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Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney PowerPoint Presentation
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Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

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Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

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  1. Nezhad Law Firm is a team of Los Angeles personal injury attorney providing highest-quality legal representation. Our lawyers handle all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. • CALL NOW! TOLL FREE for a FREE CONSULTATION 1-877-285-2539

  2. Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorney Where Ever You Are - Whenever You Need Us - Serving All of Southern California • 1) Losing a loved one is difficult. Losing that person due to someone else’s negligence can be even harder. • 2) The Nezhad Law Firm represents individuals and families that have lost a loved one or been seriously injured due to the negligence of another. • 3) According to the Centers for Disease Control, accidents and unintentional injuries are the fifth leading cause of death in the United States, and the number one cause of death for those between the ages of 1 and 40. • 4) The common denominator for every wrongful death claim is that some degree of negligence on the part of another contributed to the victim’s demise. • 5) The one thing that must be proven in all wrongful death cases is negligence, which is characterized by inattention, thoughtlessness, inadvertence and mistakes. • 6) Monetary damages cannot bring a loved one back, but it can provide a means for a family to continue • 7) Recovery for a wrongful death claim, may include, but is not limited to: • Reimbursement for all medical expenses incurred as a result of the negligence • Reimbursement for the loss of any future income. • Reimbursement for property damage, if applicable. • Reimbursement for any future services normally provided to you by the person who has died. • Reimbursement for any punitive damages if the negligence was found to be criminal. • Reimbursement for loss of consortium, meaning a spouse's right to the companionship, help and affection from the person who has died.

  3. Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney 1) Every 10 seconds someone in the United States is involved in a car accident. 2) Generally speaking, more than 2 million auto accidents occur in the United States every year. 3) Regardless of how you or a loved one were injured, you need to contact the car accident lawyers at the Nezhad Law Firm immediately for a free consultation. What to Do Immediately After an Auto Accident: • ~ Stay at the Scene. The cardinal rule for all car accidents is that you should never leave the scene until it is appropriate to do so. • ~ Make sure to obtain all pertinent information from the other party(s) involved in the accident. • ~ ALWAYS look to see if there was any individual who may have witnessed the accident • ~ Furthermore, if you have a camera in your car (or a camera phone) make sure to take plenty of photos. • ~ Call the Police. Especially if the accident involves significant property damage, physical injury, or death, • Use our step through guide in case of emergency. Step-by-Step Car Accident Emergency Guide

  4. Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney The most recent report card issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for 2009 says; nationwide 5,154 motorcyclists died in 2009 and 103,000 were injured Motorcycle riders are in a unique position on the road. They enjoy the freedoms that come with their chosen form of transportation, but they are also left exposed to dangers not met by automobile drivers and other motorists. Motorcycle riders, therefore, must be aware of their legal rights and remedies if they are involved in a motorcycle accident. INJURED IN A MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT? CALL the Nezhad Law Firm NOW for a FREE CONSULTATION. • The Risks of the Road for Motorcycle Riders: • Some of the unique problems faced by motorcycle riders on the road include: • Visual Recognition: • Road Hazards: • Speed "Wobble" Accidents: • Riding Skills: • Determining Legal Responsibility for a Motorcycle Accident: • Defective Motorcycle Design or Manufacture: • Getting Legal Help for a Motorcycle Accident: If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, the most important step in protecting your legal rights is to meet with a skilled attorney to discuss your case. Victim of a Motorcycle Accident? Contact us Now!

  5. Los Angeles Trucking Accident Attorney Get Legal Help After a Commercial Truck Accident! A traffic accident involving a commercial truck, such as an eighteen-wheeler or other large freight carrier, can be much more catastrophic than an ordinary car accident. The unique danger posed by commercial truck accidents can be made worse depending on the nature of the freight the truck is carrying. In the event that you or a loved one is involved in an accident with a commercial truck, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries by bringing a legal claim against the responsible parties. • Proving Your Case • Potential Defendants • Damages Special Considerations In Commercial Truck Accident Cases • Jackknifing • Turning Accidents

  6. Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Attorney By working with experienced bicycle accident attorney, victims can have some control and participation in ensuring that their rights and interests are protected. The Nezhad Law Firm represents bicyclists injured in the following kinds of driver negligence cases: If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, you may be entitled to the following benefits: Please contact the Nezhad Law Firm for a FREE ANALYSIS of your case. We have offices conveniently located in Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Bernardino/Riverside Counties. Because of the complexities involved in bicycle accident cases, it is important that you act quickly and contact an attorney with any questions or issues. Proving negligence in an accident lawsuit takes an investment of time, experience, and resources – advantages that only a qualified attorney can provide.

