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What do I do after I get my real estate license How do I sta PowerPoint Presentation
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What do I do after I get my real estate license How do I sta

What do I do after I get my real estate license How do I sta

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What do I do after I get my real estate license How do I sta

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  1. What do I do after I get my real estate license How do I start selling In order to enjoy a wonderful career in the Singapore real estate industry as a salesperson or an agent, completion of the RES course approved by the Council for Estate Agencies is vital. The course will help you to understand about all the factors related to the domain and the daily tasks at work that are to be completed by the candidates. After successful completion of the course and the exam that follows, you will be provided with a real estate license. You will be able to work with the reputed real estate agencies as an agent or salesperson once you acquire the license. However, you need to start selling in order to enjoy good returns. How to do this?

  2. In order to sell properties to clients, you need to be well versed with the laws and regulations prevailing in the country related to the real estate domain. You have to possess strong interpersonal skills too in order to carry out your daily duties. If you complete the course from a reputed RES course provider, you will be provided with highly useful tips to handle all this with ease. Your selection of the course provider is hence very important and has to be done only after adequate research.

  3. The course syllabus is decided by the CEA and the exam that follows will test your knowledge regarding the same. It is however the way you make use of what you have learnt that would help you in selling properties once you start your career. The good course providers in the country will have a very strong team of faculty members which will consist of retires lawyers, business executives, and real estate professionals. The rich experience of the faculty members will take you a long way in performing your daily duties well as a real estate salesperson. You should make a note of all the tips mentioned by the instructors at the institute and clear all your doubts, however silly it might seem, in a timely manner.

  4. You should also do your homework well in order to sell properties without any difficulties. You will be able to find potential clients only if you engage in smart business networking. You should attend the major corporate functions in the country and try to meet as many people as possible. You should also keep a database that contains the information related to the available properties in the country that falls in various categories.

  5. You should be well aware of the rates of properties, both commercial and residential, in various locations in the country. If you happen to meet a potential client during one of the meetings, you should not have to get back to him or her regarding a type of property that the person is looking for. Timely actions are very vital in completing sales in this field. When you work as a RES in Singapore, you should be very vigilant in finding potential clients and should polish your negotiation skills in order to close deals. You should make sure that the clients are fully satisfied with the service that you provide. To do this, you should communicate effectively with them. You should also be prompt and punctual with all the clients. All these factors will help you to sell properties in the country and earn good returns.

  6. CONTACT US Pioneer Training & Consultancy Pte Ltd RES Registration Office Blk 134 Jurong Gateway Road#03-309P S(600134) Phone: +65 6462 6093 Fax:      +65 6569 0120 H/P:      +65 9424 3483 Email: Website: Office Hours Monday to Friday: 9.30am - 5.00pm Visit us3 minutes walk from Jurong East MRT Station. (Next to Jcube)