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E mergency broadcast A utomatic R eceiving S ystem. EARS by I S S. An application of Internet Switching System. September 15 - 18, 2007. Development background of EARS. Problems with the conventional communication methods. Telephone system.

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  1. Emergency broadcast Automatic Receiving System EARS by I S S An application of Internet Switching System September 15 - 18, 2007

  2. Development background of EARS Problems with the conventional communication methods Telephone system Connection difficulty due to line congestion in a time of disaster Internet E mail system Less friendly to the aged or blind people Community wireless system High initial cost of broadcast and receiving equipment EBS by radios or TVs No use at the time of the power failure

  3. General outline of EARS Switched on by PC、line or mobile telephones Broadcasting stations can switch on the radios or TVs owned by listeners or viewers before they send the emergency information on air. Those who need the emergency information can get them at higher listening or viewing ratio. Information distribution at emergency Schools Shelters Broadcast stations Gov.offices All-out contact of information Radios and TVs are switched on at request. Individuals Amenities

  4. Examples of how EARS is used. Switches are put on at broadcast stations. EARS Voice contacts among groups General broadcast Schools, assembly halls and others Fire stations, security offices, hobby groups General listeners General viewers • Radios • Television sets • Mobile phones with radios • Car radios • Non voice contact net • Fax messages • Mail massages • Radios • TV sets • Watches

  5. Applications of EARS Applicable to any device Software and firmware can be customized. Home use device Industrial use devoice Public sector device • Home equipment • Electric appliances • Gas equipment • Ships • Construciton machines • Factory equipment • Security equipment

  6. Block drawing of EARS For mobile phone switching model using IP lines WEB SERVER Solar of wind power generation system Emergency power unit Broadband rooter EARS controller Radios, TVs WEB Mobile phone Packet CPU SOD LAN Power supply Control signals

  7. Delivery record of EARS Takami elementary school in Hiroshimaon September 1, 2006 Newspaper report EARS controller and radio Delivery ceremony Wind and solar power generation News gathering Press conference Controller Switch Daily Yomiuri 09 02 2006

  8. Inquiry of EARS NYK group Onomichi Hiroshima JAPAN Nagao Yokoyama Kamamoto Kouki Co., Ltd Mr. Mitsunori Nagao KY Open Mr. Kenichi Yokoyama KEC Mr. Tsuguru Kamamoto

  9. Emergency broadcast Automatic Receiving System E A R S Thank you very much for your attention.

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