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  1. Effective Outreach Strategies to IT StudentsLessons Learned by BATECNational Career Pathways NetworkLouisville, KentuckyOctober 10 – 13, 2007Jibril Salaam, BATEC Higher Education Consultant Deborah Boisvert, BATEC Director

  2. THE BATEC MODEL CONCEPT: The Model Concepts are based on the K-16 Education Model and the Higher Education Access Initiatives led by the Massachusetts Department of Education to close the achievement gap MISSION: • PERSONALIZE students’ college awareness in IT education experiences • CUSTOMIZE programs to fit student and high school needs • CONNECT all levels of learning including industry • PROVIDE TOOLS & RESOURCES to create and support a sustainable system

  3. THE BATEC MODELS Model 1: Early College Outreach • Mini-Technology High School Fairs • Community College Fair • Regional Technology College Fair Model 2: Academic Assessment & Intervention • Accuplacer Pilot Program • Bridge-To-Community College Program Model 3: Technology Career Readiness • Tech Apprentice Program • BATEC Student Leaders Program

  4. EARLY COLLEGE OUTREACH MINI-TECHNOLOGY HIGH SCHOOL FAIRS: Institutionalized individual high school outreach programs designed to build more awareness of IT studies and careers while creating college access opportunities for students. The programs are held at the campuses of each of the BATEC college partners and are attended by high school seniors enrolled in IT programs. • Objective: Create more targeted recruitment efforts focused on local “feeder” technology high schools • Outcomes: Over 500 students from BATEC partner schools participated in college visits and took part in application workshops and hands technology activities (Boston Public Schools, TechPrep, And MVOTEC)

  5. EARLY COLLEGE OUTREACH COMMUNITY COLLEGE FAIR: Structured to provide information about educational pathways and opportunities offered by the region’s Community Colleges for seniors who have not yet finalized their college plans. • Objective: Connect Community College Partners with undecided high school seniors • Outcomes: Over 300 undecided seniors interacted with 6 Regional Community Colleges BATEC collaborated with TechBoston (Boston Public Schools), Career & Technical Education, and TechPrep

  6. EARLY COLLEGE OUTREACH BATEC REGIONAL COLLEGE FAIR: Event designed to build IT educational awareness and college pathway connections for high school juniors who are enrolled in technology courses. The event includes workshops on Financial Aid, College Admissions, IT Career Exploration and a One-on-One College Advising session. • Objectives: Convene a regional IT fair to build student awareness about the college and career application process and to connect them with all IT focused regional colleges • Outcomes: 23 High Schools and over 1000 IT students participated; 45 regional IT focused colleges (2-yr and 4-yr) attended. BATEC partnered with TechBoston (Boston Public Schools), Gear Up, TechPrep, and KAPLAN

  7. ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT & INTERVENTION Accuplacer Pilot Program: BATEC and its partner TechBoston collaborate with Career & Technical Education, Tech Prep and the Boston Public Schools to address a major issue facing technology students pursuing higher education - the College Placement Test or Accuplacer. Many IT high school graduates who take the Test place into remedial college level courses. These remedial placements impact the students‘ college attendance, financial aid, and success toward graduation. Recognizing the need to address this issue, a pilot program was developed with five high schools, which were designated as assessment sites.

  8. ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT & INTERVENTION BRIDGE-TO-COMMUNITY COLLEGE: BATEC partnered with Community Based Technology Centers and Community College to create technology education pathways for adult learners. This program provided adult learners with two credit-bearing technology courses combined with English and Mathematics tutoring. Additionally, assessment and academic counseling support were provided to the enrolled students to facilitate full college matriculation. • Objectives: To assist non-traditional community resident students, interested in technology, realize their potential for higher education through a 2 year college pathway. • Outcomes: For 9 weeks students participated in a biweekly evening program during the summer and spring semesters. 2007 data: 18 students accepted, 15 completed 3 credits, 11 completed 6 credits And completed application to enroll in the Host community college

  9. ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT & INTERVENTION Objective: • Inform guidance counselors and teachers who are not familiar with the test about the content and issues this test presents to their students • Conduct a pilot program to diagnose students' skills in English and Math. • Use the test data to gather support from school leaders to create remedial English and Math resources for the students (i.e. tutoring and after school programs). • Develop a relevant data points model to help inform successful college transition. Outcomes: A cohort of juniors were tested in 2006 and retested as seniors in 2007 after an informal intervention (i.e. inform students, counselors & teachers about scores) 2006 data: 121 juniors tested: 8% placed in college English and 92% in developmental English; 4% in college Math and 96% in developmental Math. 2007data: 139 seniors tested: 14% placed in college English and 86% in developmental English; 8% in college Math and 92% in developmental Math

  10. TECHNOLOGY CAREER READINESS Tech Apprentice Program: TechBoston (Boston Public Schools) with the support of its partner BATEC developed the Tech Apprentice Program. It is designed to create paid summer job opportunities for high school students enrolled in technology courses. Students apply their advanced skills performing job functions including Desktop Support, Quality Assurance, Database Management, Applications, Web Design and Graphics. Objective: Connect high school students to real technology jobs and IT leaders; Stimulate students’ interest in technology career and build the pipeline for IT workforce Outcomes: Summer 2006: 26 students placed in paid technology jobs Summer 2007: 54 students placed in paid technology jobs

  11. TECHNOLOGY CAREER READINESS BATEC Student Leaders: It is designed to focus on successful student engagement. Students are tapped to assist in recruitment and other areas; and to apply their various technology skills through independent classroom technology projects work with faculty. The students are identified as a diverse group (gender, ethnicity, programs of study, year in school) of candidates selected by faculty members. Each BATEC partner institution recruits 5 to 10 active leaders. Their responsibilities also include: • Provide technical support to Community Technology Centers; • Assist with computer tutoring at local Community based-organizations • Provide computer support across the college and divisions • Serve as computer tutors for local high schools.

  12. BATEC RESOURCES Website: www.BATEC.ORG: Where you can download information and material Community College Outreach Tool Kit: BATEC developed a recruitment manual as a resource for its higher education institutions. This tool kit is a step-by-step guide to help admissions staff address a range of recruitment tasks. Accuplacer Curriculum Manual:To be published in late Fall 07. Designed to: • Familiarize counselors with the Accuplacer test, its impacts on students, and its relationships to MCAS and SAT. • Assist teachers to understand the curriculum contents of Accuplacer, MCAS and SAT-Reasoning. • Give school administrators data-driven information of their students’ college academic readiness. • Inform Students with data-driven scores about their college academic readiness.

  13. NEED MORE INFORMATION Please contact: Jibril Salaam, M.S. BATEC Higher Education Consultant TechBoston, Boston Public Schools 55 Malcolm x Blvd, Building 1 Roxbury, MA 02120 617-590-4908