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download Adobe 9A0-384 Exam Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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download Adobe 9A0-384 Exam Questions

download Adobe 9A0-384 Exam Questions

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download Adobe 9A0-384 Exam Questions

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  1. 9A0-384 Adobe Experience Manager 6 Developer

  2. ABOUT ADOBE CERTIFIED EXPERT EXAMS To be an Adobe Certified Expert is to demonstrate expertise in helping clients realize value in an Adobe solutions. Adobe's Certification exams follow industry-accepted procedures to ensure validity and reliability. We work with industry experts to create our exams, which represent real-world requirements and objectives for the job roles we certify. This guide is designed to provide the recommendations needed to prepare for your Adobe Certified Expert exam, and help you determine when you are ready to take the exam. It will outline theknowledge and skills required of a "minimally qualified candidate" for a specific job role, which will be evaluated in the exam. Adobe exams include unscored items that allow for collection of performance data. These questions are not calculated in your final results. Unscored items are randomly placed in the exam with sufficient time calculated to complete the entire exam.

  3. HOW IS THE ADOBE EXPERIENCE MANAGER 6 DEVELOPER EXAM STRUCTURED? Our exams are delivered worldwide by PearsonVUE. How is the Adobe Experience Manager 6 Developer Exam Structured? How Do I Register for the Exam? Exam name: Adobe Experience Manager 6 Developer Exam number: 9A0-384 Exam cost: $180 (US Dollars) Number of questions: 56 Time limit: 100 minutes Passing score: 62%

  4. ADOBE EXPERIENCE MANAGER CERTIFICATION PLAN Get Started Business Plus Partners - Please contact your Partner Account Manager or Quarterback before proceeding. Thoroughly review the exam guides to determine which exam best matches your skill set. Use the key tested areas as indicators of whether your role matches what is being assessed. You can also use the guide to define knowledge gaps and plan your training and preparation. Training Review the recommended courses included here and in the exam guides. To register, visit the Adobe Training Services website or select the links provided to the right Practical Experience It is recommended that you apply your training to on-the- job experience for at least 12 months

  5. TO REGISTER FOR THE EXAM AT A PEARSON VUE TESTING CENTER 1. Visit Adobe’s landing page on the Pearson VUE website. 2. Sign in with your Pearson VUE account, or select "Create an Account" if you are new to PearsonVUE. 3. Select "View Exams" 4. Find and select your desired exam 5. Click on the Schedule this Exam button 6. Select "Schedule this Exam" 7. Choose a date and time for your exam 8. Click on Proceed to Checkout 9. Review and click the checkbox to agree to the exam policies, then clickNext 10. Choose your method of payment. If you have a voucher or promotion code, Click on the Add Voucher or Promo Code and enter the voucher number into the text box and click Apply

  6. WHAT TOPICS ARE COVERED ON THE ADOBE EXPERIENCE MANAGER 6 DEVELOPER EXAM? The tasks measured on the exam are grouped into the followingdomains:  Installing and configuring an AEM developer environment  Building and deploying AEM projects  Building AEM components  Building OSGi services  Troubleshooting AEM projects Within each domain, there are specific tasks that you should be able to perform as an Adobe Experience ManagerDeveloper:  Installing and configuring an AEM develop environment You should be able to install AEM on supported operating systems and with different run modes (Author and Publish). You should be able to start AEM in debug mode for remote debugging.You should be able to setup and configure replication agents and a Web server. You should be able to setup and manage OSGi configurations. You should also be able to manager users, groups, andAccess Control Level (ACL) permissions  Building and deploying AEM projects You should be able to configure a source control system that can be used to manage files in AEM.You should also be able to deploy AEM projects by using Maven.  Building AEM components You should be able to create custom components and dialogs; you should also be able tocreate templates and page components. You should be able to create client libraries and also extendout-ofthe-box AEM components.  Building OSGi services You should be able to create custom OSGi services, and create and manage customOSGi configurations; configure and manage OSGi services and bundles by using the Felix web console. You should also be able to manage Mavendependencies.

  7. DISTRIBUTION OF CONTENT COVERED ON THE EXAM The questions on the exam are distributed as follows for each domain. (Note: each question carries the same weight and there is no partial credit for any question) The Adobe Experience Manager Developer Job Role This exam is designed for individuals who are currently performing or have previous work experience with the job responsibilities of an Adobe Experience Manager Developer.

  8. THE MINIMALLY QUALIFIED CANDIDATE To pass the exam, you must possess the minimum level of knowledge, skills, and abilities required ofan Adobe Experience Manager Developer, which are outlined below. As an Adobe Experience Manager Developer you should be able to perform the following tasks without any assistance:  Translate AEM User Stories into implementation approach  Create OSGi services and servelets using an IDE with Maven  Configure OSGi services by using the Web console  Manage OSGi configurations within the CRX repository  Create AEM templates and page components with custom dialogs  Create AEM custom components with dialogs  Setup clients libs  Setup a developer author instance  Setup a developer publish instance  Build and manage CRX packages  Import and export code from a JCR to a file system by using VLT  Configure AEM workflows  Troubleshoot and resolve issues with local environment You should also be familiar with various flavors of UNIX (LINUX, Solaris), Windows Server, and industrystandard Web browsers

  9. TRAINING FOR ADOBE PARTNERS Partners at the Business Level and above are eligible to receive additional training through Adobe Partner Enablement. To access these courses, you will need to log into the Adobe Partner Training Center with your personal log‐in. For more information about the Adobe Partner Training Center and instructions on how to access the training courses, refer to the Solution Partner Portal. Training Courses Available to the Public The following includes courses are relevant to the Adobe Experience Manager Developer jobrole. Compare the course descriptions to your current knowledge and skill level to determine which courses are best for you. You can find a complete list of all Adobe AEM training here.

