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Epoxy Flooring Near NYC PowerPoint Presentation
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Epoxy Flooring Near NYC

Epoxy Flooring Near NYC

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Epoxy Flooring Near NYC

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  3. There are several types of resin coatings that are suitable for commercial floors: •Epoxy flooring •Cementitious urethane mortars •Urethane topcoats •Polyaspartic finishes •Vinyl ester coatings 3

  4. Why Install a Commercial Epoxy Floor? Epoxy systems are a combination of resins and hardeners. When mixed together, the resin and hardener chemically form an extremely strong, durable, rigid, and impact resistant plastic coating. 4

  5. At operators. We stand behind our word and make sure that all of our jobs get done with precision, accuracy, attention to detail at a price that is fair. Our reputation means everything to us which means that your floor is the most important thing for us. Southside Concrete Polishing, we’re owner- 5

  6. Floor covering is an essential component of interior decoration. In a manufacturing facility developed where floor covering undergoes a lot of deterioration, the option of the best flooring is vital, since it is a part of the first financial investment and is typically spread out throughout a significant location. 6

  7. Types of Polished Concrete Retail Polished concrete floors come in a wide range of choices depending on its intended preference use and on your 7

  8. These combination of durability, superb performance, and low maintenance. The level of the sheen of polished concrete floors (matte to high gloss finishes) depends on the diamond grit used. Aggregate exposure also varies from a cream finish (no exposure) to a full aggregate exposure. different polished concrete finishes provide a 8

  9. Cream polish It comes with the most consistent sheen, too. Colored finishes can be easily achieved with a cream polish because it easily and consistently adheres to stains and dyes. 9

  10. The level sheen of polished concrete is measured by its grade and finish. A higher grade polished concrete in Nyc has larger exposed aggregates in the same way a higher finish has a higher gloss polish. 10

  11. This option focuses on the truths that epoxy floor covering is exceptionally minimum maintenance and is eco-friendly. It is, therefore, the advised floor covering choice for both residential structures and fields. The epoxy flooring finishings are typically used over concrete floorings to supply most exceptional binding results and cosmetically appealing surface. durable, requires 11

  12. You ought to think of an epoxy flooring ending up if you’re thinking about modifying your strolling surface areas. Epoxy floors are smooth, and there’s no area for bacteria and other pollutants to increase. They’re excellent for eating facilities and numerous other food processing services and are similarly usually utilized in commercial setups. 12

  13. Transforming treating the concrete floor surface in NYC with concrete densifiers (chemicals that fill the pores of a concrete surface). The floor surface is then prepared and allowed to dry. Grinding equipment is then used on the surface until the desired finish is achieved. concrete into polished concrete requires 13

  14. Having a polished concrete floor installed provides a lot of benefits: •Comes in matte to high gloss finish •Dust free floors •Seamless so there are no lines for dust and dirt to settle in •Reflects light so there will be no need for additional lighting. 14


  16. Floorboards need to be waxed. Marble floors can require special cleaners and are prone to scuffs, which require special attention. By contrast, a polished concrete floor, which is highly resistant to scuffs and stains, can be mopped merely when necessary. This can end up saving you hours in labor and cleaning costs. 16

  17. Concrete is a material usually made out of the combination of rocks, granite chips and river stones mixed with cement binder (either calcium sulfate or limestone) and water. Polished concrete in New York is a surface that is smooth and often decorative in nature. 17

  18. Our Services Polished concrete floors, long consigned to finished basements and commercial spaces, are making well- deserved inroads into residential homes. Recent advances in the ability to seal and stain concrete have raised its aesthetic appeal, allowing it to compete with another stone flooring such as marble, granite, and slate– at a fraction of the cost. 18

  19. Water-based epoxy is one of the most inexpensive alternatives. Residence owners often find that it’s easy to use, and the least poisonous, however furthermore the least sturdy. It’s excellent for usage in the house and amazingly straightforward. It’s not an attractive option for business purposes or for flooring that has trouble with moisture. 19

  20. Manhattan Concrete New York NY 20