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DigitalNeurals-Digital Marketing Services For Startups|Small Business PowerPoint Presentation
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DigitalNeurals-Digital Marketing Services For Startups|Small Business

DigitalNeurals-Digital Marketing Services For Startups|Small Business

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DigitalNeurals-Digital Marketing Services For Startups|Small Business

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  1. DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICE Start your business with online marketing service


  3. What your customers looking for? E-commerce is the most flexible, feature-rich and the most compatible platform to access at any point in time as per your requirement. It is one of the best supply and demand concepts i.e. translate into e-commerce/online business. In that means we run an effective online store by managing the traffic as well as website ranking status.The most important inventory management to product delivery update in the backend of your website, our technical as well as marketing team always assists you. As per the online business requirements in order to accelerate your revenue, we made necessary changes in the same.

  4. Online Marketing • ONLIne Marketing is alsocalledasinternet marketing • ITSISTHEPROCESSOFPROMOTIng your businessorbrand • products orservices over the internet . • ItALSO helpsin creatingawareness of product. • Generate leads and drive traffic and convert into sales. • You can also promote your business via Social Media(Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Linkedin,Youtube)

  5. Website Design and Development • Select your niche. • Create a design using Coding or non coding. • Using coding programs like UI/UX DESIGN,FRONT-END WEB DEVELOPMENT(HTML,CSS),JavaScript. • Non-coding tools like Wordpress,Wix. Services offered

  6. Off Page SEO On Page SEO Working on Seo On-page and off page to rank your website on the top 10 page •Install an SSL Certificate. Create a Mobile-First and Responsive Website,•Speed up your Website SEO On-Page Optimization •SocialBookmarking. •Classified •Directory •PPTSubmission. •Respect Content Hierarchy •UseH1s, Page Titles,Social Sharing Buttons •A blog on your site is a must. DRIVE TRAFFIC

  7. Search Engine Marketing • Google Adwords • Google search engine and its associated partners targeted audience. • SocialMedia Campaigns • Facebook,Instagram Ads,Twitter Ads, • Linked Ads. • Influence Marketing • Target your market segement means of blogger,youtuber,&brand ambassador. • Network Marketing • Display your products and services at the high traffic website for maximum clicks and impressions

  8. (SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION) • Make a presence on all Social Media Accounts Like - Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, MySpace and Instagram etc • Create a calendar for post With Canva tool you can create posts and updates on social media • Analyze performance Standard targeted results are achieved or not. Find out the crisis

  9. You’re about to learn how social media marketing can help build your business SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Some of the benefits you’ll learn about include: •Create your brand awareness •Increase your traffic •Promoting your products and services through online

  10. Out of other digital marketing activities such as SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO; Email marketing automation is supreme for lead generation with the following series of mail: 1.Welcome series 2.Abandoned cart 3. Followup series EMAIL MARKETING

  11. AFFILIATE MARKETING Make money before you travel💰, Just like Bill Gates. Learn Affiliate Marketing and start your business, selling the third party products and earn commission. Follows these points: •Choose a platform •Select your niche •Search an affiliate program to join •Formulate a good content •Generate traffic from your sites •Bring more clicks from your links •Convert lead to customer

  12. Join with us! LET ME KNOW HOW I CAN HELP. Email Website Phone 8171846674