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  1. EGYPT

  2. Writing and art went hand and hand using “hieroglyphics” to express feelings and stories.

  3. Hieroglyphics are symbols that represent letters Egypt would be written as: E G Y P T

  4. Egyptian Trades

  5. Jewelry Workshops Craftsman made necklaces, bracelets, collars, earrings, and more from gold stones and glass

  6. Jewelry was made with many different rows of colorful beads were very popular in Egypt. Wealthy men and women would wear them to parties and special occasions.

  7. Tools they used... Papyrus string     Egyptians strung beads onto the strong fibers from papyrus plants to make necklaces. Blow pipe Egyptians needed to have hot fires in order to melt metal. They used a blow pipe to make the fire hotter. Polishing block Egyptians used blocks of wood for smoothing and polishing beads.

  8. Bow Drill The bow drill was used for making holes in beads. It had two parts. The first part was a straight piece of reed or stick of wood with a sharp flint tip on the end. The second part was a bow-shaped reed or piece of wood. Making a hole in a bead was a tricky process. The sharp tip of the stick was placed in the middle of a bead, and the bow was moved back and forth around the stick to make it turn. The turning action made the tip of the stick drill a hole into the bead.

  9. Carpenter's Workshop

  10. Made of... Wood The ancient Egyptians made furniture out of wood even though wood was not very common in their country. They often used special woods like ebony and cedar to make furniture for the pharaoh and wealthy people.

  11. Tools they used... Adze One of the most common tools used by carpenters in ancient Egypt was the adze. The adze was made of a metal blade attached to a wooden handle. It was used to hack small pieces of wood off larger blocks, and to shape objects Saw One of the most common tools used by the ancient Egyptians was the saw. Craftsmen used saws for cutting wood into blocks or lengths.