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Strategic Focus

Eurolac Apr 04. PAHO's Family and Community Health Area. FCH Cooperation Strategy for the Biennium 2004-05. What is FCH?

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Strategic Focus

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  1. Eurolac Apr 04 PAHO's Family and Community Health Area FCH Cooperation Strategy for the Biennium 2004-05 What is FCH? Family and Community Health (FCH) is a new Management Area at PAHO; which includes Child and Adolescent Health, HIV/AIDS, Immunization, Nutrition, Women and Maternal Health; and two Pan American Centers: the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI) in Jamaica, and the Latin American Center for Perinatology and Human Development (CLAP) in Uruguay. FCH supports country efforts to strengthen public health interventions aimed at improving individual, family, and community health; increase access to health and social services; and use of integrated, evidence-based, appropriate, and sustainable interventions. FCH will coordinate synergistic actions among its five Units and two Centers, and other Units within PAHO (health services, human resources, health policies and systems, non-communicable diseases, mental health, healthy settings and public information, among others) to address existing health gaps and future needs of the Region's most vulnerable and hard to reach population groups. In its technical cooperation, FCH stresses the development of critical alliances and partnerships for effective country ownership and implementation of strategies addressing the MDGs to reduce the mortality rates in children under 5 (MDG 4), improve maternal health (MDG 5), promote gender equity and empower women (MDG 3), improve nutrition (MDG 1) and facilitate access to essential drugs, vaccines, and new technologies (MDG 8), particularly in PAHO’s five priority countries (Bolivia, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua).A specific focus is being placed on HIV/AIDS (MDG 6) and on WHO’s 3 by 5 initiative, to reduce transmission of HIV and increase the number of people living with HIV/AIDS who have access to highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and comprehensive health and social services. Strategic Focus • Child & Adolescent Health: promotes the design of effective integrated approaches, such as the IMCI and IMAN strategies for child and adolescent care. • Women & Maternal Health: promotes a gender, family and community perspective and the delivery of cost-effective comprehensive care for women. • Nutrition: promotes the central role of optimal nutrition, as well as diet and physical activity. • Immunizations: promotes the political priority and sustainability of vaccination programs through policy and legislation; and assists countries to improve their performance and surveillance. • HIV/AIDS: enhances national capacity for HIV/AIDS prevention and the provision of comprehensive care to ensure effective protection for the most vulnerable groups. • What’s New… • 10th Anniversary of the International Day of the Families on May 15, 2004 • Virtual Forum for discussion of family health issues (coming soon)

  2. Family and Community Health Framework Neonates 3 x 5 MDG 6: Pregnancies Infants Initiative Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria & other Diseases HIV/AIDS MDG 4: Reduce Child MDG 5: Children Priority Mortality Child & Improve Women & Countries Elderly Adolescent Maternal Maternal Health The Health Health MDG 3: Gender Equity Nutrition Immunizations and Empower MDG 1: Women Eradicate MDG 8: Extreme Poverty & Hunger Develop Healthy partnerships Adolescents Adults lifestyles Pan American Health Young Adults Organization 2004 FCH Cooperation Strategy 2004 - 05 FCH Cooperation Strategy 2004 - 05 MDGs & 3 x 5 Target Countries Strategies & Interventions Hunger and HAI, BOL, NIC , GUT, ECU, HON Breastfeeding Child feeding Malnutrition GUY, COL, DOR, MDG 1, Target 2 ELS, PER Maternal Mortality HON , NIC , HAI , BOL, GUY , BRA, PAR, ELS, Skilled attendance at birth MDG 5, Target 6 GUT, DOR, ECU, PER Newborn health care EOC and quality services IMAN, ART, Sexual & Reproductive Health Cont. iron deficiency anemia Child Mortality HAI , BOL , GUY , HON , NIC , BRA, PER, ECU, IMCI, Neonatal Component, IMAN MDG 4, Target 5 GUT, COL, DOR, MEX, PAR Breastfeeding, ART Safe delivery, perinatal care Neonatal tetanus Elimination of Measles & Rubella New vaccines HIV/AIDS and STIs BEL, HON , 3 x 5, IMAN MDG 6 & 3 x 5, Target 7 HAI , DOR, ELS, GUT, JAM, SUR, TRT , PMTCT, Sexual & Reproductive Health care GUY Elimination of congenital Syphilis Safe injection practice Nutrition PLWHA Pan American Healthy lifestyles BOL , BRA, CHI, COL , NIC , CAR. Healthy eating Health Organization DOR, MEX, PER Active living 2004 Family and Community Health Area Pan American Health Organization Regional Office of the WorldHealthOrganization 525 23rd St., N.W. Washington, DC 20037 * * * Dr. Gina Tambini FCH Area Manager tambinig@paho.org (202) 974-3247 Dr. Yehuda Benguigui Chief, Child & Adolescent Health Unit benguigy@paho.org (202) 974-3264 Dr. Jon Andrus Chief, Immunizations Unit andrusjo@paho.org (202) 974-3745 Dr. Ricardo Fescina Chief a.i, Women & Maternal Health Unit fescinar@paho.org (202) 974-3691 Dr. Wilma Freire Chief, Nutrition Unit freirewi@paho.org (202) 974-3505 Dr. Carol Vlassoff Chief, HIV/AIDS Unit vlassofc@paho.org (202) 974-3614 Research Shows… Family is the setting where health behavior and decisions are first established Preliminary analysis of existing data shows that a comprehensive family and community approach, as the focus of health activities, can lead to improved health outcomes. Within a life-cycle framework, FCH is currently developing a specific Family and Community Health approach to strengthen efforts within PAHO and with Member States to improve family health, family lifestyles, and family and community settings through increased access to health and social services and use of integrated, evidence-based, appropriate, and sustainable interventions.

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