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LAKE TRAVIS ELEMENTARY PTA General Meeting Tuesday, January 12, 2010 Lake Travis Elementary School Call to Order - 6:00 p.m. MEETING AGENDA. Welcome – Pam Lawrence Call to Order – Pam Lawrence Confirmation of Quorum – Elena Reid Pledge of Allegiance – Pam Lawrence

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  1. LAKE TRAVIS ELEMENTARY PTAGeneral MeetingTuesday, January 12, 2010Lake Travis Elementary SchoolCall to Order - 6:00 p.m. LTE General PTA Meeting

  2. MEETING AGENDA • Welcome – Pam Lawrence • Call to Order – Pam Lawrence • Confirmation of Quorum – Elena Reid • Pledge of Allegiance – Pam Lawrence • Acceptance of Minutes from December 8, 2009 – Shannon Eklund • Report of the Treasurer – Jeff Linn • Report of the Executive Board – Pam Lawrence • Report of the Vice Presidents • Membership – Elena Reid • Fundraising – Kendal Fowler • Report of Standing Committees - Committee Chairpersons • Principals Report – Karen Miller-Kopp • Programs – Annette Mondro • Announcements – Pam Lawrence • Adjournment – Pam Lawrence LTE General PTA Meeting

  3. ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES- Shannon Eklund, Secretary • Minutes of LTE PTA General Meeting • December 8th - hard copy here and on-line • Motion • Motion required to approve the minutes of the Lake Travis Elementary PTA meeting held on December 8, 2009. • Second • Questions/Discussion • Vote • All minutes are being posted on the web at www.ltepta.txpta.org for review. LTE General PTA Meeting

  4. TREASURER’s Report – Jeff Linn Financial Summary – 01 Jan, Q3 FY 2009 - 2010 • Q1: 01 Jul 2009 initial balance $ 31,400 • Q1 Grant $ 2,800 Expense $ 5,800 Income $ 11,400 • Q1: 30 Sep 2009 ending balance $ 37,400 • Oct Grant $ 1,100 Expense $ 4,400 Income $ 16,800 • Nov Grant $ 3,500 Expense $ 8,500 Income $ 4,000 • Dec Grant $ 1,600 Expense $ 1,700 Income $ 3,600 • Q2: 31 Dec 2009 ending balance $ 47,300 • Funds Allocated, pending Disbursement • EPI Catalog Sale & SchStore Inventory. $ 6,500 • Mini-grants, approved, unfunded $ 2,000 • Field Trips (1st, 2nd,, 3rd, Nov-Dec 09) $ 1,800 • Passbook Inventory $ 1,700 Available Funds = $ 35,300 LTE PTA Exec. Bd. Meeting

  5. REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD- Pam Lawrence, President • Executive Board met on December 15th with quorum present at the meeting. • Actions Taken not Requiring Further Action of PTA: • None LTE General PTA Meeting

  6. REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD- Pam Lawrence, President • Actions Requiring Approval of General PTA • Mini Grants Math Games (4th Grade) $514.05 Math Facts (4th Grade) $734.16 Total $1,248.21 Pod Cast (all students) up to $9,000.00 • Motion • Second • Questions/Discussion • Vote LTE General PTA Meeting

  7. REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD- Pam Lawrence, President • 2010 PTA Board Nominating Committee: Davina Angeli Kim De Jong Carol Johnson • Motion • Motion required to approve the above members of the nominating committee • Second • Questions/Discussion • Vote LTE General PTA Meeting

  8. REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD- Pam Lawrence, President • Per LTE PTA Bylaws: • Section 3. Nominating Committee:   a. There shall be a nominating committee elected by the general body at a regular meeting at least one (1) month prior to the election of officers. Elections shall be by plurality. The committee shall be composed of three (3) members. One (1) alternate may be elected to serve in the event a member is unable to serve. The committee shall elect its own chairman immediately following the meeting.   b. The nominating committee shall nominate an eligible person for each office to be filled and report its nominees at the regular meeting in March at which time additional nominations may be made from the floor. The report shall be publicized to the Local PTA membership through regular publicity channels at least seven (7) daysbefore the election meeting.   c. Only those persons who have signified their consent to serve if elected shall be nominated for or elected to such office.   d. No member shall automatically serve on this committee because of his office in the Local PTA or position in the school system.   e. The president does not serve as a member of this committee, nor does he appoint any member of the committee. LTE General PTA Meeting

  9. Report of Vice President, Membership- Elena Reid • Golden Apple Award – 100% of school faculty to sign up by March 15th – PLEASE SIGN UP if you have not already done so! • Spring Membership Award - 25 additional members signed up by March 15th • Individual Hero Award – any member that recruits 10 or more members! LTE General PTA Meeting

