4 amazing features of salesforce that you should n.
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4 Amazing Features of Salesforce That You Should Know PowerPoint Presentation
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4 Amazing Features of Salesforce That You Should Know

4 Amazing Features of Salesforce That You Should Know

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4 Amazing Features of Salesforce That You Should Know

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  1. 4 Amazing Features of Salesforce That You Should Know If you are running a business with large volumes of sales and support data on a regular basis, You must have a Salesforce consultant for your business because your data needs right maintenance. Data maintenance is a crucial requirement for every business be it a big enterprise or a small start-up with a good database. Many businesses find it extremely tough to manage their data manually every day because the process eats up lots of their time and efforts. Thankfully, we have Salesforce now to do all this for us. Salesforce has been awarded as the most innovative company in the world by Forbes for the past 2 years in a row. The platform has some amazing features that can help you with all your data maintenance related issues. Besides this, it sets you free to take care of other important business tasks and make the right decisions to increase the productivity of your business. Here, we present some amazing features of Salesforce for you. Branded Email Templates The branded email templates are extremely popular and are among the best features Salesforce offers. These templates allow us to send common messages to multiple customers without having to type the content repeatedly. It not only save your time but, also makes your emails error-free. Email Syncing Accessing all your business data from your smartphone, what else can be so good then this. By implementing Salesforce with your business, you can easily manage your CRM or check out your meeting schedules through your phone because it allows you to sync your email, calendar or contacts with your CRM. The best part about it is, it Includes Microsoft Outlook and Google integration too. AppExchange

  2. If you are a tech-savvy and want more from the Salesforce integration then AppExchange is for you. With this feature, you can not only develop and post your own app but, also use other, already developed apps as a platform. It is also good for customization purpose because it allows you to install the apps to customize your Salesforce page. Chatter Salesforce is itself a complete package of various unique and stunning features. You can find several extra features that you don’t even use regularly but, are very helpful for you. The chatter is one of such features that you might not use on daily basis, but it always stays there for you at no extra cost. Chatter allows you to be a part of a discussion or start a new discussion on your own. Conclusion These features can be extremely beneficial for anyone having an online presence and working on a huge database regularly. We hope after reading this article, you will understand what Salesforce actually can do for your business with its amazing features.