blockchain technology its benefits in healthcare n.
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Can Blockchain technology help in Healthcare Industry? PowerPoint Presentation
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Can Blockchain technology help in Healthcare Industry?

Can Blockchain technology help in Healthcare Industry?

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Can Blockchain technology help in Healthcare Industry?

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  2. What is Blockchain technology? A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers so that any record cannot be altered at a later stage.

  3. Data breach has been a problem for all kind of businesses. The cases of data breach has specially increased in the Healthcare Industry. Market researchers are always performing deep research to find out the ways that can help the healthcare industry to come out of this data security problem. Blockchain technology has come as a boon for combating this menace. Lets have a look at the benefits of blockchain in healthcare industry.

  4. 1. Unchangeable & traceable patient records Blockchain developers create a system where patient records are secure & cannot be changed at a later date. Patients have to give permission to healthcare agencies to access the records. They can create new records into blocks that ultimately become a part a permanent part of that particular patient.

  5. 2. Reduction in the number of insurance frauds Insurance frauds happen when dishonest offerers & patients submit wrong claims in order to get payable benefits. Patients submit false records to justify tests. Blockchain technology enables patients & insurance companies to enter their information in distributed ledger that are unalterable & permanent. The best past is, healthcare companies will have access to this data.

  6. 3. Facilitates data exchanges in clinical trials It takes a considerable amount of time to get a drug approval. And when the studies are conducted at a global level, then there is no method by which these studies can be collected at a single database. Adopting blockchain technology will combine all the results of the clinical trials together and will also demonstrate it efficiently.

  7. 4. Reduction in pharmaceutical theft Pharma companies require tracing their drugs from manufacturing to the endpoints in their supply chain. When blockchain technology is adopted, there is a complete record of the transport of such drugs. It results in the reduction of chances of such drugs being stolen at the point of transfer and all the recipients of these drugs have complete information about the source and the path to the recipient resulting in no fear of fake drugs.

  8. Conclusion Blockchain technology promises to be the most transforming technology by making health information exchanges more safe & efficient. Healthcare industry covers a large section in any country’s complete economy. Hence, by impacting the healthcare sector in a positive way, blockchain technology can put a large impact on a country’s economy.

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