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Leggings India

If you are exploring new ideas to adorn leggings or searching for fashionable leggings India for the season, here are 6 trends you can’t miss. <br>

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Leggings India

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  1. Top 6 Smart Legging Ideas for Professionals & College-goers

  2. No matter what age you are, there is always more to the pants and pyjama world than denims and trousers. If you are exploring new ideas to adorn leggings or searching for fashionable leggings India for the season, here are 6 trends you can’t miss.

  3. 1. Legging with animal prints Jazzy and yet rustic in their overall appeal, animal printed leggings still rake in formidable popularity behind them. Cheetah prints, Tiger stripes, zebra crosses and even the more elusive hydra eyes are some of the rather fascinating designs that always stay on the top of the trends. A peppy top or a cropped shirt perfectly complement the whole idea of being wild and flaunting it.

  4. 2. Lace detailed leggings Cute and formal in every sense, these cute lacy detailed leggings have a huge fan following, especially in colder areas where they go well with cardigans and sweaters. Available in georgette and silk fabrics, the threaded beauty involves intricate insight into best of Italian floral and Persian mat weaving techniques. They may look petite and delicate, but they are very much durable for hard core outdoor activities.

  5. 3. Fishnets If you are willing to set the party scene on fire with some really cool designer leggings, here is your apt pick. Fishnet leggings may look over the top for a purely formal event, but if worn with right set of accessories and proper care, they are virtually invincible. The regular blacks and the solid colour fishnets are contemporary chartbusters. For some serious competition, try out copper embellished metallic themed fishnet leggings.

  6. 4. Mesh and panel fusion A good cameo for party events, the mesh and panel fusion dress is an affordable option for sporty women who love to venture out more often than their homely counterparts. Available in great varieties, the placement of mesh can transform any attire into a fiery fashion icon. Spare a though, and don’t miss out the thrill of wearing the mesh and panel leggings with boots and ankle-length footwear.

  7. 5. Compression Tight leggings A jogger would never reveal her secrets for the pace setting records. We do it for you—the secret lies in the compression leggings. Flexible and ultra-light leggings are preferred for their free flowing comfort and appeal. The V-area stays free from any abrasion due to the friction between the layers of the legging material. For a better comfort, most compression leggings are made of quick sweat-soaking materials that dry off quickly as well. If it is an event set on a rainy afternoon, go with compression tight leggings without doubt.

  8. 6. Hand printed bleached leggings For obvious reasons, these leggings stay aloof in the fashion market. Very hard to find due to their immense popularity among the college-goers, the hand-printed leggings feature a wide range of designs inspired from the abstract art, paintings and digital prints.

  9. With a very Indianised touch, try these leggings as the go-to option for students, professionals and even house wives who love the attire for their comfortable body-hugging features.

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