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Knowing About Herniated Disc And Its Treatment PowerPoint Presentation
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Knowing About Herniated Disc And Its Treatment

Knowing About Herniated Disc And Its Treatment

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Knowing About Herniated Disc And Its Treatment

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  1. Knowing About Herniated Disc And Its Treatment

  2. Herniated discs are supple and rubbery pads which are placed between the bony vertebrae. It makes the back to bend easily absorbing the shock. It is composed of a thick ring of cartilage filled with a gel known as nucleus. When there is any defect in the cartilage, the nucleus is prone to breakage. If this happens, the nucleus protrudes and creates pressure on the nerves.

  3. The Causes of Herniated Disc The gradual wear and tear is the major reason behind disk herniation. With the increased age, spinal disks lose their water content which makes them feel less flexible and prone to rupture or tear even with a minor twist or strain.

  4. Other potential reason is lifting heavy or big objects using back muscles also leads to this trouble. Moreover, it can also depend on fall or blow to the back. Low back pain treatment has become very common. Though some doctors ask for surgery, however, it is best to go for non-surgical methods and live a better and healthier lifestyle.

  5. Different Risk Factors The major reason behind the risk of herniated disk is as below: Weight: heavy weight can create more stress on the lower back’s disk. Occupation: there are people who are into different occupation, which involved lifting, pushing of heavy objects. Even twisting, pulling, etc can also increase the chances of herniated disk. Genetic: some of the people inherit it from their parents.

  6. Treatment Patients with back pain problems are asked to take rest and avoid any step to injure the disc. Different types of surgical approaches are offered at herniated disc treatment Cary to soothe the pain of a patient. Pain interventional management is a great approach towards a healthy lifestyle.