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Home cleaning services in chennai - skiwee

Skiwee gives you the best home services in Chennai, with skilled experts on cleaning, electrical, carpentry, plumbing, AC repair and pest control. <br>Visit our Webpage ~ https://www.skiwee.in/chennai/home-cleaning. Book Now!

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Home cleaning services in chennai - skiwee

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  1. SKIWEE www.skiwee.inCall - 1800-102-6309 Email - support@skiwee.in home cleaning services in Chennai

  2. Home cleaning services in Chennai • At Skiwee, we understand the need for the availability of basic household services. It becomes tedious to get a plumber because of the demand in a particular locality with not many specialists around. We have integrated Plumbing service along with the other quintessential domestic services in our app, to make life easier for you. • We are just a tap or a call away from providing the necessary specialist to your plumbing needs, anwhere in Chennai. Our plumbing services range from installations, repairs, leakage control and renovations in the bath areas, flush tanks, geysers, kitchen sink, ball valve and a lot more. • Almost every one of us might have the basic tools to counter minor plumbing needs like faucet blocks, minor wash basin leakages and health faucet leakages. However when it comes to bigger plumbing problems like slow drains or a leaking flush take, we need professional attention. Even installations of plumbing elements need to done scientifically with a help of a plumbing professional instead of trying our hand at them. • Maintaining a regular plumbing maintenance schedule can help avoid problems in the long run. A good timely inspection can almost always keep plumbing problems at bay. Because, hidden leaks in various parts of the house are the ones that go easily unnoticed. Over time they can cause severe structural damage; irreversible in some cases. Hence scheduled maintenance can prevent seepages from dampening your home.

  3. Home cleaning services in Chennai • What a professional, licensed plumber can do: - drain treatment to maximize flow rate - cleaning of garbage disposals and water heaters - pressure tests to detect hairline leaks - water pressure assessment and adjustment - Local Flavour • Common Problems - Dripping Faucets A single faucet can send hundreds of gallons of water per year down your drains a drop at a time. Over time, the washers that keep the water from escaping through, can become stiff or torn, allowing a leakage through the faucet or the annoying drip. • Running Toilet Toilets typically run when the flapper valve that lets water pass from the tank to the bowl no longer fits properly, the float is imbalanced or the fill tube comes loose. • Get help from Skiwee Skiwee’sservices are available right at your fingertips. All you have to do is log on to our website or app, select the type of service you require, enter your location, choose the date and time, and we will do the rest!

  4. Home cleaning services in Chennai • Go hassle-free by booking an electrician through Skiwee. Electrical installation is an in-demand job and with the growing demand for professionals in the field, it is difficult to manually scout for them. All basic electrical needs like installation and repair of lights, UPS/Inverter, lights, fan, geyser, wiring, meter board and many other electrical services under the roof. • Changing an electrical component - It can be a difficult task to change electrical components or replace them with new ones. Still, you require basic tools and some simple electrical skills. As always, your safety should be your first priority. • Note: The manufacturer's instructions for installing the components can help you get things done faster and keep you from getting hurt. Be careful and avoid any faulty wiring, or if the wiring doesn't appear compatible with the changes you're making.

  5. Home cleaning services in Chennai • Step 1: Turn off the power. Based on the electrical circuit panel, locate the circuit breaker control for the room where the work will be conducted and switch the circuit off. Keep the power off and then label the circuit breaker for future reference. • Step 2: Remove the old fixture. Remove the old wires and connections, and install the new wires properly. Remove the base or trim from the old fixture. • Step 3: Tighten the screws. Check the electrical box in the ceiling where the fixture or wires are attached, see if it's loose. If so, tighten the screws holding it in place, but don't over-tighten as it might break the fixture’s threading. • Step 4: Connect the wires. Follow the instructions on connecting the fixture from the manual provided by the manufacturer. If you are installing new wires, then make sure the connections are done properly and the wires are untangled. .

  6. Home cleaning services in Chennai Our range of services include: Doors - Our services extend, but are not limited, to installation of interior and exterior doors, bolt and latch repair, replacement of interior or exterior doors, door stopper installation, door handle replacement, etc. Windows - Installation and replacement of windows, window sill replacement, window framing, curtain rod installation, etc. Cupboards and cabinets - Our services include assembly and installation of cabinets and cupboards, building of custom cabinets, modification of existing cabinets to accommodate new appliances, installation and replacement of cabinet pulls and cupboard handles. Furniture - Our carpenter’s extraordinary attention to detail ensures your custom made furniture will be comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing. Hire our contractors to build a closet, custom cabinets, built-in furniture, dividers for closets or rooms, etc. Our services include modification of wall units for new flat screens, installation of shelves and bookshelves and much more.

