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Funded ICT Programmes & Qualifications 2008/09 PowerPoint Presentation
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Funded ICT Programmes & Qualifications 2008/09

Funded ICT Programmes & Qualifications 2008/09

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Funded ICT Programmes & Qualifications 2008/09

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  1. Funded ICT Programmes & Qualifications 2008/09 Fundedby Learning & Skills Council via Devon Adult Community Learning

  2. Funded Programmes available We are pleased to announce that we have the following funded ICT Learning programmes available as of October 2008: ECDL Essentials (Part 1) ECDL Extra (Part 2) E-type touch typing

  3. ECDL Essentials & Extra

  4. What is ECDL? European Computer Driving Licence • A modular learning programme that can enhance your computing skills • An internationally recognised qualification also referred to as ICDL • Regulated in the UK by British Computer Society • Adopted by Teignbridge District Council and Partners as the benchmark for ICT skills

  5. ECDL Essentials Modules Mod 1: Basic Concepts of IT (Theory) Mod 2: Using the Computer & Managing Files (Windows) Mod 7: Information & Communication (Internet and E-mail)

  6. ECDL Extra Modules Mod 3: Word Processing (MS Word) Mod 4: Spreadsheets (MS Excel) Mod 5: Database (MS Access) Mod 6: Presentation (MS PowerPoint) Unit E: Using IT

  7. ECDL Essentials ECDL Extra BCS Registration & Logbook BCS Registration NOT Logbook 3 tests 5 tests Online Learning Manuals Online Learning Manuals Mentoring Administration Mentoring Administration The Programme

  8. Methods of Learningfor ECDL Essentials & Extra Included within Funding: • E Learning • Manuals + exercises • Support Additional: • Tutor led training (Scheduled courses)

  9. Time limits - ECDL Each of the funded learning programmes have time limits for completion ECDL Essentials 8 months ECDL Extra 10 months

  10. ECDL Exams • Held in IT Training Room, Old Forde House • Dates on our website • Book when you are ready • Online exams; one exam per module • Result given at end of each exam

  11. E-type Touch Typing

  12. What is E-type? • E-Learning programme that teaches you how to touch type • Programme is stored on memory stick so it can be used on most PC’s • Nationally accredited qualification • 10 Lessons; building your skills from basics to Advanced level • Enables you to monitor your progress You can become an accomplished typist!

  13. E-type Qualification Accuracy rate required is 98%

  14. E-type - Benefits • Learn correct hand and wrist positioning prevents overstrain • Eventual increase of speed and accuracy • Improve your data quality - accuracy rate required is 98% • Obtain a recognised qualification for your typing skills

  15. Time Limits for E-type As with the other funded programmes, you have a time limit, which in this case is to the completion of your first test 6 months Note: If you achieve Bronze or Silver, the funded programme will be complete but you will then have up to 3 years (from your start date) to try for your Gold award

  16. E-type Tests • Book your test when you are ready • Tests are held in the IT Training room, Old Forde House • There is a 2 minute warm up prior to the test • The test takes 5 minutes • At the end, your result is shown • You can take a maximum of 3 tests

  17. Learning Journal • You are required to plan your learning throughout the funded programme • For this you will have access to a Learning Journal • Planning considerations: • What do you need to achieve in the time frame? • Are there existing commitments to balance? • How much time is available for study? • What milestones/goals could you set to help you get there? For example: pre-book study sessions and exam dates

  18. Maintain Regular Contact • Contact can be made via: • Your Learning Journal; during a learning event or study session; by email, phone or in person • Contact us: • When you need further assistance with your learning • If you have any queries, and concerns • If there is anything that you need to discuss regarding your learning process • If you are unable to continue your study

  19. Early Leavers • We are required to remove students from the programmes as Early Leavers where: • If you leave a Learning Programme, either by choice or due to unforeseen circumstances • Where there has been no contact for ONE month • Contact can be made via the Learning Journal, via a learning event/study session, email, phone or in person.

  20. Our Recommendations • Be realistic when planning your learning • Book tests ahead and use as goals • Stay in regular contact and discuss concerns

  21. To sign up…

  22. Step 1 • Contact the ICT Training Team to see whether you are eligible for funding • Download the application form on the Web page • Complete and bring in to the ICT Training team • Old Forde House, Brunel Road, Newton Abbot (01626 215186) • We will then discuss your learning plan • Ask you to sign the funding form

  23. Step 2 • We will provide you with your start date • Send out your learning resources e.g. manuals, Etype Memory stick • Email your user ID, password and web address for our Online Learning Centre

  24. Step 3 • Your next step is to access our Online Learning Centre where you will: • access your learning journal and start to plan your learning • This will need to be regularly updated throughout your learning programme • access your ELearning account • find additional learning resources and sample tests

  25. Thank you for taking the time to review this learning opportunity and we look forward to hearing from you