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The ‘healthy’ Aspects of Eating Cakes and Bakery Products PowerPoint Presentation
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The ‘healthy’ Aspects of Eating Cakes and Bakery Products

The ‘healthy’ Aspects of Eating Cakes and Bakery Products

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The ‘healthy’ Aspects of Eating Cakes and Bakery Products

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  1. The ‘healthy’ Aspects of Eating Cakes and Bakery Products Thanks to the internet! There is hardly anything hidden from our eyes any longer. The Internet is readily accessible - but one need not even go to the Internet. The humble newspaper regularly churns out what all harmful food products we keep eating every day. These include the bread and butter as well as cakes and ice cream and all those lovely items you have always loved! However, given the choice (and an ocean of it) available under the types of bakery products one can have, it’s time not far any longer for a true aficionado of good food to ask if at all bakery products are bad for individual or any member of the family. Given how incredibly easy it is to place an order online today (and get these items ordered directly almost on to the table). Are these bakery products harmful for you and your family? The answer is certain to surprise you. Read on! Bakery Products and your Health It’s the long list of options - the first thing that one would come to terms with in the variety of bakery products one could buy online. Simply under the list of items available under Britannia one can haveBritannia Cake Fruit Chunk, Britannia Cake Nut & Raisin, Britannia Choco Cake, Britannia Cake Fruity Fun, Britannia Fruit Cake, Orange Cake, Pineapple Cake, Veg Cake and the like. If you skim the Internet more about the constitution of the popularly available bakery products, the results will be thrilling for sure. While majority of the non-veg Britannia Cakes are actually soft and delicious cake slices that had the goodness of eggs and milk to definitely please not only the children but their parents as well.

  2. Here, if you were getting worried that cakes were bad for the health you would be surprised to know that these have been made for your likings and that of the entire family. Further investigations would reveal that the fruit bar cakes from the Britannia come studded with little bits of fruits that tickle taste buds – in addition to being healthy. The Britannia Yummy Fruit Cake, no doubt has a wide fan following across individuals of wide age-group. These cakes are suitable for all ages and are 100% vegetarian. The bottom-line Though the above elaboration bear references only to Britannia cakes – arguably the most popular among all cake variants in India – the general findings only refer to the fact that the positives outweigh the negatives! As would a study conducted by Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz, of Tel Aviv University in Israel conform, there are many benefits of eating cakes – in breakfast or in the night. If supplementing adequate carbohydrate and sugar levels to the body is one way of looking at it, in a more intangible form, cakes are believed to ‘nurse happy ideas’ in their takers. A Belgian researcher hooked two people, one to a saline drip and the other to a fatty one and reached to an amazing conclusion with the observations of the participants’ reactions to negative images. The guy hooked to the fatty drip could not be bothered about the negative images. Almost a similar role gets played by cakes and sweetened bakery products to a human brain. More than a comfort food, they can actually be good for the body! Reference: