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Blockchain Technology - Future Market Giant PowerPoint Presentation
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Blockchain Technology - Future Market Giant

Blockchain Technology - Future Market Giant

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Blockchain Technology - Future Market Giant

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  1. Blockchain Technology - Future Market Giant    If you’re a person related anyway with banking, investing or cryptocurrency sector, you must be familiar with “Blockchain” word. Blockchain can be simply defined as the record-keeping technology behind the bitcoins but it is a vague topic to talk on. Searching somewhere in search engines a common definition pops up quoting “blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, public ledger". If blockchain is that vague, then you might think, where can I get comprehensive information regarding this topic? Sit back and keep your eyes on the screen. First, take a look at the infographics demonstrated below. You can get basic knowledge if you are unknown about the blockchain thing.

  2. What is blockchain? A blockchain in general meaning is a decentralised, distributed and public digital ledger that's accustomed record transactions across many computers in order that any concerned record can not be altered at the same time not disrupting any changes within the next blocks. Blocks are termed as “pieces of digital information”. Blocks store info that differs from each other. As everyone is exclusive by names and their traits that help people to differentiate, equally every block stores distinctive code referred to as “hash” that permits it to be unique or totally different from each different block. Bitcoin has gained its popularity in recent days. These are some digital currencies which are transacted as an exchange for products and services the same as different currencies worldwide. ​Blockchain technology a very

  3. demanded technology in the modern-day. The banking sector with huge amount of data and loads of transactions has a pretty good option to have blockchain technology onboard with the help of some qualified blockchain developers. Quantumsoftech is a ​blockchain development solutions provider that has the capability of transforming this technology which is capable to transform it fruitful plug-in for various applications. We are the best when it comes to delivering blockchain development services to our clients in India as well as abroad. There’s quite a lot of time when blockchain can be a part of our daily life, but some applications are already there which are bringing us closer to our aim of transforming the whole world. Some of the three up and coming blockchain projects which are already providing a real-value and have a substantial base of users. MetaMask : 1.3 Million Wallet Holders Using decentralized apps known as well as “dApps” enables you to take benefits of this technology. ​Generally, dApps are built on the Ethereum blockchain. While others are built on EOS and TRON. dApps are supposed to grow by the time. MetaMask is an add-on for browser that enables users to access Ethereum-based dApps. The wallet integrated with it can help in tracking of transaction carried out on different applications/platforms. It is reported that a mobile version of the app is supposed to release by the end of the year. Brave Browser: 4.6 Million Monthly User

  4. Brave is a blockchain-powered web browser. In September 2018, Brave got a whopping 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store. At present, four million people are users of the Brave browser per month and has around 26,000 content publishers. As per the reports presented by the company the average mobile user spends around $23 a month in data charges to ​download ads and trackers. The most important feature which makes Brave the most interactive and appealing one because of its data security and privacy feature. It tends to protect users privacy. This browser eliminates the risk of unauthorized collection of personal information and prevents unnecessary ads from using the data and its processing power prevents. PundiX: 25,000 Units of Order PundiX cryptocurrency aimed blockchain startup which has targeted a global cashless payment system. Basically, it’s a blockchain-enabled Point-of-Sale (XPoS) devices which allow shops, cafes and convenience stores to sell cryptocurrency and accept cryptocurrency as the payments for goods and services availed by the customers. All a merchant has to do it have an XPoS in their store nothing else. Benefits of Blockchain Technology for Business The benefits of using blockchain technology are numerous, and some stand out more than others. Here I’ve mentioned some of the major advantages of implementing it in your business. 1. The data remain intact as it can’t be altered. 2. It uses protected cryptography for the security of the data ledgers.

  5. 3. The blockchain technology enables verification without any dependency of the third-party. 4. All the transactions and data are attached to the block after the process of maximum trust verification. 5. It records the transactions in chronological order. 6. The ledger is shared across every single node in the blockchain who are the participants. 7. Millions of computers participating in chain stores transactions which promote decentralization. 8. It enables transparency in the process as it enables only authorized persons to view the transactions. Summing up, we can say that future blockchain technology is much brighter than any other. For promoting this technology, ​Quantumsoftech has landed its footprints on blockchain development for the client who is in search of this technology. As a pioneer blockchain app development company we try to deliver the best services to our clients without disrupting their business values and beliefs. technology applications Hire blockchain developers to shape your company’s future.