  7. Home cleaning services in Chennai • Call a Professional Spruce up old furniture or build completely new ones! We have the experience, personnel and resources for all your carpentry needs. We can ensure a job is done on time, and to your liking. We, at Skiwee, will cover all your carpentry needs at practical, affordable prices. • Get help from Skiwee Skiwee’s services are available right at your fingertips. All you have to do is log on to our website or app, select the type of service you require, enter your location, choose the date and time, and we will do the rest! • Call us at 1800-102-6309 • E-Mail support@skiwee.in

  8. Home cleaning services in Chennai Keep a look out for these warning signs that your AC needs to be repaired: • Warm airflow - You might find that the air coming out of your air-conditioning system isn’t as cool as it used to be; even when it is on full blast. When that time comes, you might have to replace your unit or get it repaired. • Weak airflow - Sometimes, the air coming out of your AC unit might be cool, but the air flow might be very weak. This results in slow and uneven cooling of your room. • Strange smells - If you ever feel your AC unit is emanating pungent, stale or musty smells, it is time to get your AC repaired. • Odd noises - Grinding, squealing or grating sounds from your air conditioner might be an indication that you need a replacement unit. These noises suggest that something is wrong inside the unit. Failure to service in a timely manner could result in a costly breakdown. • Water Leaks - Moisture or leakage around or near your system can be an indication of problems. When you see leaks from your air conditioning system, it is time to get your AC unit serviced.

  9. Home cleaning services in Chennai We offer a wide range of air conditioning services including: • Dry service • Full water service • Electrical spears • Split AC installation • Window AC installation • Split AC is dismantling • Window AC is dismantling • Stand with fixing • Copper pipe extension • Gas charging • Gas leak weildingwork • Outdoor starting capacitor • Outdoor coil change

  10. Home cleaning services in Chennai • Deep home cleaning - Are you preparing for the holidays or planning a special event at home? Or do you simply feel like it’s time your home got a good cleaning? If so, our deep home cleaning service is the perfect option for you! Deep cleaning entails a thorough, intense cleaning of your entire house. Every little nook and cranny will be disinfected, cleaned and polished to perfection. • Kitchen cleaning - Sticky counter tops and dirty floors getting the best of you? Just opt for our kitchen cleaning services and all will be well. We have a wide range of options to help you tackle those pesky food stains. Our kitchen cleaning services include: • Cleaning all cabinets. • Cleaning of appliances from outside. • Scouring your sink, cleaning of chimney and gas, cleaning of the counter area. • Mopping your floor and removing dirt in between tiles. • Cleaning of lighting fixtures. • Trash removed.

  11. Home cleaning services in Chennai • Bathroom cleaning - Don’t worry about the grime on your bathroom tiles or your foggy mirror. With our bathroom cleaning services, we’ll have your bathrooms in tip top shape in no time! Our bathroom cleaning services include: • Showers cleaned and disinfected. • Tile walls cleaned and disinfected. • Trash removed. • General dusting. • Toilets cleaned and disinfected. • Vanity and sink cleaned. • Floors washed and disinfected. • Cobwebs removed.

  12. Home cleaning services in Chennai • General cleaning - Do you think your house needs a little sprucing up? Do you feel the need to give it a cleaning, but just can’t seem to find the time? If that’s the case, then our general house cleaning is the service for you! Our general cleaning services include: • Dusting / vacuuming of the house. • Cleaning of floors. • Removing dust accumulation on desks, tables and bookshelves. • Cleaning of mirrors, ceiling fan and lighting fixtures. • Removal of cobwebs. • Cleaning dust from window sills and ledges. • Tank cleaning services - We all know our water tanks catch a lot more than just water- decaying leaves, dust particles, lichen or algae, and smoke/ash to name a few. Your tank could have any number of problems that you may not even be aware of, as it could all be hiding at the bottom of your tank. This can greatly reduce the quality of your water. For peace of mind don't wait till your tank is empty - get your tank cleaned today, with Skiwee’s tank cleaning services!

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