tour thailand the historical city of ayutthaya n.
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Tour Thailand The Historical City of Ayutthaya PowerPoint Presentation
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Tour Thailand The Historical City of Ayutthaya

Tour Thailand The Historical City of Ayutthaya

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Tour Thailand The Historical City of Ayutthaya

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  1. Tour ThailandThe Historical City of Ayutthaya Bernadette Coates

  2. Historical Overview • Ayutthaya, located across the river from Bangkok. • Founded in 1350ce • Second Siamese capital after Sukhuthai • Founder is King Ramathibody • In the 18th century , it was attacked by the Burmese. Now all that remains are the remains of this once magnificent city.

  3. Map of Ayutthaya

  4. Attractions • Wai Chai Wattanaram This was once a monastery that is located in Chao Phraya River. • At this river, there is a long-tailed boat, so tourists may travel along the river

  5. Attractions • Wat Pha Sri Sanphet One of the most luxurious sights in Ayutthaya. It is located in the grand palace compound of Bangkok. • Was once a monestary, then turned residnetal place for King Borom. • Now this royal chapel is no longer in use

  6. Attractions • Wat Racha Burana This significant monastery was once a royal chapel. It is located near the Pa Than Bridge, which is opposite Wat Mahathat. • On this ground, there was a famous battle sight, where the king road on an elephant’s back, where he was later killed in this site.

  7. Where to Stay • Some Tourists like to stay in Hotels, some Hotels that are availble in Ayutthaya are: • Ayothaya Riverside House • Bann Kun-Pra Guest House • Other tourists who wish to experience Thailand in a different fashion may which to stay in a hostel, a very popular hostel is: • Ayurrhaya Place Youth Hostel

  8. Thai noodles Also known as Kway Tiaw This dish is mixed with an arrangement of flavors and spices. Some ingredients include lemon, eggs, soy-bean etc. Fried rice Also known as khao pat This dish is prepared as a stir-fry. Many things can be added to this, such as lime juice and peanuts. What to Eat

  9. When to Travel • March, the weather in central/eastern Thailand is the hottest. This lasts until November. • North/Northeastern Thailand is the colder part. The weather is dry and cool. • Southern Thailand, between November and April is the best time to travel. These months avoid the monsoon season.

  10. Flights to Thailand

  11. Rental Cars • After getting off the plane in Bangkok, you have several options for rental cars to Ayutthaya. • Cars available are: • Avis Economy Car • Avis Compact Car • Avis Midsize Car • Avis Full Size Car

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