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Weight Loss - Myths Debunked PowerPoint Presentation
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Weight Loss - Myths Debunked

Weight Loss - Myths Debunked

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Weight Loss - Myths Debunked

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  1. Weight Loss - Myths Debunked Dr. Peter Dobie

  2. When it comes to the topic of weight loss, then people have generally a number of myths and misconceptions about it. Weight loss relates to your health and fitness, therefore it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is advisable that you should go weight loss only under the guidance of an expert doctor. People have a number of myths that are related to weight loss when it comes to their health. At times, it difficult to separate the weight loss facts that are true from myths related to it. A number of these sound quite true while you might even laugh at others.

  3. Myth 1 I should have a more intense exercise routine, if I have to lose more weight Truth : Intense routine of workout is a great thing, but there are a few things that you need to consider. First, you should have a clear mind about that everyone has a completely different fitness level and the intensity they can handle. For a person who has been physically inactive for quite a long time, an intense work for him might only be a half a mile walk every day. If you have a similar case and walk for half a mile, then you will begin sweating profusely and become tired. However, a person who stays very active, then half a mile walk for him will be an easy task without any heavy sweating. Therefore, intense has a completely different definition for every individual.

  4. Myth 2 You can lose weight and can eat whatever you want Truth:Our lives are governed by natural principles. It is quite illogical to think that your weight and health will be kept in balance if your diet consists mainly of fast foods. It is true that you can burn it later, but a person who lives on such diet is hardly going to follow a proper workout routine. There are many people who may look healthy and fit from outside, but have dangerously high cholesterol levels. Always remember that anything in excess is not good for your health.

  5. Myth 3 Skipping meals is an excellent way to lose excess weight Truth:A number of studies have clearly shown that people who skip breakfast regularly and eat very less during the daytime are heavier in weight than those who take nutritious breakfast and eat 3-5 small meals in a day.

  6. Myth 4 You will not lose weight, if you eat at night Truth: even you do not eat your meal at night, but take heavy meals all over the day you will surely gain a lot of weight. Similarly, if you skip meals during the day and eat excess food at night, even then you will gain weight. So, the key to success here is about maintaining balance. If your body is signalling that it is hungry for food, then you should listen to it. The truth is that no matter what time of the day you eat, you weight will surely gain if you overeat and do zero exercise.

  7. Myth 5 In order to lose weight at a faster rate, I need to cut down the calories Truth:if you are just stuffing your face or drastically overeating, then cutting down the calories can prove to be a great thing. But, cutting on calories is not a good choice, if you are eating proportionally. You can search online if you are looking for an expert weight loss doctor. Edgecliff is the place where you can easily find an experienced weight loss doctor.

  8. Address: SUITE 3A, EDGECLIFF COURT, 2 NEW McLean ST, EDGECLIFF, NSW 2027 Email: Telephone: 02 9362 0493 Fax: 02 9363 0767 Dr. Peter Dobie Thank You