  7. Los Angeles Aviation Accident Attorney • AIRPLANE & HELICOPTER ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS Airplanes and helicopters are complex machines that must be designed well, built meticulously, and professionally maintained. We understand the tragedy and frustrations experienced by aviation accident victims and our expertise can help guide you through one of the most complex fields of law. • Statistically, air travel continues to be a relatively safe means of transportation; however, aviation accidents do occur. • Federal and state agencies have developed stringent laws to govern the airline industry and protect passengers against: • Due to the national and often international character of air transportation, aviation accident cases may be filed in a jurisdiction other than where the accident occurred. • The sheer number and complexity of aircraft regulations dictate that airplane accident victims receive the guidance of aviation law experts.

  8. Los Angeles Bus Accident Attorney Due to the ever increasing congestion on our roadways and highways commuters are using rapid transit and public transportation more each year. In accordance with the growing number of people using buses as their main source of transportation, the number of injuries and deaths resulting from bus accidents is also rising. Bus accidents injure thousands and kill hundreds of people every year in the U.S. The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that in 2003 there were over 440 fatal bus accidents and thousands of injuries. Excessive speed, driver fatigue, faulty brake system, dangerous tire conditions and lack of training all play a role in the number of bus accidents each year. While regulations have been instituted to prevent the number of fatalities, bus accidents still play a major part in killing people and causing the serious injuries that occur on our highways daily. The injuries and fatalities resulting from the negligent operation of large buses and school buses leave families confused and angry and bus drivers who know they are not at fault scared and sometimes jobless. Always contact a lawyer as soon as possible so they can help determine your rights, both as a victim or as a plaintiff driver or bus company. Delays always prevent your case from proceeding swiftly.

  9. Los Angeles Boating Accident Attorney Fishing trips, diving expeditions, water skiing, a week-long cruise on a luxury ship – boats are supposed to fun, recreational vehicles for you and your family to enjoy. However, thousands of people are injured or killed in boating accidents each year. Boating accidents include capsizing, falls overboard, collisions, sinking/flooding, explosions, disappearance and fire. When there is a boating accident, a report must be filed when: Reports must be filed within: Boating and watercraft accidents are governed by a number of city, county and/or state laws. Most boat operators have a legal obligation to operate their watercraft in a safe manner. Boat owners also need to be careful about allowing other people to drive their boats. No matter who is driving, if the boat is in an accident, the boat owner may be liable for the damages. Civil and criminal lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturer when some type of failure of either the boat's machinery or its hull caused an accident. If you have been injured in a boating accident, the following are important steps to take to prepare for a lawsuit: See a doctor as soon as possible. Get as much information as you can about your accident. Take pictures. Do not talk to anyone about your accident other than law enforcement officials. Do not sign anything, especially a release form, without talking to an attorney, first. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

  10. Los Angeles Amputation Attorney California is second only to Florida in swimming pool related injuries and deaths in the United States. The Nezhad Law Firm has represented many individuals and their families that have suffered severe injuries or death in a swimming pool. Our aggressive personal injury specialists and lawyers are dedicated to achieving the best possible results for seriously injured victims and their families. Contact us NOW for a free consultation and evaluation with an experienced swimming pool accident attorney. Most swimming pool accidents occur because of improperly designed and constructed pools, failure to properly secure a pool from small children, and failure to maintain the swimming pool in good condition. Property owners may be found liable if their negligence lead to injury or death. A drowning accident can take the life of any individual, but children seem to be most at risk for drowning. Never leave children unattended around a swimming pool, jacuzzi or spa. Remember it only takes a few seconds and a small amount of water to drown a small child.

