create a better experience to your visitors with n.
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Create a better experience to your visitors with these UI components PowerPoint Presentation
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Create a better experience to your visitors with these UI components

Create a better experience to your visitors with these UI components

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Create a better experience to your visitors with these UI components

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  1. Create a better experience to your visitors with these UI components When you are developing a website or a web application, you need to pay special attention towards user experience. That’s where the UI components will be able to assist you with. You need to make sure that you use the right UI components and design the interfaces accordingly. With that, you can get outstanding results from the website or the web application that you develop. With Bootstrap Admin Template, you can get such a large number of UI components. Let’s have a solid understanding about the most prominent UI components out of them. Then you will be able to use them accordingly and receive outstanding results. What are UI components? As the first step, let’s understand what exactly the UI components are. UI components are the elements, which end users of your website or web application will interact with. They will be able to get their work done with the assistance of these UI components. The UI components are in a position to add structure, color and life to a vanilla, standard interface. Here are some of the most prominent UI components that you can find. · · Buttons You need to take a look at the functionality of the buttons and determine what type of buttons are needed. You will be able to discover solid buttons, or buttons with an outline. Then you can find square, circular or rounded buttons. Some of the buttons are split whereas others are grouped. The buttons can be of any size or color to match with the website.

  2. · · Modals Modals are the overlay elements, which you can easily style in order to get different tasks done. The responsive modals come along with fields, where you can input data. You can either trigger them with a button in the keyboard or through a mouse click. Many different modal types are also available for you to consider, along with customization options. · · SweetAlerts SweetAlerts are a special overlay type in Bootstrap. They are widely used in the Admin Dashboard. When you want to provide confirmations, warnings or information boxes, you will be able to use them. They are designed in such a way to grab attention. · · Grid In Bootstrap, you can find a traditional 12-column grid. You will be able to add this to your web page or web app easily via the grid menu. Then you can manipulate the columns easily for optimal rendering. · · Typography Typography is the way how you make your text look like. It includes paragraph formatting as well. You can get fancy with typography and make your website or web app look amazing. · · Tabs Tabs are extremely popular on the website. It helps the users to flick in between different views with ease. You will also be able to organize content in an effective manner via tabs. You are provided with the chance to select both vertical and horizontal tabs. · · User cards User cards is another prominent UI component that you can find in Bootstrap Admin Dashboard. These are large cards, which are designed to include image and link overlays. They are used to access further details on users. · · Progress bars We are familiar with the progress bars as well. They tell us whether a progress has been completed or not. In addition, we can understand the percentage of completion. · · Sliders/Carousels Sliders are a collection of images, which can provide information effectively. It will act as a slideshow and the user can quickly grab information. It is also possible to add indicators or navigation controls to the slider.

  3. · · Media object and list media This is a new UI component that comes with Bootstrap. With this feature, admin is provided with the chance to create media objects and list and add links to them. It is also possible to add icons and disable specific items accordingly. Apart from these UI components, you can find many other UI components in Bootstrap. You can take a look at those components and use them accordingly. Additional benefits that are offered to Elegant Admin User Apart from the five demo dashboards, hundreds of additional UI components and hundreds of sample pages are offered to the Elegant Admin users. Here are some of the benefits that an Elegant Admin Dashboard Template user can receive. · · Charts Charts and graphs are an important part of dashboards. No Dashboard Template is complete without them. The Elegant Admin users will be able to receive the ability to add a variety of charts and graphs to the dashboard. You just need to go through them and select the best option. · · Forms If your user needs to input information, you can use forms. You will be able to get hold of basic forms as well as advanced wizards, which can be customized according to the requirements. · · Tables Tables are used to organize data and present them in a methodological manner. You are provided with the chance to use them with Elegant Admin Panel as well. · · Icons and Fonts With the Elegant Bootstrap Admin Template, you will be able to receive more than 3,000 new icons and fonts. They include some of the well-known collections such as Font Awesome and Linea. · · Applications The Elegant Admin applications are in a position to extend the functionality of the Bootstrap Dashboard. Applications provide a great assistance with that. Applications can be considered as an interface for support ticketing, email, contacts lists, chat and calendar. You can also find three different levels of dropdown menus, galleries, widgets, multiple file uploaders and WYSIWYG editors.

  4. Taking the next step Once you finish taking a look at the live demos, which you can access from the browser, you will come across the need to develop some examples. You are encouraged to go ahead with that and manipulate the UI components that are available. Then you can receive outstanding results at the end of the day. MultiPurpose Admin Templates is our most advanced, best selling and highest rated Templates to date. Everything you would expect and more from one of the most popular Dashboard Admin Template related websites out there!