown and bonus point support • Subscriptions enable real-time access to EGM events for any server

  42. Remote Configuration • Make changes from your desk or via a schedule (no more trips to every EGM) • Access most parameters you now configure via the operator screens in the EGM • Use software that is already on the casino floor, or will be available as an upgrade to most EGMs • G2S can now configure gamePlay, cabinet, note acceptors; and enable vouchers, progressives, bonus, WAT, and player functions

  43. G2S Certification • The G2S Certification program is designed to minimize interoperability problems • With Certification testing, there is only one correct interpretation of the protocol for all EGMs and Systems • Feedback loop from Operators will ensure the Certification program remains viable (and relevant)

  44. Agenda • GDS – GSA’s Gaming Device Standard • G2S – GSA’s Game To System Protocol • Changes to the slot floor network • S2S – GSA’s System To System Protocol

  45. Slot Floor Network - Today

  46. Moving forward… • First Goal – remotely configure EGMs with G2S • If only doing configuration, a second connection to the EGM is needed • You can start anywhere on the gaming floor – start with one bank or area • A wireless network might be used to minimize infrastructure costs

  47. Adding a New Network FTP (S2S fixes this mess)

  48. No Traffic Jams… Network Backbone = 1 Billion bps