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Top 3 Factors You should Consider While Booking a Yacht Charter in the Caribbean

Love the setting sun illuminating the indescribable beauty of the Caribbean islands? Dreaming of gliding seamlessly through its year-round sun-kissed waters? A yacht charter in the Caribbean with Oasis Yachting is the perfect way to experience the world that you’ve been longing for. To experience the beautiful waterways and incredible beach wonders, book your yacht charter for a Caribbean vacation with us at 1.800.888.8888.

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Top 3 Factors You should Consider While Booking a Yacht Charter in the Caribbean

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  1. Top 3 Factors You should Consider While Booking a Yacht Charter in the Caribbean With over five thousand tropical islands, cays and reefs that curate an easy line-of-sight for cruising, and thrilling open water adventures, the Caribbean is an authentic sailor’s top pick. A medley of marvelous white-sandy beaches lined with coconut palms, scenic harbors alive with port culture and abundant coral reefs in a backdrop of a fascinatingly blue ocean, you may often dream of spending a vacation on a yacht charter in the Caribbean. From hiking up to Fort Gustave and enjoying the balmy weather of St. Bart’s to experiencing true oasis in the sheltered bays of Antigua; the serene waves of the British Virgin Islands with pleasant surfing along Josiah’s Bay; the world-famous shipwreck dive sites of the RMS Rhone, a Caribbean yacht charter brings myriads of possibilities to enjoy a fabulous oceanic retreat.

  2. You will not only experience tropical bliss but also have a breathtaking view of the outstanding Caribbean islands from the deck of your luxury yacht charter. Looking out at the serene blue waters and breathing in the refreshing sea air stirred with the unique scents of the islands will enchant you. Each day on a yacht charter in the Caribbean waits to welcome you with a list of surprises like secret eateries, volcanic caves, and rich cultural history.

  3. There are choices available in crewed luxury yacht charters to cover your desired routes and make the most of memorable moments on your Caribbean sailing experience. Cruise through safe anchorages and dock at the harbors to enjoy the nightlife or private coves for some peace and quiet. A fascinating Caribbean yacht charter vacation opens all ports for entertainment and relaxation, both on shore and on water, with hidden coves, a warm tropical culture, beach side dine outs, and unsurpassed diving and snorkeling conditions. If you are all set to book a yacht charter in the Caribbean, there are certain things you need to consider. Too many items to keep track of can make planning overwhelming. To help you in your journey, we’ve outlined three factors to consider starting on the right track and experiencing the ultimate yacht charter vacation in the Caribbean.

  4. 1.Itinerary – Which exotic destinations would you like your Caribbean sailing itinerary to include? The Caribbean offers tons of sightseeing opportunities in the British Virgin Islands, Antigua, St. Bart’s and more. Maybe you have a thirst for adventure or maybe you seek relaxation as a beach lover. For the adventurers, the Caribbean is filled with snorkeling expedition opportunities, from hidden caves to ancient shipwrecks and untouched coral reefs. For the beach lovers, the white sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters and year-round balmy weather await you. There are many luxury yacht charter vacations designed to fulfill your own unique dream of traveling the Caribbean.

  5. 2.Type and Size of Yacht – Remember that you have the option to choose a sailing yacht, motor sailer, or motor yacht for your Caribbean vacation. (Check out our yachts to find the perfect one for you!) Your yacht charter rep can help you figure out which type is best suited to your needs. It’s also important to inform your yacht charter company of the number of guests on your vacation. They’ll recommend the right yacht size to accommodate all your guests. Don’t forget to consider the luxury features and comfort level of the yacht. This will allow you to an enjoy a stress-free Caribbean yacht charter vacation. 3.To Crew or Not to Crew – Consider whether you’d like your yacht to have a crew. Larger yachts and certain types of yachts such as motor sailers, tend to come with a crew as a mandatory feature. If you don’t have any experience sailing, you’ll certainly need a captain. If you’d like to take the reins, ask for your yacht to be uncrewed. It’s also important to ask your yacht charter company about any specific entertainment activities or water sports you are interested in. Don’t assume that every boat will have what you want, and don’t assume your company can’t get something even if it’s not written as an available option! And always be aware of the sailing vacation schedule and departure point.

  6. To spend a vacation on the beautiful Caribbean waters with a sense of freedom and luxury unconfined by the walls of a resort, contact Oasis Yachting at info@oasisyachting.com. We have a wide range of packages designed to suit every desire for the perfect yacht charter in the Caribbean and we promise customer satisfaction!

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