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What are the stunning bridal jewellery designs? PowerPoint Presentation
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What are the stunning bridal jewellery designs?

What are the stunning bridal jewellery designs?

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What are the stunning bridal jewellery designs?

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  1. Company Overview  The journey of a million gazes began in 1888 before it metamorphosed into ORRA.  ORRA’s specialty is in design and innovation.  ORRA has come a long way since its inception. Today, ORRA is one of India's finest jewellery retail chains.  Having spread its glow with 33 stores across 21 cities and has consistently been at the forefront of design leadership and product innovation with 5 global design centre.

  2. What are the stunning bridal jewellery designs?  Indian brides are said to look incomplete without the grand and extravagant Indian bridal jewellery. Bridal jewellery adds that festive aura to any outfit and makes the bride appear truly magnificent.  Here are some famous and celebrated varieties of bridal jewellery sets comprising of gold necklace for women, maangtikas etc. from all parts of India that you can opt for on your wedding! ❑ Kundan Jewellery  Under the patronage of many Rajasthani aristocrats, this mughal jewellery has attained perfection and is just right for any bride who wants a fabulous and traditional jewellery set!

  3. What are the stunning bridal jewellery designs? ❑ Gold Jewellery  Most brides, even if wearing modern jewellery for the reception, always opt for traditional gold jewellery. You can adorn gold jewellery as gold bangles, gold earrings, rings etc. or you can buy gold necklace for women, gold chains for men, rings, earrings etc. ❑ Temple Jewellery  Antique traditional jewellery engraved usually with the figures of Ganesha or Lakshmi for prosperity and happiness, temple jewellery has a divine, heavy, appearance perfect for traditional brides, and gives an opulent air. ❑ Diamond Jewellery  Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Diamond bridal jewellery goes with most outfits, and gives a classic and elegant look while spreading that rich and affluent atmosphere to the wedding.

  4. What are the stunning bridal jewellery designs? ❑ Kaasu Maalai  One of the most traditional types bridal jewellery, Kaasu malais are made with gold coins or small mangas strung together to make a beautifully perfect south Indian bridal necklace. They are also sometimes set with precious stones. ❑ Filigree Jewellery  Gold and silver bridal jewellery designed with filigree work give a royal feeling, and elevate the bridal outfit. These filigree jewellery sets give an exotic charm to the bride’s appearance and are a fantastic choice for trendy and elegant outfits! ❑ Antique Jewellery  Antique Jewellery pieces usually have an ethnic, old-fashioned charm with their burnished gold and copper metal finish and its subtle shine. They don’t sparkle like new jewellery, but they sure have the lure of the antique finish!

  5. What are the stunning bridal jewellery designs? ❑ Mango Mala Set  Mangas are the embodiment of Indian tradition. They are set with precious stones too and sometimes include peacocks or other symbols of Indian culture. Traditional bridal gold jewellery doesn’t get better than this! ❑ Navratna Jewellery  These jewellery sets made with nine precious stones are believed to bring good luck to those who wear it. The sheer grandeur of a necklace made with so many kinds of precious gems spiels luxury at your wedding and adds that extra glamour to the bridal attire. If you’re looking for the accessory that sets you off from the rest, look no further! ❑ Meenakari Jewellery  Originating from Persia, this form of bridal jewellery is famous for its brilliant colour. Gold designs on enamel and embedded kundan stones are specialities in meenakari jewellery to watch out for.

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