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GRANT MANAGEMENT SEMINAR 2019-20. SESSION 1 Memorandum of Understanding. District 5050 Foundation District Foundation Chair PDG Jane Helten Rotary Club of Whidbey Westside janehelten@gmail.com 360-631-0752. T he R otary F oundation.

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  2. SESSION 1 Memorandum of Understanding District 5050 Foundation District Foundation Chair PDG Jane Helten Rotary Club of Whidbey Westside janehelten@gmail.com 360-631-0752

  3. The Rotary Foundation The Rotary Foundation (or in loving Rotary acronym, TRF) is a separate legal entity from Rotary International (RI) to maintain its charitable tax status. The Foundation is managed by a 15 member Board of Trustees that is nominated by the RI President and appointed by the RI Board.

  4. TheRotaryFoundation TheMISSIONof The Rotary Foundationis toenable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. TheGOALof the Rotary Foundationis to do good in the world.

  5. District 5050 Foundation Team Your District 5050 Foundation Team is made up of experienced and dedicated Rotarians who work as the connection between The Rotary Foundation and the District 5050 membership. Each Team member is prepared to:

  6. District 5050 Foundation Team • Attend club meetings, as a program speaker, to explain the overall function of the Foundation and it’s separate entities, with a focus on their area of expertise. • Attend fireside club committee meetings to assist with what ever Foundation event /grant your club hopes to accomplish.

  7. District 5050 Foundation Team District 5050 Foundation Chair PDG Jane Helten Rotary Club of Whidbey Westside janehelten@gmail.com 360-631-0752 Global Grants Chair Val Tibbetts Rotary Club of Fidalgo Island valtravelq@hotmail.com 360-299-9390 District Grants Chair Steve Shea Rotary Club of Everett/Mukilteo whidbeysteve@msn.com 425-239-9938

  8. District 5050 Foundation Team Annual Fund Chair Steve Morach Rotary Club of Stanwood Camano steve.morach@ampf.com 360-630-0833 Endowment Fund Chair Rick Bolduc Rotary Club of LaConner bolducrick@aol.com 360-941-6616 Stewardship Chair Malcolm Kennedy Rotary Club of Coquitlam Sunrise malcolm.rotary@outlook.com 604-941-8606

  9. District 5050 Foundation Team Scholarships Chair Debe Franz Rotary Club of Everett/Mukilteo debefranz@gmail.com 425-330-6353 PolioPlus Chair Allen Stockbridge PNW Passport Rotary Club allen@kulshancommercial.com 360-223-8346 International Chair Raj Rajagopal Rotary Club of White Rock rajindcan@gmail.com 604-560-4770

  10. D5050 Foundation Resources Endowments: planned.giving@rotary.org Polio: endpolio.org Scholarships: rotary.org/en/our-programs/scholarships VTT: my.rotary.org/en/take-action/apply-grants/grant-activities Annual Giving: my.rotary.org/en/document/ways-give Global Grants: my.rotary.org/en/take-action/apply-grants/global-grants District Grants: my.rotary.org/en/take-action/apply-grants/district-grants

  11. HOW WE FUND PROGRAMS – SHARE SYSTEM District 5050 Rotarian Contributions to the Annual Programs Fund 3 years after they are received, are returned to 50%World Fund 50%District Designated Fund (DDF) District Designated Fund (DDF) 50% to District Grants 50% to Global Grants

  12. PURPOSE • Understand how to manage a Rotary grant • Prepare clubs to implement the MOU • Qualify clubs to receive grant funds

  13. OVERVIEW OF ROTARY GRANTS • More decision-making power at the club and district levels • Two types: global grants, district grants • Flexible DDF • Scholarship (1 per year) from Global Funds • VTT (1 per year) from Global Funds

  14. GRANT MANAGEMENT Ensures that projects: • Have proper financial controls • Adhere to technical standards • Meet the needs of beneficiaries • Fulfill their objectives • Safeguard funds

  15. SUCCESSFUL GRANT PROJECTS • Meet community needs • Are sustainable • Involve a partner (Global) • Have an implementation plan • Maintain proper stewardship of funds

  16. NEEDS ASSESSMENT • Base projects on communities’ needs • Determine what resources your club and potential partners have • Talk to the community

  17. PARTNERS – where to find • Rotary Convention • Project fairs • LinkedIn • Facebook • Rotary events • Other Clubs • www.matchinggrants.org/global • www.rotary.org

  18. PROJECT PLANNING • Form a three-person grant committee • Assign roles • Make an implementation plan • Establish a budget • Have a contingency plan • Have a document retention plan

  19. CREATING A BUDGET • Realistic • Competitive bidding • Reasonable prices • Disclose conflicts of interest

  20. SETTING GOALS • Measurable • Sustainable • Qualitative • Quantitative • Gather baseline data • Determine method of measurement

  21. QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS • Attend a grant management seminar • Submit signed club MOU

  22. TERMS OF QUALIFICATION • Club valid for one year, members 3 years • Club responsible for grant funds • Disclose conflicts of interest • Cooperate with all audits • Use grant funds properly • Implement the club MOU

  23. MAINTAINING QUALIFICATION • Follow terms of club MOU • Appoint a club member or committee to manage club qualification • Fully implement stewardship practices to prevent misuse of funds

  24. LEARNING OBJECTIVES • Understand qualification requirements • Understand how to manage your club’s qualification process

  25. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU 1. Club Qualification The Rotary Foundation (TRF) requires that clubs who wish to participate in District or Global Grants must agree to the terms for financial and stewardship requirements in this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and to send at least one club member each year to the district’s Grant Management Seminar

  26. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU The Rotary Foundation enables a district to establish additional requirements for club qualification for those grants, as well as for District Grants.

