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How PPC Services Could Help You Generate Quality Leads PowerPoint Presentation
How PPC Services Could Help You Generate Quality Leads

How PPC Services Could Help You Generate Quality Leads

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  2. AGENDA • What is PPC Marketing? • The Important Element of a PPC Strategy • How PPC Marketing Helps You in Quality Lead Generation? • What to Expect as a Return On Investment? (ROI) 

  3. WHAT IS PPC MARKETING? Pay Per Click Marketing: A type of marketing where you use the power of search engine advertising to drive clicks to your website rather than earning them organically.   The Goal of PPC is to make the user viewing it click through the website/app and entice them to take a valuable action like filling a lead form or purchasing a product.  Search engines are a powerful platform and PPC marketing allows you to display ads that are relevant to what users are searching for. The little ‘Ad’ symbol helps user distinguish between sponsored and organic content.  

  4. THE IMPORTANT ELEMENTS OF A PPC STRATEGY • Defining the Target Audience • A Thorough Keyword Research • Well Crafted Ad Copy • A/B Testing • Bid Management • Creating a Relevant Landing Page • Defining a Call-to-Action • Measure, Optimize, Improve

  5. HOW PPC MARKETING HELPS YOU IN QUALITY LEAD GENERATION? • Proper URL tracking allows you to determine which campaign and site the lead came from, keyword used, device they were using etc.  • We can address the ads by segmenting the audience into different categories and focus our efforts to determine the better quality leads. • Targeting keywords with search intent in mind will help you attract a better quality leads • Use Ad copies to pre-filter the audience. The A/B testing method will help you determine which ad copies are bringing in the highest conversions. • Tailoring your landing page according to your customer’s wants will help you move them down the funnel.

  6. WHAT TO EXPECT AS A RETURN ON  INVESTMENT? (ROI)  To find the exact ROI you need to integrate your CRM and Marketing Source wise ROI. This will give you the exact amount you raised from your PPC marketing services. Typically it goes something like this for a real estate industry. For every 100 leads we collect - 25-30% move from leads to consultation - 15-20% move from consultation to conversion Note – The consultation and conversion percentage vary according to the Industry.

  7. CASE STUDY • Rohan Group is a construction & a real estate company with innovation at its core. Founded in 1993, it aimed at building a healthier lifestyle for the city-dwellers and greater sustainability for the ecosystem. The years that followed saw the company making several firsts in the industry – all directed towards achieving this single-minded goal. • Rohan Group has diverse interests in real estate, industrial contracting, infrastructure development, and logistics. It has been awarded the prestigious DA2+ rating consistently for the last 9 years by CRISIL, India’s leading credit rating institution. • Its residential projects in Pune and Bangalore continue to earn the coveted 7-star rating for excellence in design and safety. With a prestigious clientele list to our credit, they are well entrenched in western & southern India and is now expanding further up north.

  8. WHAT PROBLEMS NEEDED TO BE SOLVED? • Improve customer engagement and generate more leads. • Decrease CPL (Cost Per Lead) • Bring down the sky rocketing cost per lead and cost per acquisition. • Extend understanding of the audience segments. • Installation of tools to mine web data for insights. • Site adjustment to improve segment needs. • To gain complete view of customer behaviour.

  9. THE APPROACH • Created an Integrated strategy around search and display marketing • Created brand awareness using Google Ads that increased the traffic and leads generated • Created various bid strategies to control and lower the CPL • Launched Click to Call Campaign to uplift the total leads generated per month.

  10. ANALYTICAL ABILITY • With a powerful Analytics & Technology Stack implementation it was now time for Analysis. • Now with data being collected in one place it was easier to identify correlation. • Audience segmenting was implemented. Multiple segments contributing to ROI were identified. Segments ranged from basic segments like device split, age group + gender, Traffic split to high value segments that contributed to the ROI. Segmentation was based on age group, gender driving maximum ROI, technology (browsers, devices, etc.) and best converting pages responsible for valuable leads and conversions. Basis the analysis and segments created, a strategy was designed to action these segments. • A total of 22 segments were created which varied in behaviour & were exported to AdWords. Behaviour based communication was designed to cater targeted message to the audience within each segment. The results were astonishing. We saw a great response from the audience as we were not only following them but also understanding their behaviour on the website and communicating with the right message

  11. TECH STACK A + =

  12. Visitors from a particular page • Who speak English • But did not visited the Thank You Page • Visitors from Google paid Campaigns • Who spent at least 2 mins on Site • But did not convert • Visitors from Pune • Who spent at least 2 mins on Site • But did not convert

  13. CAMPAIGN RESULTS • The Website Traffic witnessed a whooping 600% rise • Number of qualified leads were increased by 54% • Lower Cost Per Lead (CPL) by 52%

  14. CONTACT INFORMATION • • • Phone:    +91-9011-28-5959