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10 Things you need to know Before

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10 Things you need to know Before

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  1. A P R E P A R A T O R Y T I M E L I N E 10 Things You NEED to Know BEFORE Y O U B U I L D Y O U R W E B S I T E 1.) STRATEGY The first step is one that people often struggle with the most, but once you get past this, you will have an amazing strategy in place that will serve as the foundation for everything else that needs to be done. A major problem that people face is that they don’t really know what they want starting out. 2.) THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY Once you have established the core values that your business and/or website should be based upon, and you know what message you want to send to people visiting the site, you can begin to envision what your site should include. 3.) SITEMAPS As you plan your website, and you are considering the user experience, you’ll want to start mapping out all of the pages that you want to include. It’s likely that you have a general idea in your mind of what pages would be best to have on your site, but actually putting pen to paper and drawing it out will help you to get a bird’s eye view of what pages you should build. 4.) WIREFRAMES The next step you’re going to take is to begin to build your site with wireframes. People often have trouble with this action step, but the key to this is to keep it simple. Each page on your website should have one objective. 5.) CONTENT The content that you provide as you build your website is not only going to bring more people to your site, but it is going to cause them to stay longer and interact with your brand more. 6.) DESIGN Design is an important part of your website strategy, but people often put too much emphasis on this and not enough in other important areas. 7.)SYSTEMS Always remember that the functionality of your website is going to have a direct effect on how people view your brand. 8.) BUG TESTING Don’t just rely on what others say. Take some time to test out your website and its functionality. 9.)ANALYTICS By the time you reach this step, your website will be up and running, and hopefully, doing well 10.) SPLIT TESTING Another great way to gain valuable data about your website is to do some split testing. It’s important to note that your website doesn’t need to be perfect when you first launch it. CONGRATULATIONS! TIME FOR WEB DESIGN. CREATED BY: WWW.RAINASTUDIO.COM REFERENCE: HTTPS://ONLINEMASTERY.CO.UK/10-THINGS- YOU-NEED-TO-KNOW/ AVAILABLE WEB DESIGN SERVICE ON FIVERR: WWW.FIVERR.COM/RAINASTUDIO

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