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How to Create a Data CD PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Create a Data CD

How to Create a Data CD

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How to Create a Data CD

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  1. How to Create a Data CD You can store your files on a CD We call this a Data CD because it is storing your data or files.

  2. Why use a CD instead of a Floppy disk? CDs hold a lot more information than Floppies and they are inexpensive. 1 floppy holds 1.4MB (1,400 K) 1 CD holds 700 MB (700,000 K) A CD holds less than a Gig (1,000,000 K)

  3. Chart of File Sizes CD Floppy

  4. Cost of file Storage CDs are an inexpensive storage media.

  5. Where can I get a blank CD? • Order them from the warehouse • Buy them at stores such as Wal-mart, Staples, Circuit City Price varies from $.50 to $1.50 depending upon the quantity purchased.

  6. Can I Make a CD using My own computer? • Probably Not! • Your computer probably has a regular CD Rom drive. It lets you PLAY CDs but it will not CREATE CDs. • You need to find a computer that has a CD WRITER also called a CD BURNER. This is a special CD drive that Plays and creates CDs.

  7. Where Can I Find a CD Burner? Go to the Computer Lab At Central Office Or School Library Use the Multimedia Computer Station in the back of Central Training Lab.

  8. Start your CD: Login as yourself Login with your real username and password if you want to be able to find your H: and or G: drives

  9. Insert a Blank CD Press button to open and close Top CD drive is the Burner. Place blank CD in tray

  10. Start the CD Software Double click the Recorder Gold Icon

  11. Close the Wizard Dialog Box Click Close

  12. Find your Files Click + beside My computer Click + beside Your G: drive Drag your folders Here and Drop

  13. Continue to Find and Drag as many folders as you want…. Drag another folder and drop

  14. Circle Graph Shows red as CD is filled….

  15. Click “Record” to start Making the CD 16X You may need to reduce the speed from 32x to 16x. Look at the case of the cd that you purchased. Click Ok

  16. Finish your CD • Wait while the CD writes • When finished writing remove your CD from the tray, close the CD software, logout. • Write on top of CD with Permanent marker. We use “sharpies”. Available from the warehouse. Don’t mark the bottom.

  17. That’s all folks! Log off the computer and take your CD back to your desk with you. Once you learn…help a friend. I will be glad to help if I am available. Dawn Schaeffer, 7253, Return to Home Page Trouble shooting Handout available in Adobe Acrobat

  18. Trouble Shooting • VERY LONG filenames. You will get an error if you have extremely long file names. Rename the files with shorter names. • Don’t try to copy OPEN files to the CD. Make sure you close all files at your desk and that other co-workers do not have the files open at their desks. Return to Home Page