  10. REPORT OF VICE PRESIDENT, FUNDRAISING- Kendal Fowler • Chick-fil-A Spirit Night – Thursday, January 21st from 3pm-8pm • This works in the drive thru or dine in.  Remember to add your receipt to the spirit box or ask the attendant to add it for you.  Include your name and phone # on the back to win 4 free Chick-fil-A sandwiches and 4 shakes!  Last times winner was a Kindergartner from LTE!!! • Silent Auction Volunteers Needed – to solicit local business on Thursday, January 21st from 10am until noon - We NEED YOU!!  Come join the fun and go out with a friend as we map out the city and take small areas to target! LTE General PTA Meeting

  11. REPORT OF STANDING COMMITTEES • Volunteers – Erin Leon • Total volunteer hours for December: 1,670 • Year to Date Volunteer Hours: 9,570 • January Volunteers of the Month – Nicki Bower & Sonia Marrero • Staff of the Month – Laura Gault and Kim Wood • IMPORTANT: Log onto https://www.v-volunteer.com/ to log your volunteer hours or e-mail Erin Leon got3gr8kids@yahoo.com • Send Nominations for Volunteers & Staff of the Month to Erin Leon • Best Club Members – Holly Dobson, Joel Dobson, Lisa Berneburg, Pam Lawrence, Jeff Linn, Erin Leon, Elena Reid, Annette Mondro, Ashley Wade, Nicole Alexander, Shannon Blacklock, Marlene Geschke, Lynne Daize, LoAna Lopez, Sam Spradling, Bridget Noack, H. Carol Johnson & Kendal Fowler • New Best Club Members – • LTISD will have a spring drawing – 1 best club member from LTE will win a free LTISD sponsored summer camp!!! LTE General PTA Meeting

  12. REPORT OF STANDING COMMITTEES • Communications – Ashley Wade and Paloma Rodriguez • Health & Welfare – Marlene Geschke • Hospitality – Holly Dobson • Calling ALL 3rd Grade LTE Parents!!! • Friday, January 29th the PTA & 3rd Grade Parents will provide our wonderful teachers & staff “Mexican Themed” lunch. • We are looking for 3rd grade parents to help us with the main & side dishes. • Contact Holly Dobson hdobson@austin.rr.com or 512-243-7808 to help!!! • Squire Booster Club – Lisa Berneburg The school store is closed during the month of January. It will open back up on Fridays February through April. LTE General PTA Meeting

  13. REPORT OF STANDING COMMITTEES • Programs – Annette Mondro • Tonight’s Guest Speaker: • Kathleen Hassenfratz - LTISD Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator - Healthy Lifestyles Start with YOU! •  Reminder! • LTE Science Showcase & Family Pizza Night – THIS Thursday, January 14, 2010 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. • See Science "COME ALIVE" with Science Projects on display from ALL GRADES • Science Shower • Plus... Don't worry about Dinner!  Pre-order your Complete Family Pizza Supper. TONIGHT IS THE DEADLINE!!! • Pizza Supper Proceeds Benefit the 5th Grade Field Trip to SeaWorld.  • Mark your Calendars! – • 5th Annual LTE Talent Show will be held on Friday, May 21, 2010 at 6:00pm. More info to come! • Contact Annette Mondro amondro@austin.rr.com 748.6214 or Amelia Hicks hicksa@ltisdschools.org 533-6322 to serve on Talent Show Committee. LTE General PTA Meeting

  14. REPORT OF THE PRINCIPAL- Karen Miller-Kopp • St. Jude’s Math-a-thon presentation LTE General PTA Meeting

  15. ANNOUNCEMENTSANDADJOURNMENT ALL PTA MEMBERS ARE INVITED TO ATTEND!!! Texas PTA Convention – February 26th-28th in Corpus Christi www.txpta.org LTE General PTA Meeting

  16. ANNOUNCEMENTSANDADJOURNMENT • January: • 1/14 – Super Outrageous Science Day! • 1/14 - Science Fair and Family Pizza Night! • 1/17 – Football Parade of Champions! • 1/18 – Student Holiday!!! – Staff Inservice • 1/21 – Chick-fil-A Spirit Night! • 1/29 – Teacher Luncheon Sponsored by 3rd Grade! • 1/29 – January Birthday Celebrations! • 2/1 to 2/5 – National School Counselors Week! • 2/9 – PTA Meeting PTA general meeting schedule: • February 9, 2009 at 6:00pm • March 9, 2009 (Nomination of Officers) at 6:00pm • April 13, 2009 (Election of Officers) at 6:00pm • May 11, 2009 (Installation of Officers) at 6:00pm LTE General PTA Meeting

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