handy and effective new year resolutions n.
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Get Relief From Pain With Pain Management Henderson PowerPoint Presentation
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Get Relief From Pain With Pain Management Henderson

Get Relief From Pain With Pain Management Henderson

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Get Relief From Pain With Pain Management Henderson

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  1. Handy And Effective New Year Resolutions To Relieve Back Pain

  2. New Year resolutions are generally made to break. Common reasons of it happening include lack of motivation, lack of commitment and willingness. Changes are often not supported by individuals as they ask us to drag ourselves from the comfort zone.  But what if they are easy, scalable and get back to you in your comfort zone. The fraternity of Pain management Greenville advocates dedicating yourself to these real time resolutions.

  3. WALK AS MUCH AS YOU CAN Make walking your inseparable habit. This low aerobic exercise helps a healthy circulation. Inflammation gets reduced considerably and your muscles get strengthened. It will be wise to invest in good walking shoes. If it pains when you walk, take help of cane. In more serious condition of back pain person can switch to treadmill as the cushion on this platform makes it easier.   It should be less jarring on your spine, if this also not work well start walking in warm water. Water allows your spine to relax as it takes off the pressure from your spine. Try to inculcate walking for 30 minutes at least 4 times in a week.

  4. TURN OFF ELECTRONIC GADGETS IN SLEEPING HOURS Now it may sound a bit irrelevant and lost suggestion. But if you trust medics who master pain management Henderson there is a direct and deep connection between sleep deprivation and chronic pain you would be suffering.  Patients suffering chronic back pain often are found not taking enough and sound sleeping hours. You better keep your bedrooms reserved for sleeping. Having televisions, laptops, mobile phones and other electronic items distract you when your body needs rest. 

  5. QUIT SMOKING AND RESIST  It is often registered that the smokers experience more pain than non-smokers. You should set a date to quit smoking from and stick to it. If you cannot accomplish this alone ask your friends and relatives to support you in accomplishing the same. You can also have online support of the people taking up the same journey. It will help you relate and share the common problems. It works if you want it to. Originally published on -

  6. DON’T SIT FOR LONG Sitting less is the key to a healthy spinal health. Even if your work demands you to dig into laptop screen for hours, do manage to stand up every hour to relax your backbone and come back in the normal posture.  It relieves your neck and back pain both. Take small breaks from work. If your company allows you should switch from traditional desk to standing desk. Have you ever seen such promising resolutions that are easy on you?

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