  10. HOW DO I KNOW IF I AM READY TO TAKE THE EXAM? Nothing can guarantee that you will pass your test, however; the more practical work experience you have and the more training you complete, the better your chances are to pass the test. Use the self assessment preparation worksheet (below) to evaluate your level of readiness. On-the-Job Experience Since Adobe exams measure knowledge and skills for a specific job role, one of the best ways to prepare for the exam is to ensure you have the minimum work experience, as described in this guide.

  11. Adobe Adobe Exam 9A0 Exam 9A0- -384 384 Adobe Experience Manager 6 Developer Exam Adobe Experience Manager 6 Developer Exam Version: Demo Version: Demo

  12. ADOBE 9A0 ADOBE 9A0- -384 PRACTICE TEST 384 PRACTICE TEST Question No : 1 In a typical author, publish and dispatcher setup,where is the dispatcher flush configured? A. In the author instance. B. In the publish instance. C. In the dispatcher module. D. At the webserver level. Answer : A

  13. ADOBE 9A0 ADOBE 9A0- -384 PRACTICE TEST 384 PRACTICE TEST Question No : 2 Which jar name can NOT be used to install an AEM publish instance? A. aem-publish-p4503, jar B. cq5-publish-4505, jar C. cq5-publish-4503, jar D. cq5-publish_4503, jar Answer : C

  14. ADOBE 9A0 ADOBE 9A0- -384 PRACTICE TEST 384 PRACTICE TEST Question No : 3 How do you specify the dependency of Junit with any version greater than or equal to 3.8? A. Exhibit A B. Exhibit B C. Exhibit C D. Exhibit D Answer : B

  15. ADOBE 9A0 ADOBE 9A0- -384 PRACTICE TEST 384 PRACTICE TEST Question No : 4 Which three statements are true when an AEM author instance is started in debug mode? (Choose three.) A. When AEM starts in debug mode, it does not force JVM to fork a separate process. B. AEMstarts with -Xdebug option (e.g;java -Xdebug -Xnoagent -Djava.compiler=NONE Xmnjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n/address=30303–jaraem6~autborp4502). C. AEM starts with an option -debug (e.g; Java -jaraem6-author-p4502 -debug 30303) from command line. D. When AEM starts in debug mode, it forces JVM to fork a process. Answer : A,C,D

  16. ADOBE 9A0 ADOBE 9A0- -384 PRACTICE TEST 384 PRACTICE TEST Question No : 5 You add " in and start the instance using the command "java -jar aem-6-p4502.jar -r author". In which mode will the instance start? A. Both author and publish. B. Author C. Publish D. Due to conflict in the run modes, AEM will not start. Answer : C

  17. ADOBE 9A0 ADOBE 9A0- -384 PRACTICE TEST 384 PRACTICE TEST Question No : 6 Which log file in <cq-installation-dir>/crx-quickstrat/logs should you look at to see logging messages indicating events during startup? A. Audit.log B. Error.log C. Stdout.log D. Stderr.log Answer : C

  18. ADOBE 9A0 ADOBE 9A0- -384 PRACTICE TEST 384 PRACTICE TEST Question No : 7 Which command would you enter in your CQ Component script to get the template path of an AEM page in publish instance? A. Properties-get("cq:temp|ate"/-); B. Page.getTemplate(); C. Page.getTemplate().getPath(); D. resource.getTemplate.getPath(); Answer : B

  19. ADOBE 9A0 ADOBE 9A0- -384 PRACTICE TEST 384 PRACTICE TEST Question No : 8 Using the default Dispatcher configuration, which type of URL will have a response cached by the Dispatcher? A. URL denied by the /cache sections in dispatcher.any file. B. URL without a file extension. C. URL with query parameters. D. URL with an extension in its suffix. Answer : A

  20. ADOBE 9A0 ADOBE 9A0- -384 PRACTICE TEST 384 PRACTICE TEST Question No : 9 Which three best practice statements are true regarding permissions and privileges? (Choose three). A. Access rights should not be assigned on a user-by-user basis. B. Use deny statements to specify the access rights of a group of users. C. After installation, update the passwords for the default users to prevent security breaches. D. Use a test installation to ensure correct relationships between Users and Groups, Answer : A,B,D

  21. ADOBE 9A0 ADOBE 9A0- -384 PRACTICE TEST 384 PRACTICE TEST Question No : 10 Which property should be used to find the repository where the configuration changes made in the Web Console are saved? A. Persistent Identity (PID) B. Reference Repository C. D. Answer : A

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