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Youtube Video SEO Marketing

If you have created outstanding high quality videos, our Clipz encoder will ensure that they will be delivered in amazing HD quality with professional playback on both computer and mobile devices. We support all the major formats available today.

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Youtube Video SEO Marketing

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  1. Clipz.io Clipz.io Video Marketing Platform Review

  2. Headline New Powerful Video Marketing Platform Helps Convert more Viewers into Customers during Viewer Engagement Welcome to the next evolution of video marketing. With Clipz Smart Video Technology, you can now turn YOUR videos into powerful interactive smart videos.

  3. Headline Clipz provides LIVE call to action buttons right in your videos to generate more leads and increase impulse buy sales wherever your video is displayed online. This helps to convert more viewers into customers during viewer engagement. It means making videos smarter. Imagine capturing emails, scheduling a consultation or webinar, having prospects call you or selling “impulse buy” products while viewers are engaged watching your videos. Clipz integrates the calls to action and they work where ever videos can be displayed.

  4. Local Video Marketing Tips for Starters • Use YouTube Just in case you don’t know it yet, Google owns YouTube. With that in mind it may be a terrific idea to create a YouTube Channel for your company and start producing videos for YouTube. It might be unusual to you how well your videos wind up ranking in Google immediately with hardly any optimization. Even if you do not have a heap of videos to upload in the beginning you should still setup and establish a channel for your company so you can start developing that channel age equity.

  5. Local Video Marketing Tips for Starters • Transcribe Videos Searching for a way to get your keywords into your video material? Having your videos transcribed is an extremely easy means to provide your video content some wonderful local SEO value. There are numerous very cost effective transcription services out there that will transcribe your videos completely for around $1 a minute.

  6. Local Video Marketing Tips for Starters • Video Titles are Important Much like the titles of your website pages, with your videos the titles are simply as essential for offering Google a concept of exactly what the video is about. Constantly spend a little additional time to ensure that you have the most detailed title possible for any video you produce. Generally you must be targeting a specific keyword phrase for each video you produce which words must be utilized in the title near the front.

  7. Local Video Marketing Tips for Starters • Power up your Video Description You should include a lot of things to your video description including citations, links to your website, and a link to your video. All these things will gear towards maximum optimization of your video description area. The citations will make your video visible through local searches for your local video marketing efforts. Adding your website link will help direct traffic to your site. Lastly, adding a link of the video on the video description. It may sound a bit crazy but trust us on this one that in some round-about ways this helps funnel back the video's equity back to that video to assist rank it much better.

  8. Local Video Marketing Tips for Starters • Self-Host Videos for Higher Conversion When most videos appear in the online search engine outcomes page they associated with the YouTube page. This is excellent but what if you had a video rich-snippet listing in the SERPs that linked to your team website? You could serve the user your video with all sorts of relevant information and calls to action as opposed to sending them to YouTube where they are quickly distracted by other videos by your competition. Utilizing video sitemaps and services like Amazon s3 hosting you can self-host videos and transform much better with video right from the SERPs. This is an innovative strategy while being highly effective and it truly takes local video marketing to the next level.

  9. What Makes Clipz Unique What makes Clipz unique is that your videos can be distributed to sites other than your website and the live call to action buttons work! They are integrated with major lead capture and transaction processing services that you currently use. The prospect’s information, once captured by your Clipz video, is automatically passed to your lead capture and transaction processing accounts.

  10. Why Clipz? Traditional video marketing is broken. It’s using an age old TV advertising model to try to get people to buy. Online video uses the same model that was developed 73 years ago. And the conversions are just terrible because viewers have to leave the video while they're engaged in order to take action. Clipz eliminates barriers, and creates higher levels of engagement between a business and its clients. It’s just going to change the way things are. Clipz is a new paradigm and it’s going to take the Internet by storm.

  11. Youtube Video SEO Marketing

  12. The Clipz Platform Clipz is a cloud-based online service that integrates with major service providers as opposed to just linking out to web pages. It also has a built-in social media marketing engine. Clipz converts the source video into the major formats necessary for playback on computer and mobile devices. HD videos can now be used as independent landing pages because Clipz offers HLS Adaptive Streaming and 4k video formatting which is the next step in the advancement of ultra-high definition (UHD).

  13. Powerful Analytic Tools - User Engagement and Heatmaps Clipz also provides powerful analytic tools including a heat map. Your videos display a heatmap that shows precisely which portions viewers watched, skipped, watched over, stopped viewing, as well as indicates your best performing video content. The color darkens to display most viewed parts of the video.

  14. Clipz Open API Integration Clipz offers a full API to our Integration Partners. Our API Includes ALL the functionality of the Clipz Platform and can be seamlessly integrated.

  15. Conclusion Clipz is the next generation video marketing platform that is designed to increase leads and impulse buy sales during viewer engagement. Check out the sales video which plays full screen and contains the calls to actions that allows the video to be interactive.

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