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  1. Welcome Simply Reliable Software Tom Coffin

  2. The Art of Systems Integration. How to change from a Custom Installer into a Systems Integrator and make more money!

  3. Let’s Talk History 1950’s HiFi Stores 1960’s Speakers Behind Curtains 1970’s Advent Front Projection- VCR 1980’s In Wall Speakers 1990’s Home Automation 2000’s Home Cinema-Control Now here at the close of the 2010 decade, how will you define yourself?

  4. What is an Integrator? An Integrator takes seemingly diverse products and brings them together to work in harmony The User Interface needs to provide the end user a common paradigm to follow Expertise in how to implement and make these products work together is necessary

  5. Sub-Systems-Disciplines Life Safety-Security Access Control Information Infrastructure-Structured Wiring Communications Whole House Music-Distributed Audio Whole House Video-Distributed Video Home Theatre Video Surveillance Lighting Control Climate Control Central Vacuum Protection Systems Integration

  6. Why are categories important? Baby steps for trial closes Helps the end-user understand the breadth of systems in their house Shows them your technological prowess Separates you from the competition ie: the stereo guy, the TV guy, the home theater guy Segments their spending into smaller easier to swallow pieces

  7. Scalable Convergence The Seamless Integration of Information, Communications, Entertainment and Control with Variable Feature Content and Pricing Architecture

  8. How Do I Start? Good Better Best Multiple Size markets Engineer Solutions Proposal Binder Credibility Binder Budget Sheet Feature Sets

  9. The Presentation The Suspect Elevator Speech The Prospect Meeting Review Plans Pitch You, Your Company, Your Solutions Disciplines-Order is Important! Stress Expertise Without talking Down Trial Closes and The Budget Sheet Budget Range and Feature Set Review Retainer

  10. The Proposal Stress benefits Pictures Paint 1,000 Words In Budget Discipline/Zone Trial Close by Discipline Scope of Work Mutually Beneficial Contract References

  11. Knowledge and Training Cutting Edge Training Social skills, respect, grace, etiquette Train the Client Every visit by one of their friends is a new potential prospect

  12. Client Maintenance Stay in Touch Social Networking Follow Up Calls Create Raving Fans Problems are Opportunities Ask for Referrals Upgrades and Updates Maintenance Agreement Treat them like Royalty-they know all the other Rich people

  13. Growth Process Map Detailed Instructions for Job descriptions Detailed Drawings by Phase Detailed Process Binders Define Exactly How Everything Shall Be Done Scalable, saleable Business in a Box Exit Strategy

  14. Thank You! Simply Reliable Software Tom Coffin 440-377-2306 617-731-0113 ext. 110 Follow us: We Come To Where You Are…