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  1. SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL 2010 Isle of Man TT May 29th- June 11th 2010 Isle of Man (Located in the Irish Sea between Ireland and Great Britain) Isle of Man Department of Tourism and Leisure, IOM TT Team, 2nd Floor, St. Andrew's House, Finch Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 2PX

  2. Who We Are: A Pro Level U.S. based Motorcycle Road Race Team that has been formed to represent the United States in the longest running and most famous Racing Event in the world: The Isle of Man TT. 3-Time ASRA National Endurance Champion Scott Harwood is the Team Rider. Support Staff includes 4 race bike technicians, 2 suspension engineers, and office management in both the USA and Great Britain. Intention: Successful competition in the 2010 International Isle of Man TT Road Race Event while partnering with CBS’s 60 Minutes to bring the entire journey to 18 million primetime US viewers for the first time in United States media history. This intention will broaden brand name awareness of all affiliated companies and organizations by offering an unprecedented level of media exposure. Furthermore it is designed to attract and appeal to primetime network viewers that take active roles in supporting industry related products and services through Worldwide purchasing and sales. Targeting Groups and Demographic: • 40% Caucasian, 35% African American, 25% Hispanic • 40K+Annual Salary • Age Group of 25-45

  3. Event Overview: Location: Isle of Man Date: May 29th- June 11th, 2010 Time: Full schedule at: Expected attendance: 40,000 at race venue North One Television: 1 Billion viewers in over 100 countries. CBS/ 60 Minutes: 18 Million U.S. Primetime viewers, with story focused on Team. Live radio audience: 60,000 Live Online audience: Up to half a million. The Event will begin with TT Qualifying Saturday May 29th through Friday June 4th in the early evening hours each day. Superbike Race & Sidecar Race 1 will set off on Saturday June 5th. Superstock Race & Supersport Race 1 will be held Monday June 7th. Supersport Race 2 & Sidecar Race 2 will line up to race Wednesday June 10th. The Finale of the 2 week event will see a Parade Lap & Senior TT Race Friday June 11th. While the busy schedule of Qualifying and Racing is unfolding, the Isle of Man TT Festival is also taking place. The festival brings music, comedy, and motorsport exhibitions to everyone in attendance over the two weeks, and offers many opportunities for interviews and fan interaction for the Racers and Teams.

  4. Incentive: The main incentive for our partnering sponsors is direct awareness, exposure, and successful use of the sponsors product on a World stage with both National and International media benefits. Target groups of consumers and businesses will identify with sponsor products/branding and- in turn- statistically buy more of said products they have identified with. “Win on Sunday, Buy on Monday” has never been more true to this point. Branding is to include: • Sponsor logos on Team Go-Scooter-Go race bike(s). • Sponsor logo on Rider and Pit Crew Team shirts. • Sponsor logo on Team haulers and relative support equipment. • Sponsor logo and information listed on Team website, FURTHER INCENTIVES ABOVE AND BEYOND THOSE LISTED ABOVE WILL BE OFFERED BASED ON THE LEVEL OF SUPPORT OUTLINED IN THE ‘REQUEST’ SECTION OF THIS PROPOSAL.

  5. Request: We are seeking both product and monetary contributions, as outlined below: • Tier 1 Product: Definition: Sponsor products and/or services contributed to Team Go-Scooter-Go at a negotiated reduced pricing structure. • Tiered Incentive: As the base level of support, this Tier includes Branding incentives outlined in the previous ‘Incentive’ section of this proposal. • Tier 2 Product: Definition: Sponsor products and/or services contributed to Team Go-Scooter-Go free of charge. • Tiered Incentive: In addition to all Branding incentives outlined in the ‘Incentive’ section of this proposal, the following are also provided: • Sponsor logo and detailed company information on Official Press Release that announces partnering agreement. • Logos, website links, and images on email marketing and various ad campaigns with our media affiliates. • Weekly brand name promotional mention on both Twitter and Facebook Social Media Outlets, until the start of the event May 29, 2010. • Post-race sponsor mention from podium, if position finished is 3rd or better.

  6. Tier 3 Monetary: Definition: Negotiable USD monetary contribution to Team Go-Scooter-Go. • Tiered Incentive: In addition to all previous Branding Incentives and lower Tiered Incentives outlined in this proposal, Team Go-Scooter–Go looks forward to negotiating a custom incentive package commensurate with the sponsor’s contribution and brand marketing goals. • With this in mind, Team Go-Scooter-Go can offer everything from enhanced media coverage, on-site promotional appearances and advertising, to a fantastic opportunity to travel with the team and be a part of the action trackside at the Isle of man TT itself! Be a part of History!! JOIN THE TEAM!!!

  7. Team Contact Information Team Go-Scooter-Go Racing Scott Harwood, Team Rider ________________ 400 North Coronado St. #2096 Chandler, AZ 85224 ________________ U.S. Headquarters Telephone 602-820-8161 ________________