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Legal Services & Free Legal Advice PowerPoint Presentation
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Legal Services & Free Legal Advice

Legal Services & Free Legal Advice

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Legal Services & Free Legal Advice

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  1. 1/23/2020 Legal Services | Indian Lawyers Association Indian Lawyers Association LEGAL SERVICES – FIND ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES IN INDIA Legal Services in India Before describing legal services in India, we need to know about Legal Services, Legal Services Programs, Legal Aid, Legal Information, etc. Read the below information to know about Legal Services widely. Legal services programs, often called “legal aid committees”, provide free citizen representation to low- income and elderly clients for free or at low cost. Lawyers for legal services ensure equal access to the justice system for those who could not personally a?ord lawyers. Many of the functions of a legal services lawyer involve personal client contact, and lawyers take matters in which the client’s fundamental rights and requirements are endangered. Legal Services Lawyers 1/4

  2. 1/23/2020 Legal Services | Indian Lawyers Association Although legal service lawyers take cases from a wide variety of ?elds, some of the more common areas of practice are housing,  family law, employment disputes, and consumer law. Family law often includes domestic violence situations, and cases may include divorce, custody battles or advocacy for women who need protection from a kidnapper. Housing eviction usually includes protecting families or individuals, advocating access to a?ordable housing, or handling foreclosure cases. Consumer issues vary but may include predatory lending or other deceptive behavior. Lawyers for legal services are expected to handle a large amount of responsibility quickly and are often responsible for their own a?airs as soon as they are sworn into their state bar. Lawyers working in legal services have extensive client contact, a diverse workload, and spend a lot of time in court or administrative law hearings. They often manage 40 to 60 active cases at a time. Legal service lawyers also often collaborate on large projects, such as community education or complex matters. However, the work of legal services lies in helping one person at a time. Lawyers for legal services welcome the great autonomy and responsibility they are given almost immediately upon arrival. One misconception about how legal services work is that it becomes repetitive over time, as lawyers begin to see the same type of issues in the case. However, most legal services attorneys ?nd both intellectually stimulating and challenging work on a daily basis. As Greg Schell says, “To be good in this business, you have to be a better lawyer today. This work is legally challenging and we deal with tough judges. You have to work more hard to win cases and bring tangible changes in the system. “ Legal Advice/Aid V/S Legal Information 2/4

  3. 1/23/2020 Legal Services | Indian Lawyers Association People often get puzzled between “legal advice” and “legal information”. As a general matter, only a lawyer can give actual legal advice, while any non-lawyer can read legal information. Furthermore, it is legally illegal for a non- lawyer or unlicensed lawyer to o?er legal advice or present himself or herself to anyone other than himself or herself in a court of law. Indian Lawyers Association as a Platform If you can’t hire a lawyer, but still need legal representation or even have questions about your legal rights, you can get free legal aid in your state or city from the Indian Lawyers Association. The ILA will have lawyers who work for “public good”, or at no charge or at very cheap rates. They can help you with family law, housing, disability, bankruptcy, and any legal problems related to the workplace, immigration, and criminal matters. Going to the courts and looking for a lawyer through agents can sometimes not be a good idea. In any legal proceeding, it is necessary to appoint a good lawyer with sound experience and knowledge. There is an online platform where you can ?nd good lawyers and hire them at very low prices. You can also get advice from them online and visit From here, you will get online legal services in India. Here are so many platforms for legal services India online. Indian Lawyers Association is also a legal services authority and manages the legal services of India. According to the New York Opinion Piece, Everyone needs legal help, which doesn’t mean everyone needs a Lawyer. ILA will tell you that do you only need legal help or a lawyer. 3/4

  4. 1/23/2020 Legal Services | Indian Lawyers Association Particular lawyers specialize in various ?elds of law. Some lawyers specialize in a certain area of law, such as business, civil, criminal or juvenile law. You will need to determine what type of lawyer is right for your legal situation. Once you ?nd a lawyer, ask them about their experience, area of expertise and questions like, “How do you handle my case?” To make it easy, ILA is emerging as a very large platform in India. It is trying to do something like no-one did yet. It is trying to connect all legal individuals in a network from where law students or juniors will be able to get knowledge from their seniors, will get better advice from ?eld specialists. It will give free legal advice to the one who has ?led a case or want to ?le a case in court. In all aspects, we can say that the Indian Lawyers association is a very good starting for all legal individuals. 4/4