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interactive backpacks

interactive backpacks

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interactive backpacks

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  1. interactive backpacks Using different forms of communication, a pair of stuffed animal backpacks for girls ages 5-7 will reinforce the feeling of friendship between them. The forms of communication are chosen to make communication possible before, during, and after seeing your friend. Wireless communication between backpacks will allow one to see if the other is nearby. When the friends are together they can connect the backpacks so that they hold hands which will cause their hearts to light up. When parting, one can whisper in the ear of their friends backpack, leaving secret messages for their friend to listen to at a later time. This project is a DESIGN for young girls ages 5-7

  2. interactive backpacks TEAM ROLES IRA - research / documentation / making circuits LIZ - research / documentation / illustrations SHANNON - illustrations / making circuits / construction Week 1: Research / survey girls / finalize idea / character design Week 2: final character design / gather materials / make wireless circuit Week 3: patterns for backpacks / recording circuit Week 4: 1st backpack made / heart light circuit Week 5: 2nd backpack made / install all electronics Week 6: fix any issues / finish documentation Week 7: combine all documentation / publish to website and blog

  3. RESEARCH Shannon interviewed 5 girls ages 6-8 to gain information to help finalize the project idea. [Caitlyn and Lisa (age 6, best friends), Angela (7), and Michelle (8)] Made age range slightly younger (5-7) Decided on Pandas for the animal (mainly from positive response to midterm project) Lisa had “littlest pet shop” panda toys Wireless feature was exciting to them because they saw it as a compared it to cell phones. Their favorite after seeing the panda purses was that they could hold hands and hearts light up.

  4. Lisa is getting teased by Mike and John She presses the ear of her Bestie to get Caitlyn’s attention from across the playground.

  5. Caitlyn comes over and pulls Lisa away so they can go eat lunch. Their Besties sit next to them and hold hands.

  6. Before Caitlyn leaves for gym class, Lisa whispers a secret into Caitlyn’s Bestie….

  7. In gym class, Caitlyn plays back the secret. Lisa has a crush on Mike!

  8. OTHER RESEARCH LIZs link to animal backpacks IRAs research 4-Ever Best Friend dolls one strap backpacks wireless “spookies”

  9. OTHER RESEARCH SHANNONs research Surveying the girls Further reading on “spookies” Character design research: Good pandas Bad Pandas

  10. WHAT NEXT? • making the wireless circuit • - what will the range be? • buying purple and pink fur fabric • will the radio shack recording module work through fabric, will this be adequate for a prototype?