the shaw group inc webvpn access anywhere n.
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The Shaw Group Inc. WebVPN - Access Anywhere PowerPoint Presentation
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The Shaw Group Inc. WebVPN - Access Anywhere

The Shaw Group Inc. WebVPN - Access Anywhere

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The Shaw Group Inc. WebVPN - Access Anywhere

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  1. The Shaw Group Inc.WebVPN - Access Anywhere Users Manual

  2. Shaw WebVPN System Logon Type in your Username and password when prompted.

  3. Successful Login! After entering your username and password you will see the following page. Clicking continue will bring you to the WebVPN homepage.

  4. WebVPN Home Page Click on any of the pre-configured websites to gain instant access.

  5. Secure Website Authentication Prompt When attempting to access secure websites like the Insider or ShawTeam, you will be prompted to reenter you username and password. Note: You will only be prompted the first time you attempt to enter this site.

  6. WebVPN Home Page – Cont. This toolbar will be available on all websites visited while using the WebVPN. It contains quick links which allow instant access to the homepage and logout features. Clicking this link displays the floating toolbar which can be seen on the next page of this manual. This box allows you access to any Shaw Group website by Simply typing in the URL in In the box to the left. Ex. You can use the network search area to locate a file server anywhere in the corporate network. Ex. \\shaw_fs2\Foldershare

  7. WebVPN Floating Toolbar Toolbar that allows for instant logout or redirection to the WebVPN Homepage. Select from the list of websites that have been added for instant access convenience. Enter a known Shaw Group Intranet Website URL for instant access. Enter the name of any fileserver in the Corporate Network for instant access.

  8. WebVPN Logout Process To logout of the WebVPN System, click the large X icon which can be found on all pages throughout the system. Once you click the icon you will be prompted to confirm your decision to logout of the system. Please select “OK” to confirm.

  9. WebVPN Logout Process – Cont. Once you have selected the “OK” option, you will be redirected to the screen on the left. At this point you have the option to log back into the WebVPN system or close your browser. Note: It is extremely important that you close the browser at this point if you are using a public access computer system. This will assure no unauthorized persons can re-enter the WebVPN without authority.