  11. Los Angeles Construction Accident Attorney • A construction accident often involves significant injuries • The general contractor and all subcontractors are required to provide a reasonably safe site, to warn of hazards inherent in the site and work. • The progress of a construction project is heavily documented . • Additionally, it may be important to retain an expert. • Construction accident cases are legally complex because of the number of companies present, the variety of different services provided by these companies, the theories of liability and the need for experts. • The companies involved in the construction project will be represented by attorneys whose sole goal is to avoid responsibility for your accident. It will be important to retain an attorney who is not only familiar with this field of law, but willing to undertake the complexities of the case.

  12. Los Angeles Brain Injury Attorney • California Brain Injury Compensation: Each year, about 1.4 million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury — a blow to the head that results in mild to severe brain dysfunction and complications. The most common causes of brain injury are falls, car accidents, being struck by an object, striking one's head against a hard surface, injuries occurring at work, and assaults. If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury or a member of your family died a wrongful death because of a brain injury, please contact the Nezhad Law Firm today for a free consultation. We help victims of head trauma recover the financial compensation they deserve. NO RECOVERY = NO FEE You will not pay ANY fees unless we obtain a settlement or verdict on your case. Our aggressive personal injury lawyers will carefully evaluate your situation to determine if negligence or recklessness caused the injury or fatality. If so, we will file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit to recover financial compensation for the injury, pain and suffering, medical care, lost income and more for you and your family. Call the law firm that only represents Plaintiffs and the one that is on your side, the Nezhad Law Firm.

  13. Los Angeles Slip And Fall Attorney • In order for a slip and fall victim to hold a property owner liable for an incident, the victim will have to prove the following in order to have a clear cut premises liability case: 1. That the property owner was responsible for unsafe conditions and the subsequent slip and fall accident (by spilling something, for example, and not cleaning it up) 2. That the property owner was aware of the condition of the property but did not try to correct it (by not posting a warning sign, etc.) 3. That the property owner knew or should have known about the danger, since a "reasonable" person would have found the problem and taken steps to prevent injuries caused by the slip and fall accident (This is the most common situation, as it is not clearly defined and is determined based on common sense). • Thousands of injuries occur each year due to conditions on someone else’s property or in slip and fall type accidents. • There are, of course, certain situations where exceptions to the general slip and fall and premises liability rules come into play. • Children, however, are an exception this is rule, since the law recognizes that children often do not perceive danger as well as adults. • In the case of employees, there are workers' compensation laws in place that hold employers liable for most on-the-job injuries, including those that result from a slip and fall accident. • When it comes to government property, such as public parks, the federal or California state government may bear the legal responsibility for personal injuries incurred on the premises. • If you or a loved one have been injured in a slip and fall accident, or if you have questions regarding any premises liability matters, a slip and fall lawyer in California can help you determine if you have a case.

  14. Los Angeles Burn Injury Attorney A burn injury can be one of the most devastating injuries a person can sustain, both physically and emotionally. • Burn Injury Information: • First Degree Burns • Second Degree Burns • Third Degree Burns Inhalation Injuries: • 1. Damage from Heat Inhalation: • 2. Damage from Systemic Toxins: • 3. Damage from Smoke Inhalation: Many burn injury victims have suffered their injuries as a result of defective products or improperly maintained property. If your life has been affected by burn injuries, our experienced burn injury lawyers will fight to help you get the compensation you deserve. Call a competent and aggressive California burn injury attorney today and let us help you like we’ve helped others that have been in a situation similar to yours. Call the Nezhad Law Firm for a FREE CONSULTATION. We are always available and there are no up front fees. You do not pay unless we win your case.

  15. Los Angeles Dog Bite Accident Attorney • CALIFORNIA DOG BITE LAWS & STATISTICS ON DOG BITES IN CALIFORNIA: Close to 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs each year and 50% of dog bite fatalities are children under 10 years old. Before your dog attack and serious dog bites, the chances are you never even thought about California dog bite law. If a dog bite or attack has occurred, first on your mind, of course, are immediately treating the dog bite or bites and receiving the best dog bite care possible. • CALIFORNIA DOG BITE LAW Civil Code Section 3342: Damages Suffered: When you have a dog bite case and you file a dog bite lawsuit, your California dog bite lawyers need only prove that the victim plaintiff was lawfully on the premises of where the dog attack occurred and that the dog bites caused injury to the plaintiff. The defendant of the dog bite law suit who owned the dog is then strictly liable for all injuries and damages suffered by the plaintiff victim. Prior knowledge of whether it was a vicious dog or not, does not matter. Please call us TOLL FREE for a FREE CONSULTATION and we will be happy to answer any of your dog attack and dog bite questions over the phone, or make an appointment to meet you in person. Your initial consultation with us is absolutely free.

