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Mrs. Debbie Plenn Kyrene del Cielo PowerPoint Presentation
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Mrs. Debbie Plenn Kyrene del Cielo

Mrs. Debbie Plenn Kyrene del Cielo

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Mrs. Debbie Plenn Kyrene del Cielo

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  1. Welcome to 3rd GradeCurriculum Night Mrs. Debbie Plenn Kyrene del Cielo

  2. Mrs. Plenn • 13 years of teaching experience • Background in grades 1-3 and Special Education • Married and has 3 children • Arizona native, attended NAU

  3. Firebird Pride • Do the Right Thing! • Respect • Responsibility • Safety • Kindness • Cooperation • Integrity

  4. Cielo Expectations In conjunction with our district-wide PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) program which promotes a positive climate for our school, there are specific expectations in place for our classroom.  The behavior management plan for our classroom emphasizes the importance of making good choices.  The plan promotes positive behavior and encourages students to self-monitor their choices to ensure that they are respectful, responsible, safe, and ready to learn.  We have a clip chart in our classroom and each student has a clothespin labeled with his/her name.  All students will start each day clipped to the center of the chart labeled Ready to Learn.  During the course of the day, students have the opportunity to “clip up” or “clip down” the chart based on their behavioral choices.  Positive behavior choices allow the student to move up into categories such as Showing PRIDE or Role Model, while inappropriate behavior choices require the student to move down through Think About It, Slow Down or Contact Home.  Displaying appropriate behavior is essential in our classroom.  The clip chart allows students to be acknowledged for positive behavior, and provides a sense of accomplishment for students who are able to “clip up”.  It also allows students who have “clipped down” an opportunity to “clip back up” during the day, thus they continue to stay motivated to improve.  You may choose to further reinforce this system at home with your own incentives and consequences. This will show children that you value their behavior and that their actions at school are important to promote success and learning.  Your child will color on their weekly progress report.  This immediate feedback will show you what color he/she ended up on for the day.  I will contact you if necessary regarding major incidents which required your child to clip down, but I appreciate your understanding that it will not be possible for me to contact you for every clip down that occurs. Clipping down from time to time is to be expected and can be an important learning opportunity for your child.

  5. Third Grade Arizona College and Career Ready Standards Language Arts

  6. Students who are college and career ready in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language will: • reada variety of genres for literary appreciation and content understanding, including non-fiction, fiction, poetry, folktales, fables and myths • comprehend as well as critique • value evidence • increase understanding of phonics, vocabulary, and conventions of language • respond to the varying demands of audience and purpose • come to understand other perspectives and cultures • use technology and digital media capably to communicate

  7. Major Writing Goals • Writing opinion/argument pieces • Adding supporting details • Using rich language • Use paragraphs • Making writing a pleasure to read aloud • Editing and Revising

  8. Major Third Grade Math • Place Value to 100,000 • Fractions • Money • Time to the minute • Fact fluency • Add/ Subtract four digit numbers

  9. More Third Grade Math • Problem solving • Multiplication/Division • Bar/line graphs • Number patterns • Equations with unknowns • Discrete Math • 3 dimensional shapes • Measurement

  10. Please work with your child to help him/her learn multiplication facts! Knowing these facts fluently is CRITICAL to 3rd grade success! Multiplication facts?YES!

  11. Science • Scientific process/Inquiry • Light & Sound • Rocks & Minerals • Erosion & Weathering • Plants & Living Things • Ecology

  12. Social Studies Focus on “Communities” Units: *What defines a community; how communities develop * How communities change over time * Ancient communities – Greece, Rome * Our country’s history, citizens, cultures * Early world explorers * Physical geography; mapping * Economics

  13. Health Life Management Skills Nutrition Safe Environment and Injury Prevention Substance Abuse Prevention Community Health Resources Disease Prevention and Control Personal Health and Hygiene Family Health

  14. Technology Develop essential technology skills ~ • Perform basic computer operations • Develop keyboarding skills • Create documents with software applications, including Word, PowerPoint, Google, Pixie, and more! • Use technology to demonstrate learning in other content areas.

  15. Grading • Proficient – Consistently uses a skill, shows mastery of content. • Developing – Use of a skill emerging, on the way to mastery. • Area of concern – Experiencing significant difficulty in an area.

  16. Homework • Main purpose is to provide practice of skills and develop the responsibility of completing work at home and returning it on time. • Homework checked for completion and effort. • Parents are asked to check homework at home for accuracy, and to help correct errors immediately. • Please let me know if your child is having difficulty with any of the work assigned as homework. • Homework is due on Friday. Spelling tests are on Friday. • Students should read for at least 75 minutes a week.

  17. Classroom Management Positives  Class marble parties, table points, Firebird Pride Tickets Firebird Pride school–wide incentives Consequences  Verbal warning, Loss of Recess or Fun Friday Please review and sign Progress Reports each Friday.

  18. Communication • Please stay in contact through • Email, Phone 480-541-2529 • Please check your child’s binder each night for homework, fliers, returned work, etc. • Students should bring their binder to school everyday.

  19. Birthdays • To preserve instruction time and avoid comparisons of treats brought in, parents are asked not to bring in birthday treats. • Also, unless the entire class is invited to a celebration, please do not bring invitations to be passed out at school.

  20. Other Info • If you haven’t already and would like to, please sign up for our CLASS DIRECTORY. You will receive a copy. • TRANSPORTATION- If there is ever a change in your normal transportation routine, please email me. If the change comes during the school day, please call and have the secretary contact our classroom.

  21. Schedule • Monday – Music • Tuesday - Library • Wednesday – P.E. (wear tennis shoes) • Thursday – Art • Friday – Computer Lab

  22. Healthy Kids • Snack each day – Please make it healthy. (yogurt tube, fruit, veggies, crackers) • Please put the snack in the child’s backpack each day. It is too hard to get the snack out of the lunch boxes. • Water bottles to sip on during the day. (water only)

  23. Volunteers • I’m looking for some volunteers. • Party Coordinator/Volunteers • Math games volunteer • Writer’s Workshop volunteer • Book order coordinator • Material prep volunteers

  24. Thank You! • Thank you for all of the wonderful supplies! I appreciate your generosity! • Thank you for attending Curriculum Night. I look forward to great school year!