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Scorecard development software: visual and easy to learn

Plug&Score is scorecard development software based on logistic regression. No other scoring model development software is as easy to use or offers such well-defined workflow to enhance your productivity. Plug&Score offers a well-organized set of pre-defined scorecard validation and monitoring reports, intuitive Reject Inference with automated and manual inference methods. Automated binning based on chi-square is also available as well as manual binning based on WOE. Plug&Score supports SAS data files as well as Excel and CSV data formats. All reports and graphs can be easily exported to different formats. Scorecard can be deployed with one click to Plug&Score Engine for automated processing of real-time scoring requests.

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Scorecard development software: visual and easy to learn

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  1. Plug&Score Helps you to build scorecards in-house • Easy • Fast • Affordable • One day to learn how to use • Does many tasks automatically • ROI in less than a month

  2. Why you need Plug&Score • Credit decisions have the strongest impact to your profit! • Keep them under total control with your in-house scorecards (internal credit and customer ratings). • Markets, competition and customers constantly change these days, reducing your profits! • Constantly monitor and improve your scorecards. • Regulators require you to implement internal credit ratings! • Be compliant with Basel II IRB approach.

  3. What Plug&Score gives you Your Credit Business GETS: • More customers and decreased bad debt losses • Fast and accurate credit decisions, efficient customer management and debt collection actions • All your customers are precisely rated - It’s better to count than to guess • Your historical data leveraged and turned into additional profit • Your scorecards are developed in-house – with Plug&Score you take full control and save money As a User YOU GET: • Extremely easy, clear and straightforward methodology of scorecard development - embedded into Plug&Score • Best practices included into pre-defined assisted workflows - you don’t need to learn tons of books to build your scorecards

  4. Value proposition

  5. 3 steps to get a precise scorecard 1 2 3 Variables Selection Scorecard Creation 1. Portfolio Analysis • Historical data automatically divided into parts for scorecard training and validation • Easy visual portfolio data filtering, sorting and re-assignment to “Good”, “Bad” and “Indeterminate” • Graphical representation of portfolio data quality • Easy column and records inclusion/exclusion • Separate results for scorecard training and out-of-sample validation subsets

  6. 3 steps to get a precise scorecard 1 2 3 Portfolio Analysis Scorecard Creation 2. Variables Selection • Graphical view of Goods and Bads for each customer type (category of your portfolio) • Bad Rate and Predictive Strength (WOE) for each variable or portfolio category • Optimal transformation of numeric variables into categories (automatic binning) • Visual comparison and adjustment of binning • Separate views for scorecard training and out-of-sample validation subsets

  7. 3 steps to get a precise scorecard 1 2 3 Portfolio Analysis Variables Selection 3. Scorecard Creation • Visual cut-off point and score bands definition • Automatic scorecard adjustment for portfolio with small amount of Bad customers • Auto scorecard scaling for your business targets defined in odds (e.g. Goods:Bads=1:100) • Scorepoint range selection • Gini, K-S, ROC and other the most proven scorecard accuracy and performance graphs • One-click Export to Excel, PDF and the most widely-used graphical formats

  8. Where to use Plug&Score? Plug&Score is successfully used with: • Any type of retail credit: • Consumer credits • Credit cards • Auto loans • Mortgages • SMEs • Micro-credits • Pay-day loans • Any phase in the loan cycle: • Loan Origination • Customer Accounts Management • Debt Collection and Recovery • Fraud Detection & Prevention Application Scoring Collection Scoring Behavioral Scoring Fraud Scoring

  9. Which companies are using our software Alyuda customers • Bank of America – USA • JPMorgan Chase – USA • Wegelin & Co – Switzerland • Citibank – USA • TransUnion – USA • CreditSights – USA • Drax Securities - Greece • Reuters – USA • and many others…

  10. Why Plug&Score? Easy-to-use • Only 3 steps to get a precise scorecard • Designed for business users, not for statisticians • Zero learning curve You get the same solution for 1/5 the cost • pay 10K and build as many scorecards as you need, instead of constantly paying for consulting (at least 50K per scorecard) Quality • Only proven scorecard building technologies • Backed up by 9 years of scoring, predictive modeling and software development experience • Fully functional 30-day trial version

  11. Contact us any time: Phone: +1 (510) 931 7808 Email: sales@plug-n-score.com Web: www.plug-n-score.com Skype: plug.score

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