  16. Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Attorney • PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENT FACTS: The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) reports that each year nearly 5,000 pedestrians die in motor vehicle related accidents, and more than 78,000 pedestrians suffer injuries when hit by a car or truck. In addition to pedestrian-vehicle incidents, thousands of non-vehicular pedestrian accidents also occur annually. Poor property maintenance, sidewalk or parking lot defects and/or construction or other debris on walkways cause or contribute to pedestrian accident injuries. Whether a vehicle or property defect causes an accident or injury, a pedestrian may recover damages for the injuries suffered if someone else's negligence caused or contributed to the incident. In order to establish negligence in a pedestrian accident, the injured person (the "plaintiff") must prove that the person at fault (the "defendant"): • 1. Owed a legal duty to the plaintiff under the circumstances; and • 2. Failed to fulfill ("breached") that legal duty through conduct or action (or through a failure to act); and • 3. Caused an accident or injury involving the plaintiff; and • 4. Harmed or injured the plaintiff as a result.

  17. Los Angeles Mesothelioma Attorney • Get Help: If you are concerned about potential exposure to asbestos, or if you or a loved one suffers from asbestosis, mesothelioma, or another medical condition associated with asbestos exposure, you should take action to protect your legal rights Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that has been used as insulation and as a fire retardant in a wide variety of products. Because of its durable, fibrous nature, asbestos can produce dust that, when inhaled, becomes deposited in the lungs -- causing or contributing to the development of illnesses including asbestosis (a fibrous scarring of the lungs) and mesothelioma (a malignant form of cancer in the lining of the chest or abdominal cavities). Determining Responsibility for Asbestos Exposure: In civil court lawsuits for damages, legal responsibility for injuries caused by asbestos exposure is sometimes determined under the law of product liability. Breach of Warranty: • Negligence: • Strict Liability: • The amount of asbestos to which someone is exposed will vary, according to: • Plaintiffs injured by asbestos may be able to recover "punitive" damages, as well.

  18. Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys • The Nezhad Law Firm specializes in handling personal injury cases throughout Southern California. We represent injured victims and the families of those who have been injured or killed as a result of car accidents, motorcycle accidents, train accidents/derailments, nursing home negligence, premises liability, construction accidents, product liability and work related injuries. • As founder and principal of the Nezhad Law Firm, I review each case that our firm accepts, to ensure the utmost care and competent representation your case requires. • Over the years, we have maintained a reputation for aggressively advocating the best interests of our clients and have recovered millions on behalf of our clients (Note: The outcome of each case varies. This is not indicative of the outcome of your particular case). • We care about each client and always work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for each case. With the Nezhad Law Firm, you will have aggressive representation on your side. • We respond promptly to all telephone calls and inform you of the status of your case regularly. • We handle all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. That means YOU DO NOT PAY us unless we win or obtain a settlement for you. We ADVANCE all costs so you don’t have to worry about out-of-pocket costs. We understand the stress a serious personal injury imposes upon you and your loved ones. We believe that working with an attorney should never add additional stress. • For your convenience, we have offices throughout Southern California, to serve your legal needs: Los Angeles County, Orange County, Kern County and San Bernardino/Riverside Counties. • Call us, at any time of the day or evening and we will come to your home, business/work, nursing home or hospital to offer you sound advice and competently represent you on your injury case. For clients who speak English as a second language, we have staff that speaks fluent Spanish. Matthew B. Nezhad - Personal Injury Attorney NEZHAD LAW FIRM, PLC - SERVING ALL OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

  19. Nezhad Law Firm, PLCServing All of Southern California Contact • MAIN OFFICE: 15233 Ventura Blvd., Penthouse #10, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 :: TOLL FREE (877) 285-2539 • CALL NOW! TOLL FREE for a FREE CONSULTATION 1-877-285-2539