  27. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU Rotary District 5050 requires that a minimum of two club members must attend a Grants Management Seminar each year, and that one of those two members must be the President-Elect. The other member(s) should be the club member(s) that would normally complete and be responsible for the District and or Global Grant applications.

  28. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU Rotary International (RI) STRONGLY  recommends all clubs input their club goals (all of them) into Club Central. TRF is most concerned with the Foundation goals. As RI and TRF seek partners such as the Gates Foundation, Coca Cola, and other NGO's they ask what Rotary's monetary commitment will be. If the goals are not entered, the result is RI and TRF cannot give an approximation.

  29. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU As part of District 5050's compliance with TRF, all clubs seeking District & Global grants must input their goals prior to submitting their grant application. Grants and grant funds will only be released to clubs having completed this task.

  30. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU • Included in the signature page of the MOU clubs will be required to answer the following questions: • What was your Foundation giving last year (actual) 2018-19? • What is your Foundation goal for 2019-2020? • Did you input your club goals (all of them) into RI Club Central? • What is your club mailing address? • (we need this to mail you your grant funds) • This must be done prior to applying for a Grant

  31. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU Upon successful completion of the qualification requirements, the club will be qualified for one Rotary year. Club members are qualified for three years.

  32. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU  The club must comply with this MOU, any district requirements, and all applicable TRF policies and cooperate with any financial, grant, or operational audits. The club is responsible for the use of funds for club-sponsored grants, regardless of who controls the funds.

  33. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU Qualification may be suspended or revoked for misuse or mismanagement of grant funds involving, but not limited to: fraud; forgery; membership falsification; gross negligence; endangerment of health, welfare, or safety of beneficiaries; ineligible contributions; use of funds for personal gain; undisclosed conflicts of interest; monopolization of grant funds by individuals; report falsification; overpricing; acceptance of payments from beneficiaries; illegal activities; and/or use of grant funds for ineligible purposes.

  34. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU 2. Club Officer Responsibilities The club officers hold primary responsibility for club qualification and the proper implementation of grants. The club officers are responsible to ensure the following:

  35. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU Appoint at least one club member to implement, manage, and maintain the club qualification; Ensure that all TRF Grants adhere to stewardship measures and proper grant management practices; Ensure that all individuals involved in a grant conduct their activities in a way that avoids any actual or perceived conflict of interest.

  36. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU 3.Financial Management Plan The club must have a written financial management plan to provide consistent administration of grant funds, and the financial management plan must include procedures to:

  37. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU Maintain a standard set of accounts, which includes a complete record of all receipts and disbursements of grant funds; Disburse grant funds, as appropriate; Maintain segregation of duties for handling funds;

  38. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU Establish an inventory system for equipment and other assets purchased with grant funds, and maintain records for items that are purchased, produced, or distributed through grant activities; Ensure that all grant activities, including the conversion of funds, comply with local law.

  39. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU 4. Bank Account Requirements In order to receive grant funds, the club must have a dedicated bank account that is used solely for receiving and disbursing TRF grant funds.

  40. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU The club’s dedicated account must: Have a minimum of two Rotarian signatories from the club for disbursements from the grant account; and  Be a low or non-interest bearing account. Any interest earned must be documented and used for eligible, approved grant activities, or returned to TRF.

  41. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU • The club must: • Open a separate account for each club-sponsored grant, with the name of the account to clearly identify its use for grant funds. Grant funds may not be deposited in investment accounts including, but not limited to, mutual funds, certificates of deposit, bonds, and stocks.

  42. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU Retain bank statements and records to support the receipt and use of TRF grant funds.  Maintain a written plan for transferring custody of the bank accounts in the event of a change in signatories.

  43. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU 5. Report on Use of Grant Funds The club must adhere to all TRF reporting requirements. Grant reporting is a key aspect of grant management and stewardship, as it informs TRF of the grant’s progress and how funds are spent.

  44. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU 6. Document Retention The club must establish and maintain appropriate record keeping systems to preserve important documents related to qualification and TRF grants. Retaining these documents supports transparency in grant management and assists in the preparation for audits or financial assessments. Documents that must be maintained include, but are not limited to:

  45. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU Bank information, including copies of past statements; Club qualification documents including a copy of the signed club MOU; Documented plans and procedures, including: a. Financial management plan, b. Procedure for storing documents and archives, c. Succession plan for bank account signatories and retention of information and documentation;

  46. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU • Information related to grants, includingreceipts and invoices for all purchases. • Club records must be accessible and available to Rotarians in the club and at the request of the district. • Documents must be maintained for a minimum of 5 years, or longer if required by local law.

  47. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING -MOU 7. Reporting Misuse of Grant Funds The club must report any potential and real misuse or mismanagement of grant funds to the district. This reporting fosters an environment in the club that does not tolerate the misuse of